Discussion on PDF Converter (VERSION 2.0) - PDF Editor for Android - Admob Ads

Discussion on PDF Converter (VERSION 2.0) - PDF Editor for Android - Admob Ads

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Please tell best Android app for my website

Does it support android 12 and 13?

Purchase and contact us via email, we will update it for free via AnyDesk.

Problem error create application folder

I want to buy it but from the reviews and comments I understand that it doesn’t work properly. If you can assure me that everything is ok then I will buy it.

Hi, the .apk is already available there. You can check it properly before buying it. The application is working properly with us.

I want to buy now….........

is this sdk 31 ?

ok then I will buy it

You can contact us after buying the code if there is any issues or sdk related updates.

I have a website can I use your your software for online solution

Which software and how are you supposed to use an Android code inside your website?

Please update this app its not working

Working fine. Email your problems at

galaxy apps rejected me: Application uses copyrighted materials without permission owned by a third party. # While checking your application, I found another application in Google

So please attach more materials for certification to prove you are the same seller with the one in Google Play. Thank you.

[Procedure] Check if seller attached license or permission to use copyrighted material.

[Expected Result] According to the App Distribution Guide: Application should not use any content without permission from the copyright owner. Seller should get permission from copyright holder and attach license if s/he wants to use copyrighted materials. Please provide evidential matter at the next submission.

*Please note that if seller re-submits the application without sending an e-mail, or if seller submits another application that infringes on other copyrighted materials, Galaxy Store App Review Team may reject seller’s application at the next submission. This could cause seller’s access to Galaxy Store disabled.

Following items can be an example of copyrighted materials. - Duplicated APK file itself - Brand, logo and trademark - Animation image and game characters

sorry to hear that your app was rejected but it is on your part that you have to make appropriate changes before publishing it since the items on codecanyon are purchased by multiple buyers and there is a risk of third-party platforms deeming them copyright violating – if already published by any other buyer prior. So, there is nothing wrong from our side. The buyer has a responsibility to make appropriate changes as per the terms and conditions of the platform they intend to publish their app. In your case, the link provided by you has, very apparently, one of our other buyers who, as clearly, didn’t make any changes and put the app on play store. This is our final statement on this ‘specific’ matter. If you have any further concerns other than this, we are always here to respond. Thanks.

Not working


Working fine. Plz share the error details via email. Thanks

Is the project an Android studio project? Are there any web services?

Android Studio

your application does not work, converts not text to pdf, no image to pdf!

hey, I built the apk file and downloaded it on my phone, after which I try to create a pdf file, and when I press Create PDF, I get the error: Error on creating application folder.

Any idea why this happens? It happens with all the features not only Image to PDF, but also Text to PDF, QR & Barcodes and Excel to PDF.

Hi plz send error details at our email

Demo application doesn’t work properly. Not even image to pdf. Please check the error and update it. I am so curious to buy it

Hi, the app is working with us

Hello, in the demo EDIT the image does not work correctly, it does not save the changes made in the PDF

Hi, please share device details and error details at

do you have ios version ?

Sorry. Only Android Version.

Not demo apk

Provided in description.

APK given in description.

I want to buy this app but the problem is not working on android 10 also on android 8.

The error is: error on creating application folder

Please send device details.

i try on samsung edge 7 and huawei y8s, send me your email i will send you video to see the problem

Can I Publish This App If i buy it With Regular license

Hi, Yes, you can.

> Task :app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac The following annotation processors are not incremental: jetified-butterknife-compiler-10.1.0.jar (com.jakewharton:butterknife-compiler:10.1.0). Make sure all annotation processors are incremental to improve your build speed. Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. Note: fragment\ uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.

Plz email us to discuss in detail


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