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Can I also add new tables with specified fields?

You can add it executing a sql create table script

You can add it executing a sql create table script

You can add it executing a sql create table script

Hello This is going to seem simple , but I am having some problems logging in when I get a connection is ok and attempt to use the config I just created and place in the username and password I keep getting password is wrong ?. I do not understand when it’s the same one I used to create the connection. thanks for any help

Hello thanks for purchasing my item. About your problem for use the config that you just created is that you have to use the user and password that you use to login at my app(by default is admin-admin), not the user and password of the database connection. These ones are already saved when you create your configuration setting. I hope this help you.

Hello It does help thank you for a quick answer and for the support. Cheers

Hi, I have this plugin in my site Booking System PRO (WordPress Plugin)

Can I export all data of the reservations and bookings made in that plugin?

Thanks… Im looking for that function

My plugin can export whatever data that is saved in a database but for wordpress my other item the Wordpress Database data Administrator works better

Hello nice plugin, i want to purchase this plugin for a client, but i have a question, s it possible to search from particular date to another date within a date column,

or from a particular month to another month with a month column

e.g records from june – august

Sorry but right now it doesn’t have that feature

Thank you for a great plugin. When I go to “Consult Info From a Table” and select my table, my columns are truncated. (I have quite a few of them) How do I fix this? It’s not a problem to scroll horizontally in order to read the label and content of each column. Thanks!

First at all thank you for purchase my item. And about what you want to do is very easy to accomplish. You only have to open the file styles.css in “files/styles/” in a text editor then look for the line 293 and erase or comment its content (table-layout:fixed !important;) save the changes. And that is all.

I hope this help you. Any problem feel free to ask me and I’ll be glad to help you.


Thank you for responding.

Two more questions:

1) How do I add multiple users to PDO DB? I only have one user right now, and this custom query (syntax problem?) is not working:

CREATE USER ‘newuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

2) I am connected to my MySQL database, but cannot update records. I haved selected rows, and clicked “update”, or clicked the pencil at the end of a row. Either way, after I hit “save”, records are NOT updating/being saved/being written to database. I have allowed “Direct Access” to my MySQL database on my hosting provider. Help??

3) Also, I can add a new row, and in the new row, I CAN update records, (only in new rows) but now I cannot delete new rows? Please help!

Hello! About your questions

1) Right now the script don’t support multiple users (I mean the user -default name: admin, password: admin- that you use for login in the app and not the database users). And about the custom sql query CREATE USER ‘newuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’; maybe you are trying to user that doesn’t have the global CREATE USER privilege or the INSERT privilege for the mysql database. Because when I tried it works just fine.

2)Check if the table has a primary key settled.

Your demo is not working.. So i have a question.

I have a large .csv files. I want to import it to this software. Can do “Searches” Can i add multiple users for access?

Hello! The demo is working now. About your questions: 1) yes you can import it, and 2) you also can do searches over the tables registers, but 3) right now the script doesn’t support multiple users. Regards!

Very easy to set this up… At least for mySQL… I never use any of the other types so I wouldn’t know…

One thing that I missed in the docs was after setting up your connection was to click USE…

5 Stars 4U

Looks like it does have some issues with lots of data…

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 524288000 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /public_html/backups/files/resources/funciones.php on line 246

Or maybe it’s a server setting…

Hello! Thank you for purchase my item. About the error in the aplication’s menu Options->Other Options there is a property that says Memory Limit(Mb) by default it’s set in 500 Mbytes (524288000 bytes), but you can change it (add more Mbytes) if you have issues when you are working with lots of data. I hope that help you. Regards!!

CSV imports can update existing data?

Yes it can. Once you upload the csv file you’ll see an option that says “If record exists” and you can select if you want to ignore the record or update it.


Hello, I am using Share Hosting. If i bought it right now, could install on my server and make it run well? Thanks

Yes, It should run just fine

I already sent u on your profil ( http://codecanyon.net/user/enri_pin ) everything u need to install my script on my server. Thanks

Any advice one what this means? Is this due to wrong excel format??

Notice: Undefined offset: 8 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs98/files/resources/PHPExcel/Reader/Excel5.php on line 5679

Notice: Undefined offset: 7 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs98/files/resources/PHPExcel/Reader/Excel5.php on line 5679

Notice: Undefined offset: 7 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs98/files/resources/PHPExcel/Reader/Excel5.php on line 5679

Notice: Undefined offset: 6 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs98/files/resources/PHPExcel/Reader/Excel5.php on line 5679

Given you 5 stars for the excellent app.

Hello! First at all thank you for purchase my item and for the good feedback. About your problem can you give me more details, Where and when do you get that message?. If you want you can send it to my email enri_pin@yahoo.com and I’ll be glad of help you.

Hello dear I’ve purchased the product There I have a problem When you import a CSV file does not import And you experience the same file on the site of experimentation was lifting

Please consider the images

This on my site where the problem http://ali-assiry.com/download.png That you are on your demo site http://ali-assiry.com/download1.png

Hello. Thanks for purchase my item. About your problem: You didn’t get any message or warning? Have you activated the error display in your php configuration? Have your tried with another file to see if you got the same problem?

Great script…just bought it, installed easily and runs flawlessly. I do have one question, I need the window that you work with the database to be bigger.

I am working with a table that has probably 25 columns. When I go to consult with a table, and the table comes up, all the columns are squeezed together and only show”...”. Is there a way to open the window to the full size of my monitor? I have looked at the style css but not sure how to change it…

Please help

Hello. Thanks for purchase my script. About your question you only have to comment/delete the lines 229 (max-width:800px;) and 293 (table-layout:fixed !important;) in the styles/style.css file. I hope this help you.


how many rows can i upload? and can i use this module in core php?

but in demo i can’t upload my whole csv file. there is ignored to upload some rows from csv file.can you tell me reason behind it?

Great script…just bought it, installed easily. I want help, there is update query is not working,duplicate data are inserted…

Thank you for purchase my script. About your problem I guess that your table doesn’t have a primary key so to do the script do a comparison with all the fields in the row in that can sometimes give problems. I advise you to add a primary key (unique field) to the table.

I am having an issue getting this hosted. I uploaded to the FTP directory inside my current side, and entered the URL for the main.php page.

The page begins to load, but then exists and returns to my domain’s homepage. I was able to access documentation in a browser in one of the subfolders but it is missing formatting. Could this be a problem with PHP version #?

First at all thank you for purchase my script. And about your issue I don’t thing that is an issue with php, I mostly think it can be a issue of a configuration in the server your using or a rule in a .htaccess file that is causing the redirection.

I have spent 4 hours on the phone with HostGator troubleshooting and we still cannot find the issue, they have run traces and said this is a code issue and due to a poor config and missing library calls. I have ensured PHP version is matching for the correct path. Page starts to load and shows dark background, but redirects back to the domain before displaying form. There is a code issue causing a redirect loop. I have used a fresh install, a dedicated file path with an independent subdomain. Still cannot get the script to load.

Reading better your first statement I think the issue is a misplacing of the files of the script. I think you just copy the “files” folder and didn’t copy the other files “index.php” that it is outside of the “files” folder. You need all the content of the folder “PDO Multi-DB Info Manager” not only the “files” folder. You should first access to the file index.php that is where the login is. If you access directly to files/main.php and you aren’t logged it will redirect you to index.php that it is outside of the folder “files”. I hope this solve your problem. If you still have problems add me to skype raudi_sky and I can help you there.

help me….getting fatal error:class ‘PDO’ is not found

Hello. About your problem you need to make sure that the PDO drivers are installed and enabled in your php configuration. You can also take a look at the documentation if you are not using MySQL but other database manager (as PostgreSQL).


i’m using Adminer php script and its working and connect to my postgress connection without single editing of lines, i do not know why your script keeping asking me about drive issue ” Review your information Problems with the connexion could not find driver” please change the script to be more likly adminer script, i purchased your script and i will not use it because of that.

Maybe you can add another method of connection like ”$dbConn = pg_connect(“host=$serverIp dbname=postgres user=$dbuserName password=$dbpassword”)”

Hello, I am looking to design a website similar to expireddomains.net. Is your script useful to achieve me that functionality? Let me explain you what exactly I am trying to do. I have a affiliate account with CJ.com and I want to promote GoDaddy domains. GoDaddy offer free list of domains in .csv file which is updated everyday. That csv files contains over 300,000 domains. I am looking to upload .csv file everyday in my website and display in my website with datagrids. (Just like expireddomains.net) do. I would also like advance search and apply search filters to list related to domains. Use the link below to see what type of csv I want to work with… https://www.sendspace.com/file/9ixj3t Also I would like to know how can I apply my affiliate link at CSV file or within your system.

Hi, When i click on sava configuration button, it displays Save Configuration Successful message but when i try to choose the configuration name, it is not displaying. What could be the issue ?

Maybe you don´t have write permissions in the plugins directory. Because when you save a configuration a new text file is created with the configuration.

HELLO! I need a plugin so new users can register and then from the website create a table that only this user can have access, the table should be created uploading a Excel file to mysql dB. Same for many users. Can I have this with this plugin?

Sorry but no you can´t do that with this plugin