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Hi, is there any news on an update yet? Thanks^^

Still waiting for reply, API is not working, been waiting for days now for a reply, starting to get annoyed, since i bought this script nothing works correct

still waiting but had enough now so going to get a refund as this script is full of errors, plus there is no support, 2 weeks I’ve had this script and not been able to use this product yet.

Hola, al instalar el script me da un error 500 l servidor, y en el archivo de error log encuentro: Sat Oct 31 18:34:28 2015 [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server Sat Oct 31 18:34:28 2015 [client] Premature end of script headers: index.php, ¿a qué puede deberse gracias?

Hi, I installed and updated up to 1.2. The script looks great, thanks for it!. I have one open point, regarding the export of the website. I exported it, downloaded the script and api but I can not install the created script it in a different site. After trying to install the api I get the message below: stdClass Object ( [user] => sjii [token] => [user_site] => 1111 [site] => [api_site] => ) {user“} Not sure if I may have miss any step or not but need your help :-) Thanks in advance and regards

luisfer91 my apologies for the reminder but I am still waiting for your feedback about how to get the download option working properly. IU have also raised the request via the support option with no results neither. Thanks in advance for your kind f

Is this being supported? Many unanswered inquiries here I see

Well, I would say that this product IS NOT SUPPORTED. It is a very good idea, quite well coded and working but same question raised so far with no feedback at all.

this support for bank transfer?

I filled out a support ticket and did not hear back. Do you offer support for this product ?

“Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not found” in after install, can help me?

paypal ipn url ?

paypal ipn setting please help ?

You just have to put your paypal email in the admin settings page

bok gibi bi script hiç tavsiye etmiyorum destek s?f?r.

Love the admin and billing side of this script! Awesome. The site maker is pretty bad though. No real options or content, basically just layouts. Most peeps don’t have every image, etc needed for populate a section and will give up. Kinda like all the demo sites. Threres a logo image on a vew and that’s about it.

I would be interested in buying the admin, management part of this. I wonder if I could plug it into my builder or just link over? I think it’s great, just site builder needs lots of work

I just purchased and the script DOES nothing. AFTER install, you can login to admin, but THAT’S IT. You CANNOT SAVE anything, UPDATE or ANYTHING! I’ve had ONE email answered and now, NOTHING. I have sent about 10 emails today. SMH

scrappyjamesii -.>> where did you download the api? ANYONE have the API credentials Info??????

Would love to rate it, but its been 3 days, can’t get it installed properly, support is VERY BAD!

Disregard previous comments, apologies to Luis! Good script!

product looks good but seller does not seam to support … why no replies in here?

ok hopefully you will reply … This script isnt working great … we cannot add paypal … when i save it just disapear and doesnt save any details I write on that page … can you help with this since we have support

anyone actually have support here? Anyone would know how to fix the paypal and all settings not saving ?? Thanks in advance

Really 24 days without any responses!! * BUYERS BEWARE!!! *

Hi Luis, any news on any updates yet?