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(Pre sale) Hello.

I’m very interesting for your plugin.

I need two more fields in the invoice form: Payment instructions and Addicional information. This plugin is already to include these data?

You can see my final invoice here: http://www.gcf.ufrpe.br/sites/www.gcf.ufrpe.br/files/invoice.png

Thank you! Antonio

Send me a mail

hello $ data ‘customer_dat to’ How do we divide the text of

The most important thing for me: The tax is not included in total …

In total the script does not add the tax, but above if. The link is: www.extintormadrid.com/contratos

But in your demo equal-

Thank You.

Hola, a que email te escribo ?


mascael Purchased

Hola un año despues sigo sin respuesta al email, ni a usted, me puede ayudar o mandarme a mi correo el codigo correcto? Un saludo.


mascael Purchased

Hello a year later still no response to email, or you can help me or send me to my mail the correct code? A greeting.

How i can fetch mysql data for all input files..? Please reply asap really need help.

Hello, Subhashc, I ask that you wait for the update that will be soon.

Thank You.

in this version i need to add more fields…how could i do that??

hello, is possible to change the currency?

ok but if i realize a website where people can use this website to make invoice, they can change these parameters or only i can fix one time for all people?

If you reference has to change these parameters for each invoice, no. This is changed in the class and is valid for all invoices continue after the change.

ok thanks…i know is not the best to ask to an author, but…can you tell me which plugin can be ok for what i’m looking for? thanks

is this script in PHP or HTML? Can I use it on my HTML pages?

Hi Klickonnet. Is a script PHP.

Hi, Nice Script. I just purchased the script and did not find the updated version 1.1.

Can the script work with mysql tables?

Thank you

Am I able to change the layout of the PDF? I’d like to add a new header and only include a simple table.


Hi buy this great script, I have a question. There any way to generate the invoice in a new window and not in the same where the data is entered? Thank you.

Hi, Can I add an image of the product to the invoice?

for new window use this : <form target=”_blank” .............

Any wordpress version of this?