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Hi, can it be configured on localhost?

One more question: can we add stamp to images instead of PDF’s? Can we add text and a stamp at same time?

You could, if you convert the image to a PDF file, stamp it, and convert to image again.

Thanks for your answer, the challenge is to do that in bulk. I will keep this solution in the favorite.

Hello, I would like to buy this plugin, does it still work ? thanks

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I want to give access to a PDF file to the members of my website, but I don’t want them to spread it, so i want their wordpress name, or ID to be stamped on the PDF if they want to to download it, but i don’t want to have to manually to a stamp for each of them. Is this something I can do with your plugin ?

This is a PHP script, not a WordPress plugin. If you want to integrate this with WP you have to hire a developer that does the integration for you.

WordPress plugins are really complete nowdays, it wouldn’t surprise me to find something similar :) thank for your honnest answer though !

Hello, I’ve send in 2 support requests. This because the script doesn’t work. Same with your demo. Please reply and fix.

I’ve send you a message through your profile. Thanks!

Thanks, I am looking at it, right now.

Hi johannez! I have uploaded a clean version of the script and it works out of the box! I have emailed you. Please if you apply some changes, make sure they don’t break the script. If you need custom modifications, you should ask the author. Thanks