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No sitemap like pedigree tree?

Hi Argosmedia,I am looking at expanding the layout options for the pedigree trees. Currently it uses the table format that a lot of animal registries and associations use. A branching, or sitemap like layout is planned for the future. Thanks for asking.

Cool, looking forward to that!


mrterje Purchased

me too :)

Hello, can not we add fields to add health character tests of champion results or exposure? Thank you parvance of your answer

Hi icreas, thanks for the great question. We are currently working on adding user created custom fields. Currently PedigreePages uses a select list of core pedigree fields, leaving you free to add any and all other content in the body of the page.

Nice job :)


rfoust Purchased

I am getting an error already:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /wp-content/plugins/pedigree-pages/public/partials/single-animal.php on line 188

Thanks rfoust, a fix will be published shortly.

It works now. Thanks so much!

Great, I hope you enjoy the plugin.

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Could you verify that the files exist in /wp-content/plugins/pedigree-pages/. Could you email me a screenshot of the directory listing.

What other plugins do you have installed?

Thank you.

From what I can see there, everything looks ok. Can you check that directories have correct permissions set? and that your web user can access the files.

Looks like something is blocking the files in directories.

I can see that

works, but

isn’t found.

Hello – I am very interested in this plugin. Can you tell me if user-created fields are available yet? If not, are there plans in the near-term to add this functionality? Thanks!

Also would be interested in knowing if there are two different name fields, one for official name and one for call name?

Hi mlbdenver, user created fields is currently being worked on, as well as more default fields, and is slated for an upcoming release.

Yes, there are two name fields, the official ‘Registered Name’ that is registered with animal associations, and a short ‘Pet Name’ that the animal goes by.

Hi, bought this plugin but can not activate. It gives a fatal error upon activation. :shocked:

  • WordPress 4.7.2
  • Theme: Twenty Sixteen
  • no other plugins active
Warning: require(/home/...../wp-content/plugins/pedigree-pages/includes/class-pedigree-pages.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/..../wp-content/plugins/pedigree-pages/pedigree-pages.php on line 58

Hope you can give a solution.

Hi irene_weim, could you ensure that all files have been extracted from the archive. Could you send me a directory listing or screenshot of the PedigreePages plugin folder. Who is your hosting provider?

Excuse me for the delay…

Here’s an image of the folder on my server. As I can see everything is in there…

My hosting provider is in the Netherlands, Versio