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Hello, I buyed this script without reading the whole description. I simply use the preview to see how it works. I have a simple website with few features. I don’t use neither SSL nor Paypal Pro option. How can we do ? May i consider I loosed my money ? Hoping on your comprehension

Hi spartacvs1,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

If you want to process credit cards on your site, without having customers to leave it – you need SSL and Paypal PRO account. Otherwise you can only use paypal redirect from this product – but you’d have to hide the credit card fields on the page in order not to confuse customers.

hi will your PayPal PRO Payment Terminal i want my members to pay for my website like 1 week and 2 weeks and a month and so on will your PayPal PRO Payment Terminal do this for me let me know i will have just paypal i will have SSL added to my site and can other payment methods be added like Stripe to let people choose between the to i wait to hear from you

Hi kajj999,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

If you’re referring to recurring payments – yes, those are supported and you can setup the payment terminal to have various services with different recurring interval for users to select from.

You do need to have PayPal PRO account and SSL though.

hi what would i need that you have for different recurring interval for users to select from let me know i would like to add something to my website send me a link to it so i can see it ok thanks ken

You can setup different services through the config file with different recurring intervals, for example – create a service which is for 1 month recurring, or create a service which reoccurs every 12 months – customers will be able to select one or the other one on the payment terminal page. It’s the same product, so there’s no link I can send you except for the demo link which is in the item description.

hi what would i need that you have for different recurring interval for users to select from let me know i would like to add something to my website send me a link to it so i can see it ok thanks ken

Hello, could you install it on my website, and does matter if I usa citizen or not ?


We do provide such service through our premium support. It doesn’t matter if you are USA citizen for us, or paypal – what matters is that you must have PayPal PRO account (Website Payments PRO account) which costs 30$ per month. If you are paying paypal monthly fee of $30 – it means you are subscribed to PayPal PRO.

Error 10548 – This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant’s account is not able to process transactions.

If you’ve purchased the product from us – please open support ticket at and support staff will answer any questions you have.

I have that problem on all debit cards

Transaction Un-successful! There was an error with your credit card processing: Error Code: 10565 Error Message: The merchant country is not supported.

Can You help me?

Hi dswww,

Usually this error means that your country is not supported by PayPal PRO. You’re saying that only DEBIT cards can’t be processed? Have you tried CREDIT cards?

Hi Bro, I m from India, Can I use your script for receives payment from outside of India?? How It works?? Can Anyone directly give payment from their cards to my PayPal. Is this possible??


It won’t work for Indian PayPal PRO account.

Hi, is your solution still valid? Looks like the last update was done 5 years ago. I know that PP recently has many updates done including IPN & SSL requirements. Will the script work if i buy it?

Hi mb111,

Yes, it’s still valid and works on many of our clients sites.

If I use this

Why should i have ssl and pay paypal pro ($ 30)?

Because when you need support, there is no one.

Taking money and a quick thing, helping it takes weeks.

Boy who helps to edit scripts, wait

Who knows when he answers, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait,

In this way the seller tells me – go and give negative feedback

Hi Crisdany5,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We’ve replied to your support ticket. Here’s the reply for your reference:

There are 2 types of paypal products: PayPal Redirect (aka Paypal Standard) and PayPal PRO. The difference is that with PayPal Redirect (the icon you’ve circled on your screenshot) – you can pay with your paypal account and credit cards/bank BUT you (customer) are redirected to paypal for payment. On the other hand, PayPal PRO – allows you to proceed credit cards instantly on your website, without the need to redirect customers to paypal site.

Hello i have paypal business account and shopify store, can you make it to me?

Hi chenduman,

Not sure what you’re asking.. sorry..