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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you Lakose :)

very useful, added to favorites

Thank you very much, nice to hear that We will be happy to provide more useful products soon

Instead of downloading the pdf, can we have the option to display the pdf and allow the prospects to view the content?

Hi philstar and than you for your question, yes we have that option, when you click the download button the plugin first displays the file and then you can choose if you want to download it, you can check the demo.

Hi, GLWS :) It is support multi pdf file?

Hi thenorth :) right now we support in one file but maybe we can do that on next version.

Very Nice work.

Is it possible to display the “download pdf button” in the product grid ?

Hey slenne and thank you for the compliment, Can you send me a screenshot of the location you are talking about?

Pre-Sales Question: Can you change the name of the tab that is generated? For instance, instead of “Download PDF” I’d like it to say “Product Manual”

Thanks! Heather

Hello Heather, 1. You can change it on PO file but is general for all product tab, 2. We have new plugin with custom name option per product and support in all documents file type and more. you can see that here http://awesomescreenshot.com/05d46fn5b9 please let me know if the second option is better for you and i will try to send the plugin to envato soon and hope to approve :) Also you can send me reminder for this topic to support@sprintheme.com and i will let you know when the new plugin on market. Thank You!

Thanks for the quick response. This would be a global tab, so option 1 will work. However, I’ll keep the other plugin in mind for any future projects. :)

Feel free to ask me if there is a question, Good luck :)

hi. i have pre sale question: can i select and upload pdf file from my pc or i must upload it and input direct link in the field? in the screenshot i see direct url link of pdf file. i want to upload pdf from pc.

Hi. plugin is good but i have a few problem and suggestions: 1- license activation give error. i sent email to support@sprintheme.com about this. 2- it is good that tab order in product page be defined by user. (i have changed this order in plugin codes. from 50 to 11 (display after Additional information) 3- it is good that user can upload as many file he/she need to attach. for exampel we need attach user manual, installation instruction. (upload form can be increased by user and every uploaded file can have regular title for download button or Dedicated title in download button) 4- text before Download button be changable to one of three options: None (because download button has anything about attached file), Desired text (is changable from the Po language file), icon (icon of attached file that in this version is PDF. Good luck ;)

Ok, Thank you for the comments, I’ll check it and we will be happy to improve in the next version

thank you. please answer my email that sent to support. many thanks.


Is it possible to change where the PDF’s that are generated are saved, for example to a different dir outside of the uploads folder?

I’m using another plugin to list PDF’s on the site, but all of the invoices that are generated are being listed on my PDF download page.

any help would be appreciated.

please disregard, not the right plugin.

ok,Thank you for the update.

Hi, I have license problem for 2 months!!!! support is very weak. my installed version show 1.1. last version (1.2) is installed but version number is 1.1 in my plugins list!!! is plugin compatible with last woocommerce and wordpress version? i am afraid from update….

Hi Amir, I am apologize for the long time to the update. I sent a new version with correction to your E-mail and I’ll upload file for available here too.

PPQ: I am using WooPress theme with custom tap-container. In here I can insert code I want. Can I use your Plugin for that??? Or am I bound to your setup?

Please send a detailed explanation of what you ask to info@sprintheme.com.

Done! Pls check asap :)

message sent by email.

Hi. I just bought this plug-in. Got following wishes though:

1. Click here to download button screws up. Would be nice with a CSS overwrite…

2. I would expect option to display a PDF-download document

3. I would also expect option to add title

4. I would expect option to upload more PDF-documents and not only one.

Is that something you will consider?

Furthermore I need to know the custom_field I need to import the PDF into. I am using WP-ALL-IMPORT to import all fields.

Hope you will consider this. THanks.

Hello Peter Currently we are engaged in other projects. May be that we will continue the development of this plugin future Right now if you want you can make the changes yourself. If we release new version i will keep you update.

For “WP-ALL-IMPORT” is not 100% clear for me you can give me more info ?

Thank You

Hello. Great plugin. Is there a way to get the pdf to open in a new tab?

Don’t worry. Manage to sort by adding target=”_blank” to the main.php file.

Hi. I tried and change the fontcolor of the button, but it only has an .A as class. And if I change that I change it through out the entire site, which is not of my interest. Is there no way I can call the download PDF button specifically, so that I can change the colour on it?

Thanks Peter

Also I still cannot translate the CLICK TO DOWNLOAD text. What to do?

Just wondering if there’s a shortcode available, as the site I’m building won’t use tabs – thanks!

Hello burkie, Ware do you want to place the shortcode ?

will it conflict with http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-tabs-pro-extra-tabs-for-product-page/8218941 i want to have woocommerce product with tabs, showing videos, download pdf etc

Hi! Great work on the plugin! If I had seen this early I would have saved myself hours and hours. Even though you don’t provide help with further customisation, can you possibly point me in a direction to allow a download only when a user is logged in? Would be much appreciated.


Hello iamserge, I apologize for the late response, please send support request by this link https://members.maxstore.co.il/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2

Thank you


I have a website with 2,000 products and I want to export the products to pdf but not in batch. Some customers ask for individual product brochure so I want to export all the products in pdf but separate file for each product. Is it possible?

Hi, Our plugin not intended for pdf export, this plugin allows you to attach PDF file for download for each product on your website, please take a look again on screenshots, if you have more technical question please send us support ticket https://members.maxstore.co.il/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2

HI, I have buy your plugin for insert new tab “Download pdf” but, I wish find least a pdf icon…? is possible show it? tks bestregards -david

i’m just want to make sure that you receive our support answer and if everything fine, thank you

I have closed the ticket today, 5 stars for assistance provided. tks,

Great David, feel free to let me know if you need anything else, Thank you.

What if we want to add multiple PDF files? Please fix this…