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why are we getting this

You cannot start application HTML Flip Book Generator from this location because it is already installed from a different location

It is because you already have the application installed.

Hello, have generated a fipbook Windows 7, but there no Thumbs??? In the Folder are Thumbs?

Tjanks for help

Hmm. Not sure I get your question. You are missing thumbnails?

Sorry, but its 1 Month ago. I have new Script. Thanks for late help.

hi i would like to get this template, but before that i want to ask you that. i need this book to be flip from back side to front.

hope you may know that arabic people read from other way around. can we do that easily ?

yes, that is possible

It’s been converting PDF to images for 3 hours now Is this normal?

When I generate a 2-sided flip book, the front cover and back cover are shown as two pages instead of just one, with one half the page being blank. How can I make the front and back cover one image? The old version used to do this automatically.

I see a response from 8 days ago, but no links to demos or sites work today. is this still being actively developed?

hi any updates looking to buy?

Your demo screen is not showing up, kindly check.


Your demo is not working! Is this script still working?

Sincerely, Mika

404: File Not Found – Demo!! Don’t developers realize that people search here long after product was released?

can I add music to book?

Hi, I am interested to buy the script but I am getting error while I am trying to see the live demo. I can see that you work on PDF converter. So I am thinking about to create a online version of pdf converter site. Like this PDF to Word converter website. Can you create anything like this? Please let me know.

I am getting this error when I load a PDF and try to Generate the Flipbook: “PDF Signature not found” and I cant generate the PDF. The PDF file 96 MB. What would be the problem?

hi developer, it’s make error to make image file from pdf. how can i do?

Prebuy question :is the pdf file protected from users downloading or copying? Thank you.