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Hi, I have a problem with your module. I bought it long time ago and i uptated my website yesterday and now I have a problem :(

When a client buy something on my eshop with you module and Paypal, the order status is always on “waiting paiement”. I called Paypal and everything is good for them :(

Thank you for helping! Regards, Thibault


Did you check the plugin version? You should run the latest version of the plugin which is 1.2

Best Regards

Hi Your plugin is not working. After sucesfull paypal payment it redirect you back to thank you page where is an issue with your code. There is just thank you message ” Thank you. Your order has been received.” and no invoice details or anything else. When I check the code there is an error in the code and the order is still in pending payment status. Few closing divs on the end.

Could you please let me know how to fix it?

Thank you BR Miro

Thank you. Your order has been received.


Thank you for your message. You are talking about an error message. What is the error message you are receiving ?


Why when an order has been paid for by card do they still see the message

“Thank you for your order, please pay now. You can pay by credit card or by PayPal”

Even though the payment has gone through? It’s confusing!

On the demo the user is redirected to the woocommerce confirmation page. The template D is used and the option “Choose to display the default PayPal Thank you page” is NOT ticked.

If you tick “Choose to display the default PayPal Thank you page”, you’ll need to customise the checkout page because everything is happening inside the PayPal page and there is no redirection after the payment. You could simply hide the message with some CSS code in your template.

Please can you purchase the support package? It’s not fair for other customers if I answer your questions and you did not buy the support option. Thank you

Don’t worry. I have gone with the Woo version. More expensive but it actually does what it says.

Sorry but my plugin does what it says. No need to be arrogant.

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Hi, I download the plugin from download page, the version is 1.0.1, not latest version 1.2, where can I get 1.2 version?

I found it, thanks.

OK thanks

But I have another question. I am using template D, when finished the payment (confirmed the payment received from paypal) it doesn’t redirect to thank you page.

My site is activated permalink in WordPress. And tried click or unclick ’’Use the PayPal Thank you page in the iFrame’’ both, but does’ not redirect to thank you page either.

My plugin version is 1.2

I’m using the latest version 1.2, and I think it is not Paypal problems since I use another Paypal plugin it is definitely work. These plugin redirect to thank you page automatically.

Which version of wordpress and woocommerce you are using ?

I know that the redirect works better with other PayPal product. Unfortunately with PayPal Pro Hosted, if the return URL contains GET parameters in the URL like this one: “”, PayPal will remove the GET parameters. It’s an annoying bug and they never fixed it.

This is why you need to change your WordPress permalinks options and use URL like this one “”

Can you please check in your WordPress settings you have the correct permalinks options?

Thank you

Your demo is broke- Error establishing a database connection

Thank you for the message, it’s up now

PayPal have suggested I should raise this issue direct with you. I bought your PayPal Pro Hosted software module, and downloaded it / installed it successfully on a client’s website. However, it has become apparent that something in the module isn’t working properly, as the transaction / payment is made, but the back end of the system doesn’t think it’s been paid (in one column in Orders it initially shows as ‘complete’ but in another it shows as payment pending, and then times out). The buyer doesn’t receive an email, so doesn’t get access to the next steps. I don’t THINK that the payment is actually happening, but can’t be sure yet. As you can imagine, my client is not happy. Please can you advise. Thanks PS I have some screenshots of what the customer sees, if that helps.

I have contacted PayPal, who say they do not yet require https for PayPal Pro, and have diagnosed that actually the issue is occurring not with the IPN message, but with the fact that the module we have purchased from you is not using the notification sent to update the order status – therefore, this is timing out, and showing the order (wrongly) as having been cancelled. I can confirm that this is the case, as I put through a transaction which is showing in my bank account, but this information is not being passed to the back end of the Woocommerce system, so it’s showing it as a ‘cancelled’ order, because it’s not seeing the payment as having completed. I’m afraid that my client is now saying that with all these issues, and the problems it’s given them with their customers, they don’t want to use PayPal Pro, so I would appreciate a refund of the module we have purchased from you. Thanks, and good luck with resolving the problem.

Thank you for your message.

This plugin is USING the IPN messages to get the payment status from PayPal. I don’t know who told you at PayPal it’s not using it but it does use it. I implemented the module…

PayPal require now to be HTTPS for the IPN messages. This is why I told you to test on HTTPS. I made myself the tests and it does work.

Yes if the IPN is not reaching your woocommerce, the order will be canceled automatically by the system. It’s a default behavior of woocommerce.

There is no problem on the plugin. It’s only a configuration of your website in HTTPS.

According to PayPal SSL will be mandatory for IPN from June this year. I guess on the sandbox it’s already the case and this is why I find this out trying to understand your issue….

Regarding your issue, the IPN are clearly not reaching your woocommerce and I don’t know why. I have made many tests and it should work.

Sometimes IPNs are blocked by firewall or by the hosting provider. Did you check this ?

Il plugin sembra non funzionare correttamente, nella pagina pagamento non appare il box relativo al pagamento con carta di credito

The plugin does not work properly, the payment page does not appear the box for payment by credit card

<iframe border=”0” name=”iframe” src=”” width=”570” height=”540” scrolling=”no” noresize=”” frameborder=”0” onload=”document.getElementById(‘loadImg’).style.display=’none’;”></iframe>

problem with plugin, no iframe view in the site

<iframe border=”0” name=”iframe” src=”” width=”570” height=”540” scrolling=”no” noresize=”” frameborder=”0” onload=”document.getElementById(‘loadImg’).style.display=’none’;”></iframe>


Thank you.

The API calls are failing. It seems you did not enter the right credentials or you do not have the PayPal Pro option on your PayPal account.

Please check your credentials and also that you purchased from PayPal the PayPal Pro option.

Thank you.

le credenziali sono OK così come la presenza di paypal pro

the credentials are OK as well as the presence of pro paypal

I can give you the access data to control yourself

Hi, you should contact PayPal and ask them to validate that everything is all right.

If PayPal is not accepting your API credentials, it can be a configuration problem on their side.


Best Regards,

Hi there. I’m having an issue where occasionally after a customer has paid for their order using your plug in, WooCommerce doesn’t link the payment to PayPal and the order gets left as ‘pending payment’. The customer also then doesn’t receive an order email. I haven’t noticed any particular patterns as to why this has happened but was wondering if you could help please? I am using the latest version of the plug in and am an approved PayPal Pro user. Using WordPress 4.7.2 and WooCommerce 2.6.14 . Thanks.


The plugin update the order when an IPN is received from PayPal. A successful payment will trigger this automatic message and few seconds after the order will be updated.

IPNs can be annoying because sometimes PayPal has issues and they stop sending them for a little while. I got few comments from other users these days regarding the same issue. I think there was a problem again with PayPal.

I would advise you to contact PayPal when an order does not get updated to ask them if there is any issue on their side.

Best Regards,

Appears that IPN is not working, last worked yesterday and today people are having checkout issues. Seeing the i-frame repeat after clicking buy now or an error message about payment

Also, no IPN being shown in the orders within woo and order status, not auto completing.

Has Paypal altered something perhaps?

Would updating woo from 2.6.14 latest version 3.0 help? is the plugin 3.0 compliant. Currently using 1.2 of your plugin.

Are things working again now? Was this a glitch due to an issue with PayPal perhaps?


If IPN are suddenly not working you need to contact PayPal. I had similar issues in the past and it was the IPN service down for a while… I know it can be very annoying but unfortunately I cannot do anything.

Best Regards,

The plugin has worked well uptill last few days. All orders even though paid through paypal are not being passed through. They are all shown as pending payment. Somehting has changed in the last few days?

Accoding to other comments it seems the IPN service was down. The IPNs are sent to your woocommerce when a payment is done and when the plugin receive one it updates the order accordingly.

When IPNs stop working you should contact PayPal.

Best Regards,

hello, i am having the same issue as everyone else. the payment shows pending in woocommerce eventhough the customer has paid

additionally it does not support refunds. basically it doesn’t work and i want my money back – piece of crap


It does support refunds.

If you go to the order, you can click on “Refund” and then you have the option “Refund via PayPal Pro Hosted Solution”.

I can help you to debug your IPN issue if you want. The plugin works. If you have pending payments it’s because the PayPal IPN didn’t reach your server to update the payment.

Is your website over SSL ?

Best Regards,

Bonjour, Ce plugin ne fonctionne pas sur mon woocommerce, la partie CB ne s’affiche et jai un message d’erreur . J’ai le message suivant: Erreur de traitement de paiement

Message d’erreur” Impossible de traiter cette transaction. Veuillez payer avec une autre carte. Merci


Pouvez-vous activer les logs dans le back office pour voir s’il y a une erreur renvoyée par PayPal ?

Etes-vous sur que vous avez acheté PayPal Pro pour votre compte PayPal ?


Hi, There is a major issue on your plugin regarding currency.

I have multiple currency for customers on my website but when customer order in USD, the payment order and invoice on woocomerece shows in USD but the final payment on my Paypal account shows GBP. My paypal is set to accept multiple currency too.

This only happen when customer pay via visa/mastercard credit card through your hosted solution plugin. Paying via Paypal express is not a problem.

I have checked with the currency conversion plugin on my website and there is no bug because other merchant such as Paypal express, Sagepay is working fine.

This is a message that I get as below on my woocomerece order.

to Validation error: PayPal currencies do not match (code GBP). Order status changed from Pending Payment to On Hold.

Please help. Thanks


Thank you for your message.

Are you using à 3rd party plugin to manage currencies ?

Best Regards,

yes I am using 3rd party plugin to mange currency, i manage to fix now by looking at your other support comment, it would be nice to have it in the plugin option. thanks

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Hi, We have had an issue with this plugin not supporting multi currency properly.

Had a customer check out accidentally in Euro’s but PayPal directly took that same Euro amount out but in Pounds. So the invoice total is 35.68 Euros and PayPal took out £35.68 GBP from his account.

Our developer has noticed there are other comments about this issue and there is a fix which we have now implemented. However, please can you apply this fix to your plugin and release an update? I am concerned that in future if we update the plugin this fix will be lost.

The fix is from this comment:

=============================================== In the file ‘class-wc-paypal-hss.php’ on line 353 change the line ‘CURRENCYCODE’ => get_option (‘woocommerce_currency’), by: ‘CURRENCYCODE’ => $ Order-> get_order_currency (),

Please can you advise?



On the mobile version the styling of the payment page is cut off. Take a look at attached sceenshot link: >


Hi Cain,

Can you please send me your website URL ?

The PayPal iFrame is very hard to customise because it runs on PayPal server. Maybe I can help but there is no guarantees.

Best Regards