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Can this plugin fill in an already created PDF? We have PDFs with Textboxes that need to be filled in. Can it use the data from the form to populate the textbox on the PDF that we already have created. Thanks

Hi, you can do that with value placeholders/tags.

So much money for something so buggy. The pdf plugin is horrible, i chose this as I could customize pdf however the body of the paragraph is always duplicated, and no matter what i try it wont send the pdf via email, can only view it if I go through admin panel and view submissions. :(

Hi, ban I send you a new version? Go to and we will sort you out.

Can you map fields to an already created PDF and populate it? I guess I was confused when I purchased, that custom PDF just meant you can build you own within the app. But you cannot upload your own and tell it where to populate the data.

Hi, unfortunately you need to build it within the app.

Thanks for the quick reply. Gotch-ya.

Pleasure :)

Hi, i am interested in purchasing this form, however i have few questions:

1. i need to create a medical intake form that can work on ipad/tablet – is it possible? 2. how hard is it to install this software 3. can a user write signature with his/her finger? 4. since it will be used as a medical intake form, is it possible to show an image of a body so a user can indicate the problem areas?

thank you!

one more question: is it possible to embed this form into a website?


1. Yes thats is possible
2. Install is basicaly plugin and play, very easy.
3. You can show images in selections as thumbs which could work for this
4. Yes you can embed the form on you site.

Kind regards

Hi – whenever i click the pdf button on submissions it just says page not found…? How do i solve this?

Hi, please go to and we will assist.


tommyr Purchased

Hello, a presale questions. 1 – Can i block the confirmation email to user and send i the email with pdf attached, when i want (manually through the control panel)? 2 – if the user are register on the web site, can i use his name, surname and email to fill in the PDF?

Many thanks

Hi, yes all this is 100% possible.


yban Purchased

I have the same problems as all the users, but very similar to the problem of “chrisbecream” TICKET # 1390102, thanks!

Hi, please check your ticket.


I dont understand why there is not a nice tutorial how to use it on youtube. AND it really doesnt work good…

Hi, the PDF creator works like the emails. You use field tags to have values submitted in your HTML PDF design. If you need to attach the PDF to your emails then check the box that says “Attach PDF to Email” for either user or admin mails or both.

Also, if you need support you can always go to where you will get the help you need.


Hello, i cant understand how the plugin is exactly working but i can try o tell you what i need:

I need that when the user submit the form, the autoresponder send to him and to me the PDF with all the data. I really need something like this, can i do that with the plugin?

Hi, you can do exactly that with NEX-Forms and this PDF Creator add-on.

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