PDO Crud – Advanced PHP CRUD application (Form Builder & Database Management)

PDO Crud – Advanced PHP CRUD application (Form Builder & Database Management)

Build powerful CRM, web application, forms using PDOCrud super fast

PDOCrud is an advance PHP based CRUD application. It supports Mysql, Pgsql and Sqlite database. You can use PDOCrud to generate both frontend and backend of your application. By writing just 2-3 lines of code only, you can perform insert/update/delete and select operation. You just to need to create object and call for render function for that table and everything will be generated automatically. Form fields will be generated based on the data type. You can remove fields, change type of fields and can do various types of customization.

You can build forms directly from database tables in few seconds just by writing 2-3 lines of code. All insert/update/delete/view code is managed by the script.

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Basic Details
Youtube – How to develop web application in few mins using PDOCrud

Script functionality

Almost in each web application, we need to write many-many lines of codes to perform insert, update, delete and read database tables operations. PDOCrud script does this work by just writing 2 lines of code. This will do add, edit, update and delete basic operation along with several other operation, like pagination, records per page, search etc. Apart from these, you can customize the table and form data in many ways as per requirement by writing simple line of codes. Many javascript plugins are also added that help to perform many other tasks also. Script has many features to ease the development process. You can build simple web application and backend cms using the script easily.

Code example

PDOCrud description
PDOCrud build forms in a min using pdocrud
PDOCrud inline edit
PDOCrud upload files
PDOCrud join operation
PDOCrud plugins
PDOCrud skins
PDOCrud mutlilanguage
PDOCrud various functions


  1. Very easy syntax and just 2 lines of code for default crud operations
  2. Generate forms directly from database
  3. User access management
  4. Nested table and Nested table in tabs support
  5. Supports left join operation
  6. Auto generation of insert/update forms directly from database tables
  7. Change label name, hide label
  8. Remove fields, Show particular fields, Change field type, change display order of fields easily
  9. Many commanly used plugins integrated
  10. Popup form
  11. Multistep form
  12. Export form data in pdf, xml, csv and excel
  13. Callback functions for PHP and Javascript
  14. Ajax based submission
  15. Addition of static fields like terms & condition, confirm password
  16. PHP and JS Validations
  17. Various settings and customization
  18. Field encryption for frontend
  19. Field addon, field description and tooltips
  20. Different type of template support, by default works with bootstrap
  21. Enqueue js and css
  22. Add new plugins easily
  23. Many different types of fields available
  24. Multilanguage support
  25. Data binding of field from another table/ array
  26. Load dependent data on change of some field like on change of country, load states
  27. Normal, horizontal and inline form type available
  28. Add css class and various data attributes
  29. Support for rtl by adding external css
  30. Recaptcha and PHP based Captcha support
  31. Google map support
  32. Column switch option
  33. Add new action buttons
  34. Perform raw database related operations
  35. Add filter(where) condition easily
  36. Print and export in csv, excel, pdf
  37. Search for all fields and particular field
  38. Multiple delete option
  39. Fast loading using ajax
  40. Best practices and easy to customized
  41. Login (Select) form validations
  42. Various image functions (crop, resize, thumbnail, watermark, flip)
  43. Import bulk data from csv, xml and excel file
  44. One page template to show Form and Crud Table on single page
  45. Advanced filter option
  46. Send form data on email – various template customization options
  47. Generate graphs/chart directly from database (beta)
  48. Supports sql server(2012 or higher)
  49. Generate portfolio format directly from database
  50. Added formula function to modify fields before insert/update

Wordpress Plugin for PDOCrud

Version 3.3 is under progress. Please drop me email with your features you need. Thanks everyone for your awesome support. Your great review and feedback made us to add more and more features. :)

Prices are going to increase after next version release

Version details

Version 3.2 – (changes in config file)

Please take complete backup before upgrade.(Make sure to clear cache after upgrade)

Version 3.1 – (changes in config file)

Please take complete backup before upgrade.

Version details

Version 3.0 – (changes in config file)

Please take complete backup before upgrade.

Version 2.6 – please check readme.text file for more details

  • Improved overall view section
  • Added tabs and multi table relation in view forms
  • Added sidebar option in edit/view forms similar to profile page design in many admin themes
  • Improved filters – now you can also set like operator similar to search.
  • Option to hide form buttons
  • Added option to change lable(Column heading) of export/print
  • Fixed : Excel export not working properly due to issue of old excel library, now working properly after updating the library

Version 2.5

  • Added View Form formmatting options similar to tableColFormatting
  • Added option to upload multiple files
  • Added new file control to select and edit files. Edit form contains file url also.
  • Added formula function to modify fields before insert/update. Earier this can be done by using callback functions.
  • Added null value of date support.
  • Added french translations – provided by user “wazkero”
  • Improved validation
  • Fixed : Resolved bug for pgsql

Version 2.4 (changes in config and language file so please make sure to update it)

  • Added direct function for forgot password
  • Added Trigger insert/update/delete operation in other table based on the main table operation
  • Added Left side action buttons display.
  • Added jQuery data table plugin to display sql render data more efficiently
  • Added date range/time range/ datetime range search by setting search column type i.e. now you can pass from and to dates in search
  • Changes in sql render function – removed pagination/records per page/totalrecords display in default display
  • Added more callback events in insert and update (after_insert and after_update)
  • Fixed : Removed double slashes from the url addition
  • Fixed : small bug of sql render function for print/export

Version 2.3 (changes in config file so please make sure to update it)

  • Added a new portfolio section to auto generate portfolio like format directly from database
  • Added Tags type field (fieldtype = tags)
  • Improved login management further by adding redirection only after successful login etc.
  • Added button for delete and edit in view, also option to hide/show all these buttons
  • Added extra option to specify the columns for the view form also.
  • Fixed small bug related to table column formatting.
  • Fixed small bug related to search.

Version 2.2

  • Added sql server support ( >= 2012)
  • Added graphs/charts using direct code and plugin both
  • Added function to set file upload/download folder instead of config
  • Added more plugins
  • Fixed small bug of inline edit position when checkbox column and id column is hidden
  • Fixed small bug related to sqlite

Version 2.1

  • Add more options to format table columns
  • fixed small bug related to responsive design
  • fixed bug related to sqlite

Version 2.0

  • Added nested table and nested table in tabs feature
  • Added plugin ckeditor

Version 1.9

  • Added crud table bulk data update operation to change values directly in crud table
  • Added option to import bulk data from csv, xml and excel file
  • Added function csvToArray(), excelToArray() and xmlToArray() to get these files data in array format
  • Added sumPerPage & sumTotal functions
  • Added new form elements e.g. slider, range picker etc. currently, it works one element per page
  • Added search operator to search using ‘like’, ’>’, ’>=’, ’<’,’=<’ etc, with default ’=’ operation.
  • Added one page template to show Form and Crud Table on single page.
  • Added various image functions (crop, resize, thumbnail, watermark, flip)

Version 1.8

  • Advanced filter option is added
  • Added Option to specify col data from another table’s column or array
  • Added option to Open insert,edit form directly in popup on button click (direct popup form was already there)
  • Added new column action url function to redirect to another page with primary key
  • Added more options to format table columns (date, string, number formatting)
  • Added more parameter options for jQuery date picker
  • Bug fix – Fixed a sqlite related bug in PDOModel part

Version 1.7

  • Redirect to another url after form submission
  • Show/hide fields with conditional logic (this works with database fields only)

Version 1.6

  • Added more plugins
  • Image upload path will be added in the saved image url
  • Send form data on email – various template customization options

Version 1.5

  • Recaptcha support
  • Option to add hidden fields to save against specific columns
  • Added option to add custom action buttons
  • fixed bug of select action hook data

Version 1.4

  • Added column switch operation
  • Added option to show left join data in view also
  • Many demo forms added
  • More plugins added
  • fixed bug related to join operation

Version 1.3

  • Added option of url in column formatting
  • PDOModel class support is added
  • Fixed bug related to pagination
  • Added more examples

Version 1.2

  • Added extra skins
  • Added french language translations
  • Added some more js plugins

Version 1.1

  • Initial release
Min requirement for the script
PHP Version 5.3 and above
Must have write access for download folder