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I have this problem running diagnostic:

“Check if the PDF Generator service can retrieve images from your site. There was a problem for our web service to establish a connection to your store in order to download you catalog and product images. This could be caused by a mis-configured firewall. Please talk to your system administrator to resolve the issue.”


jrendon Purchased

Ok, I will send you access.


jrendon Purchased

Please, check your email

thanks. looking into it.

Hello! We bought a plugin yesterday. Unforunately it does not generate pdf catalog of all products. Also it shows wrong header on HTML file and does not show categories. Short codes don’t work. We applied for support twice, but did not get an answer. We would like to get a refund please. Thank you!


I am still not done working on your previous request regarding the full catalog which you made 24 hours ago, and thats why you haven’t received a reply yet.

When viewing the HTML catalog there won’t be any header or footer. HTML mode is meant to be used for testing your catalog layout – its not supposed to be used for the final catalog.

Please be more specific about short codes not working. You didn’t mention that in your previous comment.

Also I cannot see any of our catalog buttons on your site so I can’t check any category catalog issues.

If you would like a refund please request one through codecanyon’s refund process.


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We have a woocommerce store with 1106 products. When we try to download the full product catalog using the 4-Column grid it will randomly have missing images throughout. We have tried increasing the max variables, max execution time, server memory, deflated all images. Smushed all images, reduced image size and quality and we are still having trouble. Is there anything on your server that converts the PDFs that would cause the issue? Version 2.3.3

Thank you!


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Hello, When creating a pdf or outputting html, not all of the products are being shown. I’ve had both the html output page & the category page open and compared them both. Just can’t see why some of the most recent products aren’t showing? <- HTML Output <- category page

Any help would be greatfully received.


Can you send me a temporary admin account to your site (via email to so I can have a look at the admin panel? I need to figure out what’s different with the products that don’t show up.

Hi, i have the pro version and have two issues (i upgraded all the parts to the lates version). 1) I would like to include the stock of each item in my catalogue (how many pieces of each item do i have in stock) 2) The pdf print on screen shows good layout but when i print, i get the url of the product (clickable link in the image) printed under the image, and the text goes through the product title,. so it becomes unreadable. Please help me, what am i doing wrong? Thnx a lot Michel

1. Thats easy to do, you need to modify the template though. Which template are you using?

2. it seems you have Render HTML setting enabled, the catalog you see is not a PDF file but HTML. Uncheck “Render HTML” in the plugin’s settings to avoid this problem.

Hi Kyriakos, thnx for your quick reply! 1) the 4 column grid 2) i tried that before but then it gives a pdf file with missing pictures of some products (see