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I just installed your plugin. When sorting my products on price for the catalog, the plugin doesn’t recognise double digits. For example: €1,30 €17,27 €3,98 €4,10

How Can I fix this?


Hi Kyriakos,

I’m using your pdf plugin. How do I turn off the url’s of the images when I’m printing the brochure page?

Thanks, Michele


nirvana5 Purchased

I’d like to request to this feature:

An option to print barcode based on the SKU.

We have a warehouse which needs this feature really bad.

Many thanks

Hi! I just bougt you plugin and I have question regarding printout: We are not using brand in the product name, but – for example – in the browser cart title we are using %ct_brand % to diplay brand name next to the product name ( %title % %ct_brand %)

Is it possible to add brand name to product name in listing?

Best Regards Mariusz!

Hello @kyriakos, long time user of your plugin here. Keep up the good work. Recently I updated to wp 4.8.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.1 – latest versions as far as I know. The thing is that images stoped appearing in my PDF/HTML view. So, browsing around, I found out that changing the way one calls the thumbnail, did the trick.

In my case, in /pdfcatalog2/templates/pdf/threecolumns/product.php

I changed the all img element: <img src="<?php echo $post->thumbnail; ?>" /> For this:
    $attr = array(
        'title' => get_the_title(),
            'alt' => get_the_title(),
            'class' => 'img-responsive',
    echo $thumb = get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, 'thumbnail', $attr);

I apologize if this is a know issue or it has been reported already. When I have a free minute I’ll like to isolate the issue in a fresh wp install in order to confirm the problem.

Hi, i’m struggling with the button styling. even after restyle, save, clear cache, the button is still as per your standard styling. i can add additional css styling in my theme which works in the theme preview, but seems to be ignored by your plugin.

how could i succesfully implement my sites styling? your documentation is unfortunately not very clear.

Hola, mi sitio es y he comprado tu plugin para generar catálogos en PDF.

¿Es posible hacer filtraciones por taxonomías? Por ejemplo: Generar PDF por marca del producto.

Mi segunda pregunta es: ¿Hay alguna guía para crear una plantilla nueva?

Es posible que las imagenes tengan relación aspecto 1:1?