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We are getting a 405 Not allowed error when we are try to convert a 5MB pdf. Please have a look attached screenshot.

Hello Casandh,

Sorry for the late answer.

Probably there is some issue with server configuration, maybe upload size limit is too low. I believe server log file should help us to figure this out. More info about log files . Or you can alternatively ask your hosting/server provider for additional details.

Hi Your plugin is very nice. But I want to know one thing can user upload file at product page and preview it. I am developing a website for a client. Its a web2print site. In it user can upload file for print. Is it possible when user upload file he can see the preview of uploaded file in it.

Hello @krishuiits,

Sorry for the late answer.

For now PDF Light Viewer plugin supports only uploads by admins via wordpress backend dashboard.

Hello, I need a plugin that also prevents the viewer to download the PDF. Something like crocodoc and offers. Is it possible through this plugin?

Hello daniel_adr, the only way to restrict the download a PDF with our plugin, is to delete PDF right after the import. During the import PDF will be splitted into images – one by page – so if you’ll delete original file, it cannot be downloaded anymore.


LTMG Purchased

Hi. The Template Options for the PDF Archive doesn’t work on my site. I online want to have simple Thumbnails without any animation. How is it possible to fix that issue?

Hello LTMG, just wanted to let you know, that the issue should be fixed in the PRO Addon v0.1.6

Hi there? How to I override the templates ?!

Hello @sociality,

> You can create shortcode-pdf-light-viewer.php in your theme or copy it from templates folder to your theme folder to override all default plugin template for frontend.

More details you can find in the docs:

Hello. i tried your lite plugin for testing. It worked 1 hosting, while the other hosting did not work. And now i understood that it needed Imagemagick. Is it possible to run it with imagemagick binaries not the php extension?

Hello @marketsocialph,

Unfortunately for now we support only PHP Imagick wrapper/extension.

the images within the PDF look stretched out. how can I fix that?

Hello edgarphs, could you please send us an example PDF to Thank you

Howdy, We contacted you by email on february, 21 2018.

We still have loop on pdf pages :

we have link like /pdf/directive-rohs/?page=4#page/4

that become : pdf/directive-rohs/4/#page/4

with link on thumbs like this : /pdf/directive-rohs/4/?page=5#page/5

this cause many fake links causing infinite loops for crawlers like Google Bot.

Is there a special setting that we can activate or somethings you can do?

Best regards

Hello oalexandrian,

Thank you for your message. I’ve answered you in email. (We released a fix for the described issue in the version 0.1.8 of the PDF Light Viewer Pro Addon.)

for some reason, it stop working.

I updated the plugin to v0.1.8 and is not working. the pages wont flip. Please help

When you click on a page noting happens.

Hello edgarphs, we will check. If you can provide any additional information (link to the issue example would be helpful), please send it to the

We couldn’t reproduce the issue on our side so far If you have any details, please share them with us. Thank you in advance!

Hi,Great plugin, thank you. Only thing I see is a problem is the SEO. I use Yoast and the search engine preview seems to just show page numbers. Is there any way to show the actual PDF content instead of page numbers?

Hi. All PDF’s stuck in “Import status unknown 0%” and “You have not yet converted the PDF. Note: it normally takes just 60 to 90 seconds for the conversion of small PDF file after submission. Thank you for your patience!”

I’ve waited DAYS … nothing happens. Plus I can’t seem to use it with my SALIENT plugin. Any way to use via shortcode?

Working now!

Just small problem with SALIENT Plugin editor. When using tabs to display several PDF’s (one per tab) only the first one loads …. HELP!