Discussion on PayPal Shopping Cart

Discussion on PayPal Shopping Cart

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What’s the maximum size of a file that can be placed for download?

Hi – Does this have to use Paypal? I have my own CC provider. Thank You…

Time to update the plugin with discount and coupon codes

Hi. It contains or is possible to get “bank deposit” as payment option? Best regards

Something is missing from this script so, I think I want a refund. I have the zip of all the files but What is supposed to be in what folder? Think I’ll just get a refund. Product won’t operate as the demo does on the sellers site. I want a refund!


In plugin documentation you can check the “Quick Installation” section how to install plugin. Basically you just need to copy necessary files to your website and add HTML markup to the page.

Or if you want refund you can send me request via codecaonyon website and I will approve it.

All I need to know is do I need to create folders to contain some of the zip files?

My index page shows me nothing.

Before I request a refund, I’m trying to get the product to work.

I have the zip file and have unzipped the contents to a folder on my desktop. Do I just upload all the files to my server as is or is there other things I need to do?

How can I get support to have the software uploaded to my site? Thanks

is it possible for you to add a digital zip file to buy on the website i wont the client to buy zip files

No, sorry it’s not possible.

Hi, Any possibility to Replace PayPal with Skrill?

No, sorry


future have any update?

Thank you very much

No, I won’t be updating this plugin any more. If you are looking for a paypal shopping cart plugin I have UniShop which is more advanced. See details –

suitable for selling digital items?

The specific of selling digital items is that client gets it via email or download link after they pay with paypal. My script does not automate this part. So once you get a payment you will have to manually send digital item to client.

do you have any code sample showing how to switch a image with a video, we make logo stinger videos and would like to use this to sell our videos


The best way is to use Fancybox or similar plugin to open video (via iframe) when you click a thumb.

You can add a play arrow to the thumbs so people knew that thumb is linked with the video

Where is the ipn listner code for this? If there is no ipn listener code then please provide a way to enter the cart list into the custom data?

Hello! My plugin does not come with the php code to process instant payment notifications.

does the script include callback options when the pay was successful?


My script only redirects you to with your purchases but it does not know if customer payed or refused. To handle successful payments you should use (Instant payment Notifications) from and have a php script to accept them.

when I run the index.html file in the www directory the products come up. FirstGroup shows1/2 pages but never goes to second page. the shopping cart in your online example shows the cart in the bottom left. but no cart appears

Could you give me url to your site to check?

I think I have t figured out. it runs fine on a hosted server. But does not work on a local drive. Not sure why???

Do you know if there is a way to test out the PayPal stuff with out making a real transaction. If I order 4 things will it take me to PayPal where I can see every thing I order and not pay. Kill the order?

Hi there

I have bought the paypal -shopping cart and when it connect to the paypal it says there is an error:

which says that no amount was passed?

Did you set a “price” attribute for a product Li item?

Hello. We have sent a few other messages to you trying to get some support for your PayPal script that we purchased. We were doing some modifications to the code and everything ‘seems’ to be working except for 1 piece…the actual CART button does not display. We have looked at your code and can not quite figure out where the cart info is actually being called from so we can not try to modify the code ourselves. In an ideal world it would show up at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom of the created window. The rest of the code is simple and been great to work with!

We greatly appreciate your time and thought with this. THANK YOU in advance!

As we are really trying to use your script rather than having to invest time and energy into another cart system ( as your cart should do exactly what we need ) we have been authorized to offer you $100 USD (via PayPal or other service) to see if you could assist us with a simple modification. I know that your site says it could take 5 days…but as we are in a time crunch this offer is good until 12pm ( central time ) on 12/7/2017. We are trying to prepare for a presentation the next day so if we can’t get this to work, sadly we may have to find another solution!

It all looks like the issue is where and how you are displaying the cart button. I can’t seem to find where the button is being called, and if it is possible to move it from where it is at. Our page is longer than what you are showing and once I try to modify the code the cart button goes away. Ideal situation would be to have it fixed at the top of the page. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!!!

Sorry, I’m probably late with reply on this. If you want to move Cart button to the top I can send you zip file with modified code. Just give me email or send a message via my profile.

Pre-sale question. Is it possible to add a text field on checkout that asks the buyer for a username?

e.g they buy 1,000 twitter followers, a textbox is required to ask for their twitter name so I know what account they want the followers on??

The textbox would be in the same place as the dropdown box on your demo for the options?

Hello! I think it’s difficult to implement. But it can be done with my paynow! paypal button plugin. It’s more customizable as paypal shopping cart..

Hi. You sent an email with the code to place the shopping cart to the top right of the screen . Can you please send me that code? Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hi. Did you find the code? Possible that you send it to me today?

I sent you a link via email to download zip file.


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