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How do I install this, when i try to upload it via plugin page it says Error

What plugin? This is no plugin, this is a standalone script.

Can I get a refund pls. I thought this was a wordpress plugin

Perfect script on what I want and am thinking of purchasing it. I want to go from my -> THEN -> -> FINAL -> if payer paid) OR -> (if payer clicked Cancel/return to merchant website)

Is that possible with this script?

Hey man, great script. Question…how possible will it be to have a sorting function (either by date, name, etc)? It will come in handy when trying to transfer these records to another database. Alternatively, maybe and export to excel-style format? I’ll appreciate any of these.


Hello Thanks for purchasing. What you need can be achieved, but you have to edit/customize the script. If you have php experience you could customize it

I’m expert in php, mysql but How to ensure to add fields in the form and add fields to the database … I tried but in vain. I understand that the ipn.php page , it is that the field values ??of the buyer .. I would like to add an expiration date to my database but the $_POST[‘expiration’] value’s is not transmitted…to the ipn.php page. Is that a second custom entry form that i could transmit to ipn page ?

is just the $_POST[‘custom’] entry that save in the database..

PayPal doesnt allow other $_POST fields to be posted, everything has to be stored in ‘custom’ post field. Is a limitation of paypal not the script itself

Does it support recurring payments?

Nope. But It can be customized to do that.

i deed it to save to a database how can this be done are you available for custom ising??

What is custom ising?

Hi there,

I have installed this script and it says

‘We aren’t able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please go back to the merchant and try using a different payment method.’

The above error message says it on the PayPal page. After I login to my account.

Its not working… Can you please help?


By the way, I have an error in the /ipn folder called ‘ipn_errors.log’ and in that error log I have the following line:

[29-Jul-2016 20:25:22 UTC] Invalid HTTP request method.

Can you please help?


Do I need a PayPal Pro account? Or does this work for standard?

It works with standard (premier) accounts.

I am interested in purchasing your script. However, I am not proficient in database MySQL. Do you provide detailed instructions on how to install the script? Is this something that I would be able to do. Or is it pretty advanced.

I am interested in selling event tickets for a fundraiser and I would need people to select the number of tickets and then provide the names of each ticket holder. Then proceed to checkout via PayPal. It looks like from the examples I will be able to do that with this script. I just want to double check before I purchase.

is the support still live?

The script is sold as is. Is there any problem with the purchase?

Thank you for your reply.. I have not purchased yet..

I just noticed an issue with the admin panel login: shows an error: 1045

Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'ersacom_pp'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home4/borni/public_html/demo/pp/admin/inc/db.php on line 2

Can this please be addressed before I make a purchase..

Kind regards


Does it work with Paypal Express checkout so the client does not have to login or have account on Paypal ?

Also is there demo of the admin panel ?

Hey! I have purchased your product but have one question: where is the /pay_admin folder located from your download? I can’t find it and am trying to do the following step: “you must be aware that if you are using the database-version the /pay_admin folder must be in the same directory with the other script files.”


Hey! I can’t even get to the login panel. I keep getting a 404 error.Can I have some help please? Thanks!

Solved it. Operator error :) Still need help with my first question though.