Pedigree Pages

Pedigree Pages

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Pedigree Pages allows you to easily display your animal pedigrees on your Wordpress site. Add your animal details, birth date, breed, color, coat pattern, mother and father, and Pedigree Pages will show a full post with a generated pedigree tree, and offspring.


  • Easy to use editor. Add animals easily just like a post, and fill out animal details and info.
  • Individual post pages for each of your animals.
  • Show Pedigree tree for each animal, including offspring.
  • Registrations. Show registration numbers.
  • Dates and Statuses. Show birth/death dates, and owned, sold, etc statuses.
  • Manage Breeds. Add and remove list of breeds.
  • Manage Colors. Add and remove list of coat patterns and colors.
  • For Sale. Show for sale ad.
  • At Stud. Show at stud ad.
  • Sidebar Widget. Display a list of your animals, or For Sale, At Stud, in your sidebar.
  • Light Weight. Fast pages loads, does not slow down your website.
  • Seemless Integration into your theme. Pedigree Pages looks no different to the rest of your site.
  • White Label Dashboard. Pedigree Pages has a simple dashboard, that integrates cleanly. Even customize the menu label and icon.
  • Developer Features. Wordpress hooks, easily extensible CSS.

Live Demo

Click here to explore the live demo.


Click here to read the documentation.


Does Pedigree Pages handle multiple types of animals? I would like to show my Cats as well as my Dogs.

Yes, Pedigree Pages handles all types of animals together, you can set their breed type. You can list animals separately in the sidebar widget by adding them to different categories.

How can I add an image gallery/slider for my animals?

Pedigree Pages allows you to add any content just like a normal post. Simply grab any gallery plugin that you like, or use the existing one you may already be using, and add the gallery short code to the animal content.

I mainly breed and sell animals, can I use this plugin?

Yes, this plugin was developed for breeders and studs to use. Build up and display the pedigrees of your animals, as well as add For Sale, and At Stud sections. The sidebar widget will even allow you display a list of animals For Sale or At Stud.

Can I use this plugin for a family tree, for people?

Absolutely, you don’t have to use this plugin for just animals, you can put together a genealogy of people. Simply add peoples names, dates and parentage, ignoring fields that you don’t require.

How do I add just a name in the pedigree tree, so it’s not clickable and doesn’t have a page?

Create a draft animal post, drafts will display just the name (and registration number) in the pedigree tree, but won’t be clickable.

If you type in a new Mother or Father name while creating a new animal, a draft post will automatically be created for that Mother or Father. You can then edit that Mother or Father post, and publish it into a full animal page.

Is this plugin available in non English?

Pedigree Pages is currently localized for English and Spanish, with more languages to come.

Change Log

1.1.0 (Feb 2017)
    - Added style customizer in settings.
    - Added pedigree tree branch format.

1.0.1 (Jan 2017)
    - Fixed issue with older PHP versions.

1.0.0 (Sep 2016)
    - First Release