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Presales Question: Can I give this visibility for the registered users. The user can register and apply the filters for specific time, but this applied filters will not impact all the users it will impact only the user it self and each user can apply his own filtering…

No, sorry, the PBT filters are time-based only, there’s no ability for user-specific filtering.

Will this plugin work with the Visual Composer plugin?

Hi. It’s not tested with VC, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

Hello, do people have to reload the site to make the time based content visible? (We are looking for a plugin which reveals the content, while people are watching a video above… )

Hi. Page reloading is required, except in the case of 2 shortcodes: [pbt_show_after] and [pbt_hide_after], which seem to me like the ones you need.

Will you be making the plugin compatible with PHP 7? I have had to deactivate it for now.

Yes I will. Can you tell me what error (if any) does the plugin throw when being ran on PHP7? That would be helpful. Thanks.

Sorry, yes, that would help.

The error is Parse error: Invalid numeric literal in [...]/peekaboo_timer/peekaboo_timer.php on line 392

The error relates to several other parts of this file as well.

The plugin has just been updated. It should work fine on PHP7 now. If not – let me know.

live preview?

looks like the problem is with WP 4.8, it’s not compatible :(

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.