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Can we add more form elements to any of your examples, like not just one text box but various form elements, select box, checkbox etc

I am assuming you can but want to ask before purchase

Hi Cat77

Thank you for your interest in our product.

There is no UI for that (no form builder). So, yes, you can add fields and other elements, but you’ll need to add them by custom coding, as there’s no interface to do it at the moment.

Pre-sales Q: is this compatible with the newer version of PayPal Pro (version 2.0) or 3.0, the older version which requires dprp?

Hi insight180

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You do need DPRP enabled for recurring payments in this version of the product.

Can i do forum POST / GET request with this page, to get the info from another page?

Not sure I understand the questions – could you elaborate ?

Hi. PreSales question. Does this work with PayPal Payflow account?


Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t work with PayPal Payflow

Hi, I have an issue with plugin. Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/paypal_pro_wp/payment_terminal_overview.php on line 47. Can you advise?

Hi vanvincidagogh,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please open support ticket at http://www.criticalgears.com/support-tickets/ and we’ll assist you further

Does this plugin allow you to charge a one time fee along with a subscription at the same time? I want to allow my clients to choose a plan with a setup fee, then sign up for a monthly fee subscription. They are then just charged a monthly fee through subscription. Can this be done with this plugin? I am using paypal Standard

Hi thanowmarketing,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, such functionality is not present at the moment – it would have to be custom development.

Good day. Could you, please answer on my pre-sales Qs:

1) Do you provide documentation along with plugin/script?

2) I need to create/login users after complete recuring payment process. Script/plugin has hooks/filters for that?

3) Can I get access to paypal responses some way(hooks/filters)?

4) Does script creating tables with payment transaction history/log?

Hi Alicelf,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1) The only documentation which we provide can be found on our website in support section.

2) You would need to add your own sql queries in our plugin for that. There are no hooks/filters. There is a place where you need to add sql queries or any other code which you need to process after payment is complete through the plugin.

3) There are no hooks/filters for this.

4) Yes, script creates transaction table which will have all transactions

5) No. If you need standard paypal – take a look on our paypal payment terminal for wordpress https://codecanyon.net/item/paypal-payment-terminal-wordpress/166082

I’ve bought your plugin and have question:

I’ve created sandbox user then setup for him bussiness-paypal pro.

Api credentials (wp dashboard) is the same as for my sandbox user, but form says: “DPRP is disabled. – DPRP is disabled for this merchant” what I’m doing wrong?

Hi Alicelf,

Please open support ticket at http://www.criticalgears.com/support-tickets

Pre-Sale Question : Is the information that is submitted through the form stored in the database, and accessible?


Yes, it is stored in database and available to view in transactions section. Except for credit card details – those are not stored.

Does your gateway plugin feature promo codes that can be added to each service item? like $25 off using code: TGT17 ?

Hi gemwebb73,

Unfortunately, no, we don’t have such functionality.

Hi there, just bought your plugin. Why it asking for credit card information, if its only paypal terminal?

yes, but I have Authorize.net terminal and I bought this plugin, because I thought its going to be a terminal for PayPal, but its totally the same as Authorize.net.. Whats the difference?

This plugin processes credit card payments through paypal PRO API (wiht paypal pro – customers don’t leave your site to make a payment, with regular paypal – they do) and regular paypal payments through paypal redirect.

Authorize.net plugin processes credit card payments through Authorize.net API and regular paypal payments through paypal redirect.

ok, I got that. But in PP Pro plugin, there is no field for the email, its the same form as for credit card.

I would not recommend buying this product, support is also not helpful I could not get this working on my server and no help or refund offered by these people

Hi Ian,

You couldn’t get our product to work on your server because of your server not having TLS 1.2 which is a requirement from PayPal. It simply won’t work without the server being able to support it. I wish we could assist further, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to make it work on the provided server (and it was indicated to you in the support ticket).

In regards to refund – you never asked us for a refund in the first place. The first time we hear about the refund is here, in your comment. You can try submitting your refund request through Envato, however, please note that the fact that product doesn’t work on your server is not products fault – it’s related to server configuration – the product itself works fine (proven by many clients who use this product on a daily basis).

you should have this clearly stated on your sales page that it does not work unless you have TLS on your server

Is it possible to have an url not shortcode for the button

Hi yanou122,

Yes, you can get URL through the button. Place shortcode, click on button on front end and click view source inside the popup to get page URL. Alternatively – contact our support through http://www.criticalgears.com/support-tickets/

im looking to but this but i just need to check if we can do this: our shopper’s needs be able to sent value and currency, is this possible?

Hi jefmac,

Currency would have to be custom added, – value can be set through URL.