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i have tried with both version( version 1 and version 2). And we are getting below error with both version.

A. version1

[ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE]

B. Version 2

[PDFCatalog: Failed to write HTMLFailure: ()]

please share your feedback/suggestion.


Hey, please will you answer me please…..

hey, please can you share your feedback on urgent basis..please

this is the worst support i have ever seen. I really never suggest this kind of authors to anybody. Please listen me and do not buy from this guy as he doesnt answer my questions like others.


mfstacey Purchased

I have just purchased PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce, downloaded the zip file, tried to install and received the following: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

What now?

Hi there,

I bought PDF product catalog for Woocommerce.

It doesn’t run, after click the button I have an empy PDF page.

If you need I will tell you license code.

Suggestion? How to solve it ?

many thanks!

Hi, dos it work in catalog mode ? We use Basel theme and YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode… Thanks

Hi i want to know that i have update WordPress 4.9.1 and i want to convert almost 1700 product to pdf on 1 click from frontend.Is this plugin will work with wp 4.9.1 or convert wocommcece product to pdf from front end and 1 more thing i want to show that product image specially on pdf.Is this would be possible from your extension.Please mail me. Email

PDF product catalog Version 2.1.0 No longer displaying thumbnails PHP 5.6

Thanks Brad

I can see the way it’s coded that there’s no option to show taxonomy and categories at the same time. Has this been requested before? Is there an easy way to do this?


lineie Purchased

hi im having an issue with the product catalog, its saying 0 total products and not showing products.


dirk_AO Purchased


I’ve been using your plugin for quite some time now. However, all of a sudden some images aren’t showing in the PDF. If I enable ‘Render HTML’, the images are showing. Could you please assist?

Kind regards


PLaTinUM Purchased

Giassou File,

I have purchased your plugin, i’st is perfect, however, I can’t get the all the products & Images to show, can you please see what I’m doing wrong file?



Thanks again file



wootboy Purchased

Hi. I still have an error with this plugin. When downloading the pdf I also get the visual composer code. What is this about? how can I solve it? I await your prompt reply


After adding the shortcode : [pdfcatalog] to any page, I am getting an Http error 500 -

I have noticed this when the shortcode is added to an existing page or respective new page.

Please advise?

Hello, it’s a presell question. I’m not sure this plugin will suit all my client needs. For instance he needs front and back pages added to the pdf. Is there a way to test it ? With a 10 days licence key ? Or you may have a refund policy ? thanks

Looking for a plugin that does exactly this, but also shows variations and colors of items. Sadly, I see a lot of comments about lack of support, and very little activity. It appears we have to keep looking…. :/


dirk_AO Purchased


I’ve extended my supportplan to get an answer for the question below. It’s been 11 days since I asked this question. Could you please respond?

I’ve been using your plugin for quite some time now. However, all of a sudden some images aren’t showing in the PDF. If I enable ‘Render HTML’, the images are showing. Could you please assist?


lineie Purchased


The catalog is showing “0 total products.” I need fixed asao, any ideas?


see link in footer