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1. adding a text to widget title (if you use widget), or text block (if need more then 1 line text) – if you are using widget.

2. download pdf button settings is in – settings – pdf catalog – and there is tab for styling. You can change pre-defined styles or use custom CSS (like i did)

Thanks for helping out nasan.


KurtJones Purchased

Hi, I have been using the plugin on one site and it works great (thanks). However, I have a new project which makes substantial use of shortcodes to render the description and and short description. I have test this on my existing site the generated PDF just shows the shortcode not the rendered output. I had assumed the “Render Shortcodes” option would resolve this but it doesn’t (actually, I can’t work out what it does do).

Before I purchase another licence can you please confirm if this is an expected behavior or should it render the PDF to look like the product page?



KurtJones Purchased

Hi Kyriakos, what email address can I send the admin details to?


KurtJones Purchased

Hi Kyriakos, it occurs to me that this is a Multisite installation and perhaps that may be causing the issue. Cheers I don’t think multi side could be the issue but you never know.

Hi, I`d like to download PDF of cart. Can I generate PDF with goods in the cart? May be like [pdfcatalog what=’cart’]Download PDF of cart[/pdfcatalog] or [pdfcatalog products_id=’32,44,754’]Download PDF of cart[/pdfcatalog]. The first is better! :)

The plugin doesn’t currently do this but sounds like a cool feature to add. Expect it soon.


nasan Purchased

Hi there, how do I get the plugin to work with your server instead of mine?

v2 by default works with our webservice instead of rendering on yours.

Hello, My website will allow visitors to download a subset of the catalog but not the whole catalog. I get a 500 internal search error when visitors try to download the entire catalog (which is huge-3500 items, 450+ pages). This started Jan 6th. Do you have any advice on how to address this situation?

er I mean the error log that gets written when the 500 error occurs. When 500 Internal Server Error comes up, something is being sent to the web server’s error log which explains what went wrong.

maybe it’s best if you send to me by email to

We managed to make the catalog to work by increasing my server’s memory. The issue is that the plugin is a memory hog, it it using so much memory to generate the pdf it is causing issues on my server. It seems my full catalog (350 pages) is a little large.


esociety Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with pdf product catalog. He don’t work more. I view error 500. I am update all plugin, theme and wordpress but don’t work. There are some plugins with which it conflicts? Thanks

Please send me an email with admin credentials to your site at and I’ll investigate the problem. Also please have a look at your web server error logs for any messages that appear at the time when the error 500 happens and attach them to the email.

Hi just bought the plugin, it works well. However when i turn on the shortdescription to be shown I get this error frequently but no PDF file:

Warning: array_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /kunden/path/to/wp-content/plugins/pdfcatalog/vendor/ on line 18287

Any idea how to fix that? Short description is vital for our catalog.

So after a few more tests I noticed it displays fine in the HTML version but on PDF generation creates a bunch of the above error PLUS a lot of these:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kunden/path/to/wp-content/plugins/pdfcatalog/vendor/ on line 19565

That issue only seems to come up when shortdescription is turned on.

Any Idea?

It seems you are using the older version of the plugin. Make sure you install (uninstall the version you have installed first)

ok I will try that one, thanks