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Hi.. waiting for long time… Congratulation!

Good luck with sale krub! :D

I am not using Woocommerce, but when I use I will surely buy from you :)

Thanks krubb :)

Do you have a demo site with this plugin ?

Because screenshots it’s not clear.

I still not setup demo site but you can see the real implement on shop-ululu.com

Thanks for your question. katapolp

Looks nice! What version of Woocommerce does it work with, and do you plan to update for free with future Woocommerce versions? Which banks can I transfer funds to?

Sorry for late reply , I tested paysbuy on woo version 2.0+. you can buy in codecanyon.net. and if you have a problem on future woocommerce .I will update code for free.


Is this a seamless solution or does it redirect the customer outside the original website? (like paypal)

Thank you!

It similar to paypal

Is your version different from paysbuy free version? here > https://www.paysbuy.com/doc/PAYSBUY_Woocommerce.rar or you have more features?

Hi, please explain how you process counter payments? Do your gateway check from time to time status of order then update order in the shop orders?

sorry, what you mean “counter payments” ? My plugin will check payment status at the first time that you place order. If fail it will return to on-hold but if pass it will return processing

not sure answer your question, you can use lineid katapolp to contact me

Dear Author, Swadee Krap,

I’m planing to purchase this plugin, BUT before I’ve question, If the payment pay by pasybuy plugin the money will be direct deposited to bank account or paysbuy account? If the money will be deposited in paysbuy so how many days it will take to transfer it to the thai bank account?

I’ll be appreciate if you anwer me asap.


Dear ibrahimjabbari,

It will deposited in paysbuy account. please see detail in https://www.paysbuy.com/compare.aspx

Thanks Det

Are you the author of this plugin? Because Paysbuy is offering this as a free download.

Yes, you can try on free version. If it doesn’t work, you can back to codecanyon. Many people use free version but it doesn’t work.

Hi Katapolp,

I have a Thai based website and I hope to accept credit card payments from most countries (mainly U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Korea etc.). Does your gateway accept payments from most other countries or just Thai credit cards?

Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

PAYSBUY supports payment in 10 currencies. Which currencies does it support?

Hello Katapolp,

I am looking to use this on WooCommerce website that will serve only the Thai market.

I see the plugin has not been updated for a while. Is it still compatible with current version of WooCommerce and WordPress?

Will you update it in the future?

Best Regards, Abby


Can you please reply to the above.

Regards, Abby


We installed the plugin and it’s there, but on the check out page we get this error ….

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::add_inline_js() in /home/jrthaibo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-5115196-paysbuy-payment-gateway-for-woo-commerce/class-wc-gateway-paysbuy.php on line 254

Can you please help?


Could you give email address i will submit the lastest version to you?

I plan to update code in codecanyon this week as well

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question : This plugin has not been updated for 3 years now… Is it compatible with the latest Woo Commerce and WordPress versions ? Thanks.

It is free plugin from Paysbuy. Not stupid likes me.


Hello, Does this work with current version of wordpress?

I just update the new version of paysbuy for lastest version of woocommerce if you cannot use free version from paysbuy. You can buy this paysbuy plugin and contact me i will support unit it work.

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ใช่ครับ แต่ ลองของฟรี ก่อนนะครับ https://github.com/paysbuy

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