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I have just purchased and installed your plugin and have done all the settings I require. I have placed the widget in my sidebar but it does not show up when I load the webpage. I have run the diagnostics in the settings page and everything is ok.

Please help.

Kind regards


hi did you enable full catalog or only category catalogs?

the button will only appear when there is something to show e.g. if you enabled category catalogs only then you’ll not see the button unless the sidebar is on a product page or category page.

if this is not the case send me an email to with your site’s url and i’ll have a look.


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Hello, i have a problem using PDF Product Catalog on new version of wooCommerce 3.0

my license code (5a1211c3-1d07-4b8e-99f5-894fc726d5e1)

i fixed the theme problem but now i see the same problem inside pdf generated with plugin:

Notice: get_product is deprecated since version 3.0! Use w c_get_product instead. in /web/htdocs/ on line 3830

Please update to the latest version which supports woocommerce 3.0.

In the pdf templates, after updating my wordpress install, woocommerce, and the pdf plugin, images are no longer working in the output (both html, or pdf), is there a fix for this?

yes its a known issue with WooCommerce 3.0 and old versions of PDF Catalog. Update to the latest version of the plugin and the issue will go away.

hii… i have installed PDF Catalog Generator for WooCommerce in my website. so i want to know how to add product images in pdf generater. in plugin feature i have done all the setting recording to images but images not show in PDF generated file… Thankyou

okay but when i have update this plugin so this update not affect in my store ??

in my store no update available for this plugin?? so where to update this plugin ??

You can download it from CodeCanyon.

Hi support, i have a problem with your plugin. If i use this shortcode [pdfcatalog catid=”432”] TEST DOWNLOAD CATALOG [/pdfcatalog] when i download the file the filename contain the category name.

Otherwise if i use this shortcode DOWNLOAD CATALOG[/pdfcatalog] when i download the file the filename contain the category id and the children category id but not the name of categories.

Is possible to insert a custom file name or to use the categories name instead of the categories id?