Discussion on PDF Creator for NEX-Forms

Discussion on PDF Creator for NEX-Forms

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Im trying to activate the plugin but getting the following error Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /home2/remodey3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nex-forms-export-to-pdf/tcpdf.php on line 16904

Can you help?

Hi, please go to so we can take a look. Thanks

When i receive the confirmation form’s email all radio buttons are not present…??? What good is this in a form or survey?

Hi, sorry, but I can not help with this from here, please use so we can investigate.

i purchased last year, never used it before because didn’t have time to play with it. Now i have but my support has expired. Maybe you can help here. I have de PDF Creator installed but i can’t seem to find any trace of it. no option, no buttons, ... where are the options? Where are the instructions? And please don’t give me the link for the 2 exemples on your site… it doesn’t explain how to use the plugin!

1. Edit your form.

2. Click on INTEGRATION (top menu)

3. Click on PDF Creator.

Maybe try running the backend tours for and understanding of where what is.

I tried your form. Love and hare relationship. I tried the PDF but the form keep spinning. I saw your reply on this problem but I am using All In One WP Security (AIOS). So any recommendation how I can bypass this? Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you & your team!! :)

Thank you very much, same to you :)

Does this plugin work with php 8.x?

Yes, please see ticket at

Hello, is there a way how to create a pdf file with diacritics like “ěščřžýáíé”? When we create pdf file, symbols like “č” are shown as ”?”.

Hi, please log this at so we can take a look as the PDF’s charset is set to be UTF-8

I’ve received an information about free add-ons, so I’ve just purchased a 4th license.. how to obtain a free add-ons?

Hi, Thank you. As per support articles at you get all the free add-ons from

Please use for future support.

Hello, I have a presales question: That NexForm Plugin and all the extensions look amazing.

I look for a plugin that can export the form data into a pdf form (predesigned offline and uploaded) like it is done by the “Form Generating PDF” plugin. But I am a friend of not using millions of different plugins and if your form and pdf plugin can do this too, I will definitely buy this one

Hi, unfortunately the PDF is created using HTML, CSS and field data tags on export and you can not use already existing PDF’s


I would like to show a form to my users then when they filled it and submitted, will it submit email to them with PDF attached automatically? Thanks

Hi, you can achieve all this using NEX-Forms.

hi, any update on page break feature you had mentioned you would investigate? my pdf will contain 5-10 pages depending on form input and i need to have clean page breaks. thanks!

Hi, we will be updating the PDF Creator in the new year. For future support and questions please use

thanks for the quick reply. this is a pre-sale question, so i can’t use ticksy.

is the page break feature planned for the update in the new year?

is it possible to show uploaded image on pdf?

Yes, use the PDF field data tag in an HTML

Hi there, before i buy this plugin , there is a option who i can upload a template of PDF , and with yours options can modify it?

Hi, you can create a PDF using HTML, inline CSS and field data tags.

why does this thing have constant problems? Now it won’t even save, constant spinning wheel. Yes its updated, yes wordpress is updated, its just this form builder. Time for a new form builder, because this thing is ridiculous.

Hi, please see

If you have gone to the our support page you would have seen this. So please use for future support.

Interested in buying the PDF Creator add on, but want to know if it can create customized PDF. I have a free version and it doens’t do that, can’t customize and have great looking pdfs, can the paid version do that? Kindly let me know urgently so i can purchase the add on.

Hi, you can create PDF’s using HTML, inline CSS and field data tags (placeholders for values entered in the form) See as an example.

Thank you, i have created the forms, but when i go to PDF Creator and create the pdf using form data, it doesn’t look good at all. Is there a place i can learn how to create the pdf in HTML, inline CSS and field data tags where it fetches the fields as from the forms and fills in the data filled?

The best would be to use HTML tables. Simply google search on how to use HTML tables. If you need more help then please create a support ticket at

Hi Team, I have recently purchased this plugin and I am struggling to find a guide how to create a PDF once a use submit the form. Could you point me in the right direction please? Thanks

Hi, please see reply on ticket #2815795. Thanks

Minor suggestion from a satisfied Client User – When using the file upload option in a Form, might be a good idea to be able to set the maximum file size allowed. Cheers!

Noted, thanks. Please for future suggestions and support use ;)

Quick question before i buy – can you specify to make the pdf Landscape or does it always have to be portrait mode?

Hi, portrait at the moment. We will investigate to possibility to add a setting for landscape in coming updates.

ok thanks a million – could you send me an update when you do that please (

You can follow us from the link below to be notified of updates:

Hi how does the styling work for the PDF, as i added in the form field and does not work great, do you have to manually create it so looks how you want it.

Hi, you use HTML, inline CSS and field data tags to create the PDF. Please use for future support.

Hi, How can I configure PDF generator after each submission? so the user and admin gets an email notification with PDF attachment after hitting submit button? Do you have a demo to show as I have looked but I could not find. Thanks

Hi, when you open the PD Creator in the Editor there are 3 options. Check the options to either email the PDF to the user or administrator or both.

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