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Really interesting !
An idea for future update : it may be good if your software can generate other elements like EULA, website privacy policy, conditions of use, ...

Good luck with sales !


Do you mean as extra PDF or as extension to the License?

As extra PDF. In the interface you choose what type of licence/element you want to generate. It’s just an idea :)


It’s a very good idea. Thanks.


Does the license only work per use

If the PDF is re-SAVE to another format like .DOC or to another .PDF does the license disappears or still embedded in the file?

This is not a license number generater. This is for PDF only. You can re-SAVE it to another format without problems.

How about changing language?

Or edit my self e.g. through XML file or something?

(need it in Danish). Will happily translate for free.

Hi there, you cant change the language yourself, but i can make a danish version for you. I will make a file with english words for you to translate.

A very thoughtful pdf tool. I believe you can consider to bind this to something like a pdf viewer control and make better sales.

Looks interesting. Thanks

Can you add custom text fields? as looks very limited if you cant change the fields or add to it?


Do you want to create the PDF manually or automaticly with a order?

Manually :) and we need to be able to send the pdf to the user it is linked to. Only needs to be visible in backend :)

there is a plugin that looks good. but it uses its only client section but needed it so uses wordpress uses its called: Invoice King Pro

Awesome work. Congrats. Good luck with sale