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Hi, can it be configured on localhost?

One more question: can we add stamp to images instead of PDF’s? Can we add text and a stamp at same time?

You could, if you convert the image to a PDF file, stamp it, and convert to image again.

Thanks for your answer, the challenge is to do that in bulk. I will keep this solution in the favorite.

Hello, I would like to buy this plugin, does it still work ? thanks

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I want to give access to a PDF file to the members of my website, but I don’t want them to spread it, so i want their wordpress name, or ID to be stamped on the PDF if they want to to download it, but i don’t want to have to manually to a stamp for each of them. Is this something I can do with your plugin ?

This is a PHP script, not a WordPress plugin. If you want to integrate this with WP you have to hire a developer that does the integration for you.

WordPress plugins are really complete nowdays, it wouldn’t surprise me to find something similar :) thank for your honnest answer though !

Hello, I’ve send in 2 support requests. This because the script doesn’t work. Same with your demo. Please reply and fix.

I’ve send you a message through your profile. Thanks!

Thanks, I am looking at it, right now.

Hi johannez! I have uploaded a clean version of the script and it works out of the box! I have emailed you. Please if you apply some changes, make sure they don’t break the script. If you need custom modifications, you should ask the author. Thanks


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hi, your demo is not this project still available?

Hi, the demo works, would you please give it another try? Please make sure you use a PDF version lower than 1.5. Thanks


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Hi just want to follow up my issue regarding the zip generation of the app…thanks…

Hi, it seems to be a problem related to Windows and the Zip library in PHP, please see this discussion on StackOverflow

Do you have a Windows Server I can use for test? Thanks

Why is the demo not working?

What problem are you experiencing?

Hello. I bought this. SAME issue. Says ” UPLOAD SOME PDF FILES” i did… it says its uploaded….

When i click STAMP PDF FILES. Nothing happens

If you could send me the PDF files you are trying to stamp, I will test on my end. Be aware that it doesn’t work with recent version of the PDF format

Hi, I have a PDF ebook and when people subscribe themselves to my list, I want them to offer a download link to this PDF in the first email I sent them.

The downloadlink in this email can point to a PHP target script and the link can contain their first name and email address as a query string).

For example this could be the link in the first email:

This targetscript.php should get their first name ($_GET[‘name’]) and email ($_GET[‘email’]).

Can I then use your script to use the name and email values to construct other links in the PDF file?

For example in the PDF I want the following link to appear on several places:

I hope you understand what I want. Is this possible?

That would be a perfect use case of this script. You will find a file exposing the PHP API of PDF Stamper, so you can simply plug in your system. Your targetscript.php can get the params from $_GET and pass them to the PDF Stamper API. You can define file input (the clean PDF) and file output (the one that you will link to the end user). If you need any help, I can help you with the implementation. Contact me in private if you need. Thanks

Alright, that is awesome.

And can you tell me how I position an inserted string variable?

Is it done based on a search/replace (i.e. with a placeholder) or is it placed based on coordinates?

And can I put the same value on different places in the PDF document?

It’s based on coordinates. You can position as many string / images as you want and repeat for multiple pages. You can decide to add the overlays in odd/even pages or things like that.


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hi rexromae..i just sent you an email…thanks..

hi..any suggestion on my previous issue? regarding the zip file? thanks…