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Casandh Purchased

We are getting a 405 Not allowed error when we are try to convert a 5MB pdf. Please have a look attached screenshot.

Hello Casandh,

Sorry for the late answer.

Probably there is some issue with server configuration, maybe upload size limit is too low. I believe server log file should help us to figure this out. More info about log files . Or you can alternatively ask your hosting/server provider for additional details.

Hi Your plugin is very nice. But I want to know one thing can user upload file at product page and preview it. I am developing a website for a client. Its a web2print site. In it user can upload file for print. Is it possible when user upload file he can see the preview of uploaded file in it.

Hello @krishuiits,

Sorry for the late answer.

For now PDF Light Viewer plugin supports only uploads by admins via wordpress backend dashboard.

Hello, I need a plugin that also prevents the viewer to download the PDF. Something like crocodoc and offers. Is it possible through this plugin?

Hello daniel_adr, the only way to restrict the download a PDF with our plugin, is to delete PDF right after the import. During the import PDF will be splitted into images – one by page – so if you’ll delete original file, it cannot be downloaded anymore.


LTMG Purchased

Hi. The Template Options for the PDF Archive doesn’t work on my site. I online want to have simple Thumbnails without any animation. How is it possible to fix that issue?

Hi there? How to I override the templates ?!

Hello @sociality,

> You can create shortcode-pdf-light-viewer.php in your theme or copy it from templates folder to your theme folder to override all default plugin template for frontend.

More details you can find in the docs:

Hello. i tried your lite plugin for testing. It worked 1 hosting, while the other hosting did not work. And now i understood that it needed Imagemagick. Is it possible to run it with imagemagick binaries not the php extension?

Hello @marketsocialph,

Unfortunately for now we support only PHP Imagick wrapper/extension.