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there are some errors when i see gallery. this script use a 3 part application like imagemagik or ghotsscript, or it is pure html?

write me a private mail.

Hey, just add info please:

Is it using imagemagick or ghostscript? might be necessary to know before buying!

Yes, in order to use it, you need imagemagick.


hi danil.. can i know what is the actual setting needed if we need to remain the same size / quality of the pdf ?

public $jpg_compression=”100 public $img_width=” ???

any others settings needed ? thanks

hi, you need to know the pdf with before using the script or you can have a look here:
It helps you to get the width of your pdf.

line 78

debug :(


style :-)

hello, you have wp plugin for this script ?

no, sorry. i could plan to develop it.. i need time.. byee

I’m looking for a script that will give a user the ability to upload a pdf and then convert to jpg. I want to be able to write a php script that will take that converted jpg and place it as a featured image for a post within wordpress.

Do you think your converter will suit my needs? I don’t care about all the gallery stuff….I just want to convert it to jpg…no compressing size or anything else…just the conversion script is all I really care about at this point.

hi, you can use the tools:

Get all the images of a pdf file


Array ( [0] => upload/sample_pdf/sample_pdf0.png [1] => upload/sample_pdf/sample_pdf1.png )

Get the first page of a pdf file



Get the x (0,1,2…n) page of a pdf file

getPage(“sample_pdf.pdf”, “1”);


and then setup the configuration file:

1 – public $img_type=”png”; // jpg or png? 2 – public $jpg_compression=”70”; // the quality of the picture 100 is top quality

So i think it’s perfect



just bought this, but need a little more info on installation, – tried, but it does not work…

hi, thank you. Send to me a private email, i will help you.


i dont your private email, but i used the from at this site… hope you receive the info…

Does this script need a spacial library to work (imagemagick)??

Can the photo quality be higher ??

It’s not working..

Erros 1) Warning: file_get_contents(../upload/up.pdf)

2) When i fis it and five file name up.pdf, it’s not convertint to jpg.

3) When clicking tools, it give mysql error. Warning: file_get_contents(../upload/.pdf)

it generates blurry images even if pdf is clear. is there any setting for making them clearer ?

Can you install it in shared hosting ?

if the server has the needed scripts so yes…

I get the following errors : Notice: Undefined index: logout in /volume1/web/pdftoimg/admin/admin-gallery.php on line 9 Notice: Use of undefined constant num – assumed ‘num’ in /volume1/web/pdftoimg/admin/pagination.php on line 7 Notice: Undefined index: page in /volume1/web/pdftoimg/admin/pagination.php on line 10.

and after uploading a pdf I’ll get :

Notice: Undefined variable: pagination in /volume1/web/pdftoimg/example1/allImages.php on line 80

any idea??

Sorry, got a feeling that I wasted my money.

Ciao Danilo,

ho acquistato lo script sperando di evitarmi la scrittura di codice in PHP4, invece scopro che si tratta di uno script in PHP5, contrariamente a quanto scritto nella descrizione…

Esiste una versione in PHP4?

Doesn’t work. Thank you.

Is it possible to run the script using PostgreSQL instead of mySql?

I installed on my site server that runs on Windows Server with IIS. But when I click the PDF it only shows the “Creating Images” message. Nothing else, already configured properly.

can I convert from image to PDF? I need this. thanks