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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks, Lakose!

Does this work with pages also or just posts?

Hi, webcoach. It’s for posts only.

can i also set price on only 0.05 cents ?

Yes, you can set the price you want.

Hi @DomenicoCitrangulo,

I see that i’m the first buyer of your plugin. So I guess you’ll give a better response to this support.

I just installed the plugin following the documentation. But there is a problem, if you check the sample post I have it on, you will find out that the button details is showing both on the header and on the post.

Why is that?

Could you provide a solution just to have the button details only on the post?


Hi adesojiadegbulu! First of all, Thanks for purchasing!

Sure thing! I’m looking at your code right now to understand what is happening here. Could you please drop me an email using the for on this page [] so we can chat better?

Thanks! Domenico

Found and fixed the incompatibility :)

Working fine now. Thanks

It would be great if the purchases were connected to a user account so they could just login to view their purchases.

Hi jbright! Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely a feature that I’ll look at for a new version, which will be more complex. For this version I preferred to keep thing as simple as possible :) Best, Domenico

Does this work with “custom posts”?

Hi, dondia. It works with regular posts only. But if you need to enable it for custom posts I can work on a custom version for you. Let me know.

Is there anyway to use this paywall without going through paypal? My company already has a payment processor.

Hi, troup. Unfortunately, there isn’t. It was entirely developed with PayPal in mind… Sorry.

Hi, I have just added and activated the plugin. I have also configured all Paypal settings and merchant ID etc.

But nothing happens when I assign the chosen tag to a post and writes <more> in the text. I only see <more> when I visit the post. Any suggestions what might be wrong?

Thanks for a nice plugin :) Just want to get it to work!

Hi, Alpha! I have just sent you an email. Lets try to understand what is going on!

Hi, i’m looking for a paywall plugin and I think this is the best that fits to my needs. I just have one doubt, an important aspect to me. Is there any option to have like a code key to be able to see the full posts? I don’t want to charge a payment to unlock the post to my collaborators, some friends and other people. Thanks.

I want to buy this plugin but i think it need update. Please update it


btnh28 Purchased

Thank you for this script, I love it it’s simple to follow I just have one question.How do you edit “Continue Reading”?


btnh28 Purchased

Got that fixed, it was located in the functions.


btnh28 Purchased

One more question, do I need to setup IPN For it to work because, the payment goes through but it doesnt remove the block after they pay. Am I missing something?


btnh28 Purchased

I’m getting a message saying: Sorry, the purchase could not be completed

Also there is no email confirmation, there isn’t even an email confirmation script in the files. This has slowed my progress on a major site down by a whole week. I have figured that this looks good but doesn’t work and you aren’t answering in a timely fashion. You should remove this script, leaving your clients in the cold. I use this website because most of the developers respond within a few days at the most, this is almost a week and nothing. This code has issues.

Hi. It’s working without any problem!

I have just created a new paid post with the plugin. Let me know if you still have problems! Thanks!

Hi there, this really looks like the thing I’ve been looking for, just one small problem… I’d need it to work on pages as well – would it be possible to extend the functionality to include pages as well? That would be a major improvement!

Hi! I can make it work on pages for you. Just buy it and send me a message via my author page, here:


I want to buy this plugin but why don’t you update it to work with pages ?

You can change it to do that very easily.

Can I use this plugging to hide contact details of users, then charge to view each? or like a membership to view all?

Unfortunately not :(

My testcustomer gets the same error message like btnh28:

“Sorry, the purchase could not be completed. Try again later.” I get the money in my Paypal-account, but there is a return problem to the plugin. There is no email confirmation, only the error message. This plugin has issues.

Hi! I’ve sent you a message about this.

Can this plugin work on pages or is it for posts?

Hi, How can I set this up so that when someone pays, they only unlock a single article and not all of them?



Does the plugin work with Wordpress Versión 4.7.1?