Discussion on Pedometer - auto step counter

Discussion on Pedometer - auto step counter

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Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

Hello, thank you

does it have the ability to stop recording steps and start recording by pressing a button in the app?

Hello, no. App automatically count steps

Hello is it published on app store?

Hello, yes, it’s published on App Store

Can the pedometer value store into server together with the username?

Yes, but you need a server

where is documentation?

can you please process my refund request? because you are not interested to reply any messages.

Hi, sorry for late answer

Try this steps:

1. Close project 2. Open terminal 3. Run «pod deintegrate» command in project path 4. Then run «pod install» command 5. Open project, clean and build once again

ha ha ha.. i think you are dead. its really funny. people always response only when they are critical. you really wasted my time.

where is documentation for your app?

hi, how are you implementing the push notifications? I’m trying to change it but can’t find where it is. Thanks.

Could you please tell me the language used for this app development?