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Got this error with demo:

We apologize, but the payment button settings are incorrect. The following problems occurred ap_purchasetype field is invalid. Acceptable values are item, service, item-goods, item-auction and subscription. The ap_currency field is invalid. The ap_itemname field cannot be left empty. Sorry the merchant account is invalid.

If you are a buyer, please inform the seller.

Where’s the problem?

Hi Thanks for information. It is making problem if you try in a frame. You need to click remove frame and test it. It is related to security.


Okay, sounds good and works without frame. Maybe I’ll buy someday:)

Yeah, without a frame it works.

I have looked for something like that, thanks man, guess I will get it ,-)

Suppose a customer does not have payza account and he wants to pay using credit card and without signing up there. your script can handle this?

Thanks for your interest. I do not think Payza has that option. Therefore, the script unfortunately cannot handle such a request. Thanks

i cant add to wordpress? sory newbie



Hi, Hope you are doing good :) I am using your system but how can I make the amount input to take any amount input?

Please check the installation here:

Thanks for assistance :)

Also will you make a gateway for https//


demo please

Hi, Thanks for warning. I have just updated the demo link. Let me know if you need any support. Thanks

Hello, I need you to install this payment method to my website, I have an account with payza and all there was reviewed and there is no any problem, just need the function on my website.

Hi, If you need any help just send me an email and ready to help you. You can find my email address on help document. Thanks

Can I use this to allow my users to add funds to my website?

sure you can use it. You need to make modification at your code side.For example you need to update member’s balance when IPN response received.

why ap_pay_result.php didn’t work? there no any value saved to database

Hi, I have just tested. It works fine. Have you configured your setting correctly and merchant side? you need to add your pin back url as well at merchant side. Then it will start to post back about result of payment. You can contact with me from mail address that given at support file. It will be more fast. thanks