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Hi, pre-sale question: is it possible to process the form only after the payment has been made?


No, the payment is done after the form submission is saved.

When your plugin is going to support 3.1.4 Ninja Forms version?


Ninja Forms v3+ is already supported.

Hi – having a similar issue that I’ve seen in the feed.

We’ve installed the plugin as per the installation documentation, and made sure all the relevant fields are populating, However when testing the form (as gateway: live or test) it’s not pushing the user to PayPal instead it’s just coming back with “Your form has been successfully submitted.”.

Any ideas what might be going wrong?

We are setting up an event registration with multiple ticket options being calculated. http://www.medicalaffairs.org/meeting-registration/


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Can the user insert his own payment amount without fixed payment?


yeah text field can be used for that.


delimac Purchased

When using a text field for a custom amount, how will I pull that value in the “Total” function?

Does this work with multiple Paypal Accounts?

I need a different payments to go to different clients? Each to their own Paypal account?

Hi Each Form can have different paypal account.

Hello, I have left a message via your contact form for support of a new installation with latest Wordpress version and plugin version. I have deactivated all plugins to see if it is a conflict. But it is not. The Options for this plugin will not appear for any Ninja Form type under the Emails/Actions tab. Please help. Thank you.


Replied to your email.

Regards Aman

Thank you for the super fast reply Aman. You are a credit to the web development society. Thank you.

For others wondering about documentation, it is in the Zip file included with the Plugin. :-) Thanks again.

Hello, a pre-sale question:

I’ve ninja forms 2.9.x and several forms, one per product, where the total is calculated taking the price of the selected product variation, from a list (type=radio). Now the payment is processed offline and then the product gets shipped;

1) can I use your plugin to ADD paypal payments to this type of form?

2) Does the total have to be a static value or can it be calculated (like in my forms)?

Thanks in advance, Daniele.

Hi, pre-sale question: it’s possible input a value, depending on the product, use the selected field type or checkbox for a field that is the final value for the paypal?


you can use default calculations in nInja forms. Price can be set from calculations, fixed, or value of any field.

With recurring payments, can i set a free trial for 1 month from this first?. Just how it works when setting up in PayPal account.

Hi No, setting up trial is not possible.

Just purchased, installed and setup the payment option on NF 3 and when you click submit, it just saves the submission and prints the thank you message. It’s not going to PP for payment. Installed per the directions and even used the NF PP instructions but, no-go. I sent a support request to you with screenshots.


Hi Replied to your email. Regards Aman

Pre-sales question: With this addon for ninja forms, is it possible that the value of the payment is selected from a select field within the form, and that once selected you can make the payment by paypal when sending the form?

Hi yeah you can add total field in your form & use that field value to send to send to paypal, you can also use calculation.


When I set up and test a recurring payment, I receive this error upon submission: “Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription.”

Any “One Time” payment works correctly, this seems to be only associated with recurring payments.

  • WP 4.9.5
  • Ninja Forms 3.2.27
  • Ninja Forms – Paypal Standard 3.1.2
  • Ninja Forms – Conditional Logic 3.0.14

Let me know if you need further details or a link to diagnose. Thank you!


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