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what is this website for, cause its not real paypal website? they told me not to visit it.

ok i got it all pretty much figured out, i made a successful sandbox purchase :). ok my and i hope last question is, so lets say after purchase i want buyer to see something or do something only if they have successfully purchased, i would put all that in success.html , right? so how come even without any purchase i can navigate to success.html on my server and it works fine? cheers

This is just a sample, obviously it needs more coding to fit the needs of every customer. Maybe you just can use php and detect if file is accessed directly, then redirect.

ok thanks and can you just tell me two things,

first does the script verify if variables came from paypal, once they are received does it send back to paypal to receive verified before dumping all the variables to text file.

and second you put a comment:

”//if USE_PROXY constant set to TRUE in Constants.php, then only proxy will be enabled. //Set proxy name to PROXY_HOST and port number to PROXY_PORT in constants.php”

what constants.php i didnt see that file anywhere.

Hello i have the same problem as another user Application error(0).message = User is not allowed to perform this action My paypal account is verified and i use my live api credentials What could cause this? Thanks for the reply in behavior


Hi, thanks for purchasing:

Check if your country supports chained payments Check if your APPID is approved and is in live mode or sandbox mode Double check your api data

Hello i had to wait till my paypal apps acount was fully approuved, conditionaly was not ok; So this error has gone, but how can i fix this one ?

Message: Undefined variable: headerImageURL File: /PayPal_API.php Line: 85

I fixed it currently by adding $headerImageURL = ””; above the call to this variable; By the way is it not possible to pay with paypal saldo using this feature ? and is it normal design from chained paiement is so ugly ?


Set a logo for your paypal payment page in paypal account options. Yes, design is so ugly. :/

does it work with WC vendor? do u provide support to implement it?


Do this support “paypal partial refund” functionality, if yes kindly provide related information.


Hi!, sorry but no, ATM this script not supports partial refund functionality. Thanks for purchasing.

does this script still function in general? I tried the demo and it’s erroring out .

Tested it, working for me. Where did you get the error?

Hi, after installation i got this error: Failure in PayPal API call: PAY . I tried to sandbox mode. PLEASE HELP ME !! if you want i’ll post the code. Thanks Regards.

write me a private message from my profile page with the url to test and the details, i will help you to fix it. Thanks for purchasing.