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Hi mate, somehow pdf-catalog stopped generation. Anything with processing server?

The email didn’t get delivered. I am not sure if its a problem from your side or mine. I’ll email you again through gmail.

Man, I sent you another email of mine so you can forward me the magic mail you sent me few days ago. Its really rude to know that you provided the solution, and in 2017 year it cant be delivered for 4 days on e-mail. Something wrong big time :D

Please give me solution, or tell me if its not a bug of your plugin?

Hi agan, I just managed to get my email issues sorted out. Sorry for the delay, the problem was on my side after all.

I sent you the email again please check and reply as soon as you can so we can fix the issue asap.


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When I try to download the pdf, all it brings me to is a blank white page. Anything specific I can try? I have tried both versions and neither will populate the pdf. Thanks for your time.


can you share the url to your store? if not send it directly to be at

Hello, I bought your extention but this one does not work. I had a writing error that I fixed but now I have an “HTTP ERROR 500” and I needed this catalog quickly. I have searched in your answers but I have unfortunately found no answer to my problem. Help me or repay me. Thank you. Roseau B.

please check your email.

I replied to you. Still not functional. Thank you for continuing your research

Thank you for answering, good to you

Hello. i buy your plugin. I would create a category pdf catalogue that have with cover a specific image for any singular category. Is it possible?

You can do this by customizing the PDF template. If you need help with that let me know.

Currently it’s not available out of the box, but it’s an upcoming feature.

Hi, tank you for your reply. If you can help me it would be great cause I really i don’t know how to do it.

Can you help me?


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Idea for your next release -

add shortcode for user role – makes the testing easier AND catalogues can be generated by hand and cached , that way user downloads catalog directly without waiting


can you maybe make a info popup that says ‘Just a moment – we are preparing your download’

I like the 2nd idea. I am not sure I understood the first one. Do you mean have a shortcode that only shows up for a particular user role? e.g. pdfcatalog role=”admin” ?


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no I mean a shortcode to actually produce a catalogue for a certain user role, for example you have 25 different user roles, to test a user role you have to login into a user that has this role. I would be much easier if you could do role=discount25 and download the cat for this user role. Hope its better to understand now.


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Hello. After the upgrade, I am experiencing a problem. Do not display prices:

maybe it’s because of the plug “Uni CPO – WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas”, but I’m not sure.

But I already replied to you with a solution!


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I’m sorry if this is the case. But I have not received any response. You can repeat this?


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I’m still waiting for an answer. The answer did not come unfortunately. (

Hi I bought the plugin but I can not find the widget for displaying PDF Download button or how to find the shortcode to be added to the page. If I ckick to the widget does not exist! What should I check?


Just to confirm, you installed the plugin, and activated it, then checked when to Appearance -> Widgets in the admin panel and you can’t see a widget called PDF Catalog in the list?

The shortcode you need to insert into a page or post so it can render the button. You can find full instructions in the included documentation.

Please check I replied to your email, it seems like you are using the wrong plugin.

Hi. I just purchased.

Plugin Version: Version 2.1.1

I like this plugin so far. Mostly working as advertised. Lots of potential.


Feedback, Bugs, Errors & Typos, Wishlist!

1.1 – Settings >Template > Description of 4-Column Grid

Seems to be a typo in word “THREE”. Consider changing to “FOUR”

"4 column product thumbnail grid three columns with title and optional price, SKU, description and variations."

1.2 – Settings >Template > Cover Page Dropdown

No wordpress pages appear in the dropdown. Only this: ID ==$current){echo ‘selected’;}?>>

The cover page (and in future index pages and back pages) is why I chose to purchase this plugin. I hope this fix is in the works.

2.1.1 Settings > Appearance & Colours > Heading Subtitle Colour

Doesn’t seem to save changes to this. The page seems to function fine, and changing colour of the other items works. However, after the page is ‘Saved’ the refreshed page shows the original ‘black’.

2.1.2 Settings > Appearance & Colours

I set the colours of everything to a new colour for testing. Upon refresh, these appear correctly on the settings page.

However, in the PDF Product Title, Price and SKU are still showing black.

3.1 Settings > Header / Footer > Logo

Suggest some indication of suitable logo size.

3.2 Settings > Header / Footer > Show Footer

Check box there, but nothing else.

3.3 Settings > Categories & Products > Hide Empty Categories

Typo: Consider changing word ‘now’ to ‘no’.

4.1 Functionality – Generation Time Warning

The generation time is quite long, and for my first few attempts I thought my computer had locked. Maybe a warning (mouse-over help text) to warn that this process could take some time.

That’s all I’ve tested so far. Cover page, index and back page is a real winner to me!



Hi, thanks for taking the time to write all the comments/suggestions – I will fix all of them and update the plugin. About 1.2 it’s already fixed in the update that is awaiting approval from CodeCanyon. 4.1. another user suggested this last week and I put it in the future feature list. About 3.1 as far as I recall any size will do just landscape logos work better – this will change soon cause I’ll options to change header size and margins.

thanks again. expect another update very soon.


I’d like to make the header small in height so the page is larger. How can I do this? I wasn’t able to find anything in the templates.

Also Is there a way to add in custom pages? I like the page number feature but would need to add in some additional pages as cateogry cover and first page cover.


sorry for not getting back to you earlier. currently you can’t change the footer / header size (or margin sizes for that matter) but its part of one of the next updates and will be enabled soon. additionally category cover pages will come built in to the plugin so you won’t need to make the manually.

when you say multiple product images you mean that you want the images from the product gallery to appear under each product? which template are you using ? I can send you the code for it.

Thanks for getting back, I’m using “thumbnaillist” and pdfcatalog2. If you could send it today that would be awesome. I need to finish a project this weekend.

Any code for the footer size? Or any date when this update is being realeased?

Don’t worry about the tumbnaillist code I figured something out with the code. Thanks


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Hi Kyriakos

I just installed the plugin, and I already like it, BUT: I have an issue with character encoding, it seems. I get distorted charactes instead of special characters like à, é, ä, ö, ü. Any hint how I can fix this? You can get an example here: (takes a while, as it’s quite huge). First page is rubbish, as I’m using Divi, but I’ll get that sorted myself.

Thx in advance


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Maybe I should add that I’m using plugin 2.0 :)

I looked at your catalog and products and weirdly the same issue doesn’t happen when I use the same characters on my test site. Can you give me access to your admin panel so run some tests? send by email to


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Everything’s working great so far, except for the fact that when the option “Hide Out-of-stock Products” is enabled, I’m still seeing products without stock in the PDF (and html view).

What worked for me was to change the following arguments in PDFCatalogGenerator.php:

'key' => '_stock_status',
'value' => 'instock',
'compare' => '='

for this:

'key' => '_stock',
'value' => 1,
'compare' => '>',
'type' => 'NUMERIC'

(Also, adding the previous code as a meta_query in the arguments in the line 221 of that same file)

I think this is related with a woocommerce issue that many people report on the Interwebs when the stock is not reflected in the front-end when they import a CSV with products (which is my case)

Anyways, I wanted to share this here as may be useful for somebody else.

Thanks for posting this. Will it negatively affect users who didn’t have their products imported?


hCante Purchased

I really haven’t had the chance to experiment with that scenario. It shouldn’t if their stock value is accurate.

Here’s with the right operator compare value ”>=” :

'key' => '_stock',
'value' => 1,
'compare' => '>=',
'type' => 'NUMERIC',

Hello, I’d like to ask if your plugin now or in the future support displaying bar-code ? thanks

It’s not a feature we had in mind. Can you please describe the use case? Might be worth adding.

I write you more days ago and you reply me so:

Hello. i buy your plugin. I would create a category pdf catalogue that have with cover a specific image for any singular category. Is it possible?

I’m waiting that you resolve my problem, It’s urgent.

Please understand that what you are asking for is not support but help with customizations which is not part of the support as per Codecanyon’s guidelines. I offered to help you with it but please be patient. The category cover pages will come as a new feature of the plugin.


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Good day! Hope you are well. Sorry to bother, i just want to know if you maybe had a chance to look at my email?

All of the sudden, when i create a pdf it leaves some of the product photos out.

I know you had some problems with your email & just want to make sure that you received the sample I sent?

Thank you!


I looked into it. Please check your email.


Paddaman Purchased

thank you! replied again :-)