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Hi Amin,

I already have this installed with forms set up. I want to update to your latest version of this plug-in. What steps should I take? Should I deactivate my current version before uploading the new version, or will the new version automatically replace the old one and keep my current payment forms intact?

Hey Aman! I want to be sure, you say I should delete. Will my existing paypal pricing and settings remain in my existing forms when I delete the old plugin?

yeah all settings will be there

Deactivate > Delete > Upload Latest > Activate

just to be on safe side you can export the form and save it on your desktop

Hi there,

We use your plugin in our theme and I’m wondering if you have any plans to make it compatible with the next release of the NinjaForms?


Thank you!


yeah it will be compatible with Ninja Forms 3.0 Right now Ninja Forms 3.0 is in beta and they are rolling out update to selected users.

Hope to complete it by end of this month, some new features will also be added.

Hello, how can I set the confirmation email:

1) payment received. 2) Payment not received.

Now if I send the request I get emails. if I paid and even if I did not pay. it’s incorrect.


That will be available for the ninja forms 3.0 version. Regards Aman

Hi, does this plugin allow adding different PayPal buttons? Thanks in advance!


You can use css to show paypal button instead of submit


Thank you so much for this plugin! I haven’t tried it out yet, but if it works it’s the answer to a huge problem for me.

Hi Does this plugin creates a Thank you page and only it shows after a real transaction was made? Also for security reasons and double detection. Could it detect if a transaction was already made in case customer clicks on the links in the emails more than once? Thanks


Looks interesting. I was wondering, is there any way to set different prices depending on their answers in the form? For example, selecting different values on a dropdown menu takes you to different prices in PayPal.

Also, does it allow you to add taxes?


Dear Auther, does your plugin capture Paypal transaction id in submissions?

Hi yeah it records Paypal transaction id with your ninja forms submission data.

Will this work with the FREE version of Ninja Form 2.9.49


yes it will work for free version of Ninja Form 2.9.49

Regards Aman

Hey mate, thanks for the plugin it’s awesome. Is there a way i can edit it so that if the price is zero the redirect does not work? The Paypal express plugin by ninja forms works this way and it would be pretty awesome if we could so the same. Just a check that does the standard ninja form action I set up if the price is zero. Where could I edit it? i am happy to pay for the tweak if you need me to as it is pretty urgent.


please send site login details to webholics.chd@gmail.com , I will check it.

regards Aman

Hi Aman, I did send it through a couple of days ago, did you have any chance to do check it?


Fixed it, please check.

Hi there,
Please add support for Ninja Forms 3.XX


I am working on it .. will release an update asap.

Regards Aman

Can it use the price base on the field calculations?

I have noticed an issue with the plugin.

When a clients gets sent to PayPal the emails leaves the form right away. This is a problem because many clients than do not proceed with payment and they still get an email saying thanks and we still get an email with the details which we do not use because the clients did not proceed with payment.

It is very important because the plugin is creating a lot of confusion.

Thanks so much :) for your support.

Hey mate, any news?, I know you wrote to me, just checking what is going on with this bug here. Thanks mate

Doesn’t go to paypal, even correctly setup.


Please check you have total field in form. If still getting issue, please contact me at webholics.chd@gmail.com


Doesn’t work. What I am doing here is field calculation and I want that total to be the paypal amount.

Pre-Sale Question, Does this work with total_calculation field? or does it have to be the total field when dealing with products? I’m using NinajForms 3.x


wolmah Purchased

I have sent email and you haven’t replied, I purchased this item, and I need to know how to prevent forms being processed before payment, need payment to be completed before forms can be processed.

Hi Please check your email.

regards Aman

Hi! I just installed this plugin. Is there a way to add a trial to the payment? My items all have a 7 day trial with them so I need this set up on the form as well. Thanks!


Have to check paypal api, will let you know soon.

Regards Aman

two questions

Can you pay for more than one product/service?

Can you use different forms under one domain to pay different people?


1) Each Form can have 1 Product. 2) Each Form can have diff paypal business email to get paid.


dkalive Purchased

Hello, I seem to be seeing “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” when checking out?


please contact at infowebholics@gmail.com


kashif786 Purchased

Hi, I am using this plugin after 1 to years and see that after enable the PayPal ninja from extension not showing the collect payment option into the form. Plz check screen shots. Plugin enabled http://prnt.sc/exdmmj Issue http://prnt.sc/exdnbl

Can you plz help me to resolve this ?