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What is the latest version released on August 20, 2018 ?

There is no changelog.

Hi, if there are no change-log then it not any of your concern as its not a development update. The update was for the items cover image, logo, SEO tags etc.

I have the PayPal for NEX-Forms installed but when I go to “Integration” on a form it reads “Paypal add-on not installed.” Using Nex Forms 7.1.5

Also, not getting the form data via email (not in spam).

Hi, sorry though you had a regular license which is cheaper on support extensions. Please go to and use the pre-sales category and we’ll help.

BTW- the names of the forms are: ‘Team Golf 2017’ and ‘Individual Golf 2017’ should you log in and look.


Can we continue to use “PayPal classic” once we upgrade to NexForms 7.0 ?

Sounds good. Might do so.

1) – What do you mean when you say, “PayPal has moved on” ? In what way ?

2) – Are you saying that the “PayPal Classic” plugin will become defunct ( not usable ) at some point ?

3) – With the PayPal PRO plugin, can we still use a “PayPal Standard” account ?

4) – What are the main differences between the “Classic” and “Pro” versions of the plugin ?

5) – How would we pay you the difference between the two plugins ?


1. They developed a new SDK API and they are now referring to the old method as classic. That is moving forward dont you think?

2. Yes, old tech gets replaced with new tech.

3. Yes but just a little different and more secure.

4. Classic dont have transaction tracking and is less secure. Also, we provide a dashboard transaction capture with PayPal pro. Please check the backend demo

5. Get the PayPal PRO and then you will get a refund for PayPal classic. Simple

Kind regards


MyISAM tables are what we use and the plugin is currently working just fine with MySQL 5.5


Will your product still work If we switch our server from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2 ?

While still using MyISAM tables ?

Hi, I have not tested this scenario so I cant give a answer on it. If you do the switch please let know the outcome.

my local is working fine this one but not woring live site and Paypal payment id Payment ammount Payment currency all showing { { like this why?

Hi, can you please log this at

my local is working fine this one but not woring live site and Paypal payment id Payment ammount Payment currency all showing { { like this why?

Hi, can you please log this at

Hi, i have the paypal classic, after submit the form is not redirect to paypal website, why?

Great :)

I not receive my refund, I fill the refund form last week, can you verify please? thank you

Hi, sorry got the request and its been processed.

Hello, i need the mail only send after payment success.

i dont find the options like the past

Hi, this option is only available in the PayPal PRO Add-on

Is ” PayPal Classic ” compatible with Nex-Forms version 7 ?

Hi, you have been sent the PayPal Pro/advanced add-on ( Please rather use that add-on.

hi – does this accommodate recurring payments?

Hi, sorry unfortunately not.

Hello,pre-sales question. I have a free invitation templates website. I want to create a form where my customer can order invitation templates. So when they click a button, it will come with parameter from which post they clicked and order customization via NEX Forms.

Can your plugin did that?

Thank you

Hi, yes you can do this.

Hello. I purchased PayPal classic and it doesn’t seem compatible with the newest NEXforms.

Hi, can you please go to and we will investigate your issue. Thanks

I am currently using the free version and was considering to register, but I have prior quesiton. The upload field seems to be buggy. The single upload field always states “Not allowed file type”, whatever you allow and test. Then it sometimes checks green but doesn’t attach anything to the email. The multi upload field seems to be even more buggy, with the same error and very bad UI for the multiple files?

Is this something known or am I doing something terribly wrong? I really like the plugin, esspecially the multi step ones…

Thank you. One more question. Do the addons etc. come with more templates for forms to just modify and not start from 0?

E.G. the template like on the front page with the woman in the suit and the steps followed looks really good. But also using the other options from the addons.

Hi, the templates are included in NEX-Forms.