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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Plugin: PDF Invoice Generation

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your UCM !

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what pdf library are you using?


This item uses the php version of html2pdf


In the demo when I print a pdf.. it just sits at the waiting screen.. :(

It prints within seconds here. Maybe try again? Or click the “Remove Frame” button at the top left to see if that helps?


That fixed it.. thanks..

How do create a new invoice in the demo version?

Create a job. Create some tasks in that job. Tick the tasks that are completed. Click the green “Create invoice” link that appears towards the bottom. Save invoice.

Please use the reply button above.

The screen width can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please see in Settings > Theme.

Is there a text editor for this plugin? This is important when wanting to list items to be able to use the list function and with bullets.

I’m not too sure what you mean. Please look in Settings > Templates. There are a few editors in there.

Can someone pay through the PDF invoice that is sent to their email?

There is a link in the PDF invoice, allowing the user to pay.

You may try generating your own invoice using the demo to see how this functions:

Hi, great product. I am considering buying. We viewed the demo, I found a mistake. Czech characters do not work (?š??žýáíé) when printing to PDF .

Are you able to press the reply button above and send me a link to the demo so I can see where the Czech characters are? I can test the demo and fix the problem very easily.



I just checked the demo. It was an older version of the system. I have updated the PDF demo website to the latest version of the system and Czech characters should work just fine now.


Thank you for the quick fix. In the demo everything already works! Great.

Hi i am trying to install this plugin but when try to install via update i get this screen:

Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit due to system policy in /customers/7/0/a/ on line 12 Upgrade System

When this is complete please click the “Continue Installation” button at the very bottom of the page. Downloading update: Update to plugin: pdf… Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 302333 bytes) in /customers/7/0/a/ on line 533

i have uploaded the files to server also to see if helps but still get this any ideas

Thanks Matt

Best to send through a support ticket with your hosting details and we can quickly jump in to resolve the “system policy issue” for you.

what hosting details do you need


If you can send through FTP details that should be enough to install the plugin for you. If you also send through UCM login details I can confirm it is installed and working.

Here is the support ticket form:


I’ve having problems with this plugin,

When the PDF is generated and I open it there is no right margin (or a very small one), I’ve tried it on your demo site and it doesn’t do it on there.

Could you let me know how I resolve this.

Interested in purchasing. Is there an option to include our old pdf invoice format? We have that available only in pdf format?

no sorry, invoice layouts have to be designed from scratch using html template. you are welcome to try the demo template modification here to see if your requirements are possible before purchasing:

once template is modified using the above link simply go to any invoice and press “print” to test how it looks.

PDF ’s will not generate – I get no errors or anything.

My hosting provider has increased the php “memory_limit” to at least 64M

I have added ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’64M’); to my includes/config.php

I really need a quick answer, I would launch a support ticket, but can’t wait 2 weeks and really resent paying $12 to get fast track support (I have bought a lot of your items on codecanyon and themeforest Mr DT Baker – shame on you)

Hello, It’s really fantastic but can’t support arabic language and only Left to right direction and no terms can be written :)

where can i edit the invoices or do you have any decent invoice templates for your software? I wish to purchase but the only thing i do not like is the invoice template is very out dated and old. Is it easy to remove lines and can the invoice template be customised?

I thought you would of had 3-5 to choose from like most invoice systems on code canyon. Different layouts.

The template can be customised with HTML code from Settings > Templates within UCM. A lot of people do some pretty cool things with these templates. I’ll ask buyers for a copy of their cool templates in my next newsletter and maybe I can share a few more defaults with everyone.

Hello. I would like to ask how can i make the invoice in 2 langs english and bulgarian and if i can make it exactly as i have it now from libreoofice and printed as pdf. I would like to send you an attachment to see how it really is and tell me if i can do it. I would like to buy your script. The only issue is the invoice for me. I also want to say: a big bravo! for your script. Best regards.

Unfortunately multi language invoices are a bit tricky at the moment. But you are welcome to try the demo and see if it’s possible to create an invoice layout as desired. It’s not possible to import from libreoffice, but you can copy html code into. It’s in Settings > Templates: