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Is there a example scree shot of what a export pdf looks like

There are zero forms with entries. I just want to see how the pdf is formatted. Is it formatted just like the form it self with the questions or is it just data. I need a visual before I purchase

never mind it pulled up. thanks

This plugin don’t working. :( After I click on PDF button, a new webpage is oppening ( but it is a blank page…

I use NEX-Forms 6.04 NEX-Forms Export to PDF v. 2.0 NEX-Forms Themes Add-on v 2.0

Ticket updated. Thanks

You update that ticket (#895003) but i cannot find that ticket in my basix account. I think it was closed and only your team can see it…


The ticket is still open. You submited using email: costi.*escu@institutul*.ro

Does this help?

Can you have it email a pdf copy to the person filling out the form and signing the document? Also does the signature show on the Pdf?

Glad to hear that and thanks :)

Im having issues with the signature capture with one of your plugins. do you have an updated plugin or can you fix the error

Hi…please go to and we will assist. Thanks


prefer Purchased

Hi. You promised an update about now. Do you have a release date or it it possible to try a beta?

Hi…almost ready

Hi when is the update coming out? And how do those that purchased the nex forms promotional package get a copy?

Thank you

No problem, add-on sent

Thank you

This plugin that I payed never works for me.

It was before a Ticket #895003​ (on and you promised that the new Nex version 6 will resolve this problem. But I still have this problem…

Ticket updated. Thanks

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to combine the Digital Signature plugin and PDF Creator plugin? What I would like to achieve is to get people to fill up a form, sign it and then receive a pdf version as well as the administrator of the website. Could you please tell me if it’s possible to do so?

I have already sent you an email about this but except error on my part I didn’t get an answer yet.

Many thanks in advance.


Yes all this is possible :) Please dont email us we use for all support, pre-sales included.


Thanks a lot for your answer and will use the support site in the future!

Pleasure and thanks :)

Hi there,

I click on PDF button but the only I can see it is a blank page…

I’m using last versions of all plug-ins NEX-Forms 6.0.9 NEX-Forms Export to PDF v. 3.0 + NEX-Forms Themes Add-on v 2.0.

Ticket is opened


Hi…please go to and we will check it out for you. Thanks

Ticket is opened. It’s the same proble a user commented before. thanks


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Its currently UTF-8 encoded

Great, can I display attached photo and signature inside pdf file ?

Yes thats possible

I am getting a blank pdf page when trying to view pdf…..any ideas?

Hi, please log a ticket at and we will take a look.


yes i have tried to create a ticket but it tells me I have no support. Seems the same purchase code is used for the main script as well as this one. I am unable to submit a ticket with 4 months support remaining??

ok I managed to submit a ticket

How view pdfs in utf-8 for Hebrew language? now i`m getting ?? ???

Hi…its currently set to utf-8. Can you perhaps create a support ticket so we can replicate what you are trying.


Hello I am getting an error

TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image: 

Hi, strange. Please go to and we will help.


I have post over 15 hours ago, how often do you update?

Hi…please take note of what day this is. Please dont expect the same turnaround on weekends although we do do weekend support. Thank you

I just ordered pdf and it doesn’t even look better than the basic form text that is sent after regular email submission. Am I missing somthing because it doesn’t list the labels of the content maybe a waste of my money and couldve just converted regular email reply text to pdf. please advise me that i am missing something


You need to create the PDF the same way you can create your custom emails. Click “Form”->”PDF Creator” and insert your design as well as the data that’s submitted into the PDF structure (design)

Hope this helps

If you need any further assistance please visit

Kind regards


I need to generate a PDF based on the information users give me on a form. The PDF will have some verbiage and the users info will fill in the blanks of the PDF letter. Can this plugin do this? Some fields need to maintain their currency format… is that possible? Can the PDF be sent to the user who filled out the form as auto response?

Hope to hear from you soon!


Yes, all possible with NEX-Forms and PDF Creator :)

Kind regards

This plugin is false advertisement. It only prints blank pages when I send my PDF email attachment. You must design your own PDF layout using their poorly created UI. The UI doesn’t even have instructions on teaching you how to use it. So I can’t create a decently view able form. I sent a ticket to the support, and it’s been 24 hours without reply.


You can use the UI exactly the same as the Emails. Add your own design using HTML and tags. has been down for the last day and that is why you dont have a response as we cant get into the system. We are as a result moving away from and are currently developing our own ticketing system.

Kind regards

It still won’t work. I followed the instructions on All I see is a blank page when I use the tag {{nf_form_data}} or any other predefined tags.

Hi, please send temp admin details on your ticket and we will assist asap.

Hey, interesting plugin. You had mentioned in a previous comment response

“Note that this add-on is being redeveloped to become PDF creator which will give total freedom of the PDF layout.”

Have you accomplished the additional feature of allowing for total freedom of the PDF layout?

Thank you!

Hi, Yes its been done for some time now :)

Hi, I just bought the extension and, just like everybody else, I only see a blank page. Before I submit a ticket, isn’t there a documentation for this extension? It seems like a lot of children are experiencing the same issue. Thanks.


Please go to for assistance. Also, try to add {{nf_form_data}} into your PDF page and save the form and try to export again.

Kind regards


My template brings Visual Composer and I need to add the possibility for users directly through the website to print some pages and some custom posts in PDF (not all).

The problem with the PDF printers/ PDF generators for WP that I’ve tested is that they only print the visible part of the info or VC shortcodes.

Can I use your plugin to generate a PDF for a specif page/custom post?


Hi, the PDF Creator is directly in relation to the data that is submitted from a form. This uses any custom HTML or default templates.

Hi…just purcheased NEX-Form with free adds-on (on sale event). I’ve downloaded plugin but don’t know how to download all adds-on ?

Hi, please go to and we will send it to you. thanks