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Hi, any live demo ? thanks

Sorry, i’‘m mac user.. So this is not an online tool ?

you try using wine with .net 2.0 installed.

not only does this fail to work on windows 7 it sends nortan antivirus absolutely ape s**t
ive dealt with viruses in the past and never experienced an antivirus program losing it so hard over something
should be noted these are NOT virus alerts
they are suspicious activities taking place by this program

It my pleasure to help, always and thanks for pointing the problems it really looks like nortorn and trend micro detects it as suspicious file :(

that nortan trend stuff is one hell of a butt ache
ive encountered it before on other clean files
i cant see the tally at present as i claimed it safe and now those screens are gone but id doubt they were a high number at any rate
atleast others can read here and know that the issue has been looked into so as not to have the initial reaction i myself did
i am unsure of envato’s policies with the testing but i never doubted that the file was safe and i have had similar to this arise from other apps sold here
you mentioned it was patch prevented? perhaps its something of its security within merely preventing some part of the code accessed by the antivirus and as such flagged as suspicious
i dont understand much of the guts of it
thank you again for the fast reply to initial comment as it assisted in alleviating worries and shows your potential customers that you did take this report , however sideways it may have been , seriously

Thank you for your concern. If you require any more help then just open a ticket at : Support Ticket

cant extrac with msg “could not procces request due to error

Can you please send me the file which you want to process by email. My email is admin@voltweapontech.net

Hi I am interested to see how it works. Do you have a demo? or Video? I have tried to click :

I have uploaded the demo here it is : http://dl.voltweaponteck.tk/PDFEx_demo.zip

Download it. It’s a full featured 3 day trial.

But It lead me to an advertisement page instead.

Sorry didnt notice your message!

Hello, I noticed you do a lot with PDF files. I need an extractor that will keyword search web for PDF files and download direct URL to page in CSV. Also include title, description, date fields.

You can contact me through my contact form.