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What about payment integration with any other provider than Paypal. How easy or difficult is it to set it up.

Hi tb_kol,

It would be pretty difficult to set up, you’d have a code an entire custom module to interface with other payment processors. Not impossible though.



Nothing is working for me at the moment. I have followed the pdf. can you please help a little please??


It looks like your .htaccess is missing, or incorrect, or conflicting with an .htaccess file in your site root. Also, check to make sure index.php is present in that directory.



Hi Ben, Thank you for your reply. If you can answer the following questions I will be forever grateful

The link lives here


I never get an Order in my Order list I never get the download link as well Currently the content is not loading I can’t login to Admin section either I have it ready working on my localhost and it was fine but localhost I didn’t get any order in my order list nor the download link Can you please explain how the add-on works? Can I plugin this to a responsive website I have if I strip everything?

Also I understand I have way too many questions. If you can give me support please let me know how much it will be as it mentioned in the PDF there is no support included.

You can email me at

Thanks for your time.

everything else is in order – just can’t get the dll link or the orders in admin :(

Hi Ben, it works now and I can see my orders. When I turn off sandbox option live transactions are not showing in orders now! Am I missing something please?


ALL good now ! Hallelujah… Thanks

Can you add stripe payment gateway in your next update ?

Is this script a stand alone?

Yes, the script is stand alone.

Thanks for the feature suggestion, it will be considered for future releases.



U have in spanish and hace wich payment skrill credit card

Not currently, sorry!


Is MySQL used for the CMS side of things with your script? We are looking for something that allows us to create a Download Now button like your demo but we have a static HTML website. How does your script work with static websites?


Hi Ravinot,

Yes, the script uses PHP/MySQL. You can use the script to just generate download links you can insert into a static HTML site, but the script itself would need to run on PHP/MySQL.



Thanks for the quick reply Ben. Does the script need to be on the same server or can I generate links externally and then copy them across?

Hi ravinot,

Sure, it can be on a different server, you can just link the static pages to the download links of the PPQ script on the other server.



Might save you some headache if you happen to be dealing with a PayPal account used for physical items that has default shipping prices set up within PayPal.

add the following:

  <input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="1">

just before the closing </form> tag in Views/order.ctp

Otherwise you’ll run into what I just tracked down and have to deal with the IPNlistener refusing the IPN result from Paypal because of a price mismatch, plus you’ll have charged your customer shipping.

Regarding the change I mentioned above – you also need to make the following change if you implement that – as PayPal won’t bother collecting shipping info from the customer.

In Controllers\OrderController.php

You need to change the portion that writes the order to the database (starting around line 61):

if ($this->IpnListener->processIpn($_POST)) {
                $this->log('Payment successful.', 'paypal');

                //*** save the order into the database
                $order_address = $_POST['address_street'];
                $order_city    = $_POST['address_city'];
                $order_state   = $_POST['address_state'];
                $order_zip     = $_POST['address_zip'];
                $order_country = $_POST['address_country'];
                if (empty($_POST['address_street'])) {
                    $order_address = 'N/A';
                if (empty($_POST['address_city'])) {
                    $order_city = 'N/A';
                if (empty($_POST['address_state'])) {
                    $order_state = 'N/A';
                if (empty($_POST['address_zip'])) {
                    $order_zip = 'N/A';
                if (empty($_POST['address_country'])) {
                    if (empty($_POST['residence_country'])) {
                        $order_country = 'N/A';
                    } else {
                        $order_country = $_POST['residence_country'];
                                    'name'=>$_POST['first_name'] . ' ' .$_POST['last_name'],
                                    'download_start'=>date('Y-m-d H:i:s')

Otherwise you’ll get errors because the schema for this won’t allow null values in the database for the address fields.

Hi there and excellent script, I have installed it successfully and everything works like a charm. I am trying to just use the button link on a static HTML website, and it works, the only problem is that when the user clicks on the button it doesn’t take the user straight to the paypal webpage, it loads the Quick Download theme and a message Please wait while you’re being redirected to paypal, the whole thing takes about 5 seconds, but it is really annoying that users will see this as it looks complexity different than my HTML site. Please help, I just need them to be redirected to the paypal check out page from HTML. I have to say if this can be fixed this script is the best one I’ve seen. Thanks.

Thanks for purchasing.

There’s currently no way to set it up to do that directly, though I may look into that for the next release. You can change the look and style of the PPQ template to better match your site, there are instructions in the PDF manual showing the files to modify.



Just installed the scripts, processed a test order and find the order went through to paypal, got charged (test $1) but the order was marked 2016-07-27 12:58:45 Paypal: Exception: Paypal status invalid. The entire order details are listed in the paypal.log file including the ipn_track_id number. So what could be the problem here? No download link email was sent and the admin shows zero orders. (also, PayPal sent a receipt email for the transaction) RJ

Hi jewel,

Thanks for purchasing. The invalid message means the script posted the transaction to Paypal, and Paypal’s script replied INVALID, meaning it couldn’t validate the transaction. If the problem persists, I’d open a ticket with Paypal and try to find out why their IPN verifier is returning invalid.



Does this work on php 7

Would you be able to update it so it works with PHP 7?

demo not working, please check

Please assit, when i click on SETTINGS, it gives me: An Internal Error Has Occurred. (In RED)

Are you getting any errors in your host’s apache log file or in tmp/logs/error.log or tmp/logs/debug.log ? That may shed some light on the problem.


Is this product still supported? The demo does not work…

The script is still functional, however no support is provided.


Please update demo link.

Hi! 1. The live demo of the product and admin area do not work. Please check it. 2. Does this scripts support external file links? I mean that i need to upload my products from my pCloud storage for example. 3. Is it easy to complete or setup paypal settings? and the payment is completed instantly after paying from the user?

I hope to see your reply soon. Kind regards, Meng Piseth.

1. Working on getting this moved to a different server, no eta 2. It doesn’t at this time, would need to be modified to allow external links 3. Yes it is, the manual walks you through it. Payment is completed instantly.