Peaceful Line - Buildbox & Eclipse Game Template

Peaceful Line - Buildbox & Eclipse Game Template


Peaceful Line is a game in which you must avoid the blue obstacles. Pink objects are here to help you. Have a seat, and enjoy this game. Play it with one finger, keep your finger on the screen to move the black dot and avoid the obstacles.

The adventure is endless and looping 50 different levels.

Go as far as you can and buy some characters with the points that you have collected !


- Endless Game

- One finger play

- AdMobs Integrated Banner & Interstitial

- Buildbox File, easy to add levels or to change the existing ones

- Assets easy to change (Only the colors and the icon)

- Different characters available

What you will have

- Eclipse Project of Peaceful Line

- The Documentation on how to set up the game

- Preview Images

- Assets already prepared for modification

- BuildBox File

Test APK

Peaceful Line Apk (Dropbox)

For more information on building the APK file, go check the video of Mobile Game Templates :

Building the APK file

Thank you

Thanks for purchasing this item, we wish you the best of luck and stay available for any further information in the comments section ! ;)

Caution !

If you don’t have buildbox, you won’t be able to change the leves but only the graphics as to know, the icon and the colors.

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