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hello, i purchased your plugin and its amazing what coders like you can do to our world, thank you for such a useful too, plugin works as expected but i receive those error on php log

[21-Mar-2018 08:09:30 UTC] The WC_Order::get_item_meta function is deprecated since version 3.0. Replace with wc_get_order_item_meta.
[21-Mar-2018 08:13:40 UTC] The WC_Order::get_item_meta function is deprecated since version 3.0. Replace with wc_get_order_item_meta.
[21-Mar-2018 08:56:59 UTC] PHP Warning:  Missing argument 2 for WC_Logger::add(), called in */wp-content/plugins/paypalcurrencyconverterpro/functions.php on line 382 and defined in */wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-logger.php on line 105
[21-Mar-2018 08:57:31 UTC] PHP Warning:  Missing argument 2 for WC_Logger::add(), called in */wp-content/plugins/paypalcurrencyconverterpro/functions.php on line 382 and defined in */wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-logger.php on line 105 

what do you think? i’m running wp 4.9.4 on wc 3.3.3 and your latest version

Thank you for your investigation, I will look into this as soon as time permits me to improve this. For the time beeing I kindly ask you to use the WP_Cron approach.

Thank you for your investigation, I looked into it and managed to fix the issue. You should be notified by CodeCanyon that Version 3.0.2 is available.

awesome, that’s a really good news as i was disabling wp corn and using outside premium easycorn service to trigger all my calls,

thank you for your time and effort, it’s always a pleasure to find developers like you,

Have A Wonderful day as always!

Best Regards,

Mohamad Hegazy


I’ve noticed that in v2 the plugin doesn’t properly deduct stock when order is placed. Or does it have anything to do with the way it works as the order log initially throws PayPal currency error before proceeding with the plugin. I’ll check with the new version, it’s just a bit more hassle to test this, so I was interested on your take of it.


Will you please be more specific? For example what do you mean by “v2”? The stock deduction (hasn’t changed since a long time) is dependant on the way you set the order status handling and your stock handling in general. Does that answer your request?

I meant version 2 of the plugin. As it’s a new shop I first thought it may be a bug in the setup, but when order came through another payment gateway, I figured from the log it has something to do with the way payment process goes – in my case Woocom first sees it as unsupported PayPal currency and changes order status to Held, than when you change it manually to complete, stock doesn’t deduct. I’ll try with the latest version, but if there was no change, probably will be the same. I’ll check back with you.


After checking out on woocommerce, PayPal only shows this button “Return to merchant” Please fix this.

Thank you

Yes, It is working fine. I have already tried different account but no luck. When I disable your plugin it returns to the old error-: but to fix that cross currency error is the main purpose of this plugin.

You should reed the PayPal note more carefully…look again at your snapshot and then see that you are not the only one with a problem like that: This is not related to my plugin. It looks like PayPal won’t accept a payment from an IP inside India with a different currency than INR. But I have not heard of that yet. To test this you need to go via VPN and come with an IP to PayPal outside Indian IP range.

hi i have downloaded your paypal convertor, but for some reason, everytime i enable your plugin my website goes down.

thank you

Hi, I’m sorry for your enconveniance. It is odd. Do you have some other plugins dealing with currency conversion enabled?

not at all. it is weird. it completely shuts down my website. is there a fix to this?

Will you send me a private message with more details? Like URL, WP Version, WooCommerce Version etc. Maybe even FTP access? On the other hand you may enable WordPress Debug mode and see where the error comes from.

Is this plugin support Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to USD? while 1 IDR = 0.000073 USD. I tried the free version, the minimum value only 0.0001.. Please answer asap, thanks

Yes, it is supposed to work. I checked it and made a snapshot. Have a look:

hello, good day, it’s me again if you remember,

i have an error in console if you can check from your side i would be grateful as it might be the one that make issues with language cookies from wpml, can you support wpml at least?

error from chrome console

ppcc_checkout.js?ver=1.0:61 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'substring' of undefined
    at PPCCtoNumber (ppcc_checkout.js?ver=1.0:61)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (ppcc_checkout.js?ver=1.0:37)
    at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
    at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
    at Object.trigger (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
    at Object.a.event.trigger (jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1:2)
    at y (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4)
    at XMLHttpRequest.c (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4)

have a wonderful day as always!

I think you should first delete your cookies, maybe they are outdated (I have no better answer yet). Regarding the options: imho it is good practice to leave no orphaned information inside a WP database after removing a plugin.

1- of course i used 3 different browsers to check also i used chrome incognito witch store uses clean cache and cookies each time i test with it, the error do exist, i’ll check something and get back to you ,

2- your opinion is right but this is not the case, some time you just deactivate the plugin not to uninstall it, but just for testing purpose, imho we can delete orphaned information with uninstall command, not with deactivate command, any way it’s not a bug and and it’s not that mandatory, it’s just saves some time when you are testing new updates etc.

Regarding no.2.: fair enough, your opinion caused me to rethink and change the behavior accordingly. So in Version 3.03 the settings won’t be removed on deactivation, only on plugin deletion. Regarding no.1.: The only thing I can imagine is this: your themes checkout does not have the elements that I query with javascript in ppcc_checkout.js. Thus PPCCtoNumber(str) is undefined. Will see what I can do. For now it would be up to you to adapt this to your theme, if needed.

Dear sir,

is this module compatible with Wordpress 4.6.5 and Woocommerce 3.0.3?

I need it to convert HRK (Croatian currency) to EUR. Can it do that?

With best regards,


Yes, it works with Wordpress 4.9.5 & WooCommerce 3.3.5, and yes it also converts HRK.

Great! Can customer pay also with credit cards with this module?

It does depend on you PayPal payment gateway and your PayPal account. Afaik does the job, but to be honest I haven’t tested that plugin lately. If you want express checkout then this will do:

Hello, can i solve the problem with ur plugin? PayPal error (10605): An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment.Can i solve the problem with ur plugin? im using WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway, Im from Chile

Yes, you can get rid of this error. However you need to check which of the many PayPal Express Checkout Gateways you use. This is the one that is supposed to work: Others need to be tested in advance.

It is supposed to work. But I need to make sure it hasn’t changed.

Hello, I would like to ask a few questions before buying.

My store uses EGP as the only allowed currency, and I would like to use Paypal as an option of payment, but paypal does not allow EGP – however in my account i accept USD and EGP normally.

Can this plugin help me in converting the shop currency to usd while I checkout using paypal?

If yes, i’ll buy it right now :)

This should work as expected. I just settled EGP as a shop currency and checked in the backend. Current conversion rate is 0.05662USD/EGP. See my snapshot:

Hello, Did it Support (BHD + AED + KSA ) thanks

1st: you can settle a custom currency code if it is not already given by WooCommerce and…

2nd: the answer depends on the currency exchange rate provider of your choice (see: For example if you choose openexchange api ( you will see that it supports BHD and AED, and SAR (I believe that what you call KSA is actually SAR, isn’t it?)

Dear Support, can’t see the button of Paypal Express checkout but it was working before

Hi, I am sorry, but I need more information to be able to help you. Please get in touch by private message.

Does your script take the dollar exchange rate automatically from a website (Mexico)?

It offers you to select out of different currency exchange rate providers, and fetch the current exchange rate for your chosen currency couple on a scheduled time. If you watch the live preview you’ll get the idea.

Pre purchase question. i am in South Africa and using woocomerce and paypal. paypal is set to US Dollar and my website is set to South African Rand. when i do checkout i receive the following error: ayPal error (10605): An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. will this plugin help me? i need to buy it

Yes, it will sove your problem. You will not be the first and only one from South Africa using my plugin.


memhiss Purchased


Can you make your plugin compatible with this one?

Currently it doesn’t add custom fee from that plugin. I’m aware of the option in your own plugin to add handling fees but that option is only usable when someone wants to pay using PayPal and not some other payment method.

Just to let you know, this service doesn’t work anymore.

You should find something in your inbox.

So, any news on the topic?


memhiss Purchased

Hey, sorry for my late reply. I’ve just sent you an email.

Hi there,

Even after i installed the plugin, i still get the error: PayPal error (10605): An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance

Can you please help me with that


Any other plugin in the way? What is your Shop currency, and what is your PayPal account currency?

not really no other plugins are interfacing with it. my shop currency is SAR and my paypal is USD

Am so sorry, i do apologize for the confusion i have made! I was using the paypal express option! Once i used the regular paypal option it worked just fine!

Hi, I need to use your plugin with Woocommerce Subscription. Did you solve this issue ?

My observation shown in the screenshots, shows that it basically will work. The good thing is, that with plugins that take care of the subscription on the shop side it will be feasible to have the actual exchange rate applied to the actual payment. Tell me some more about what kind of product you will sell with subscription plan regarding the tax and shipping cost etc.

Yes, I don’t know why it doesn’t work on my side. I’d like to sell subscriptions / membership on a community website. No tax and no shipping cost for now.


I can not help you further unless you become entitled for support as a customer.


Staffie Purchased

Hello there I am not an expert on Wordpress. I have purchased the plugin for use in my South African Store 4× (ZAR -> USD). I have ensured I have the correct express plugin as you described in another post. I have setup cron jobs and just keep getting a “10002-Security header is not valid” error. Site has SSL on, I have tested ** and I get an ACK. Is there something I am forgetting? **NOOB ALERT Please assist.


Staffie Purchased

OK finally got it to work!!! Had to disable and recreate the API Username Password and Secret and now its working

Great, glad you figured that out.


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hello i just install the plugin but it has no effect on the checkout iam using paypal express plugin

my store currency is omr omani riyal and converted currency is usd i got the error from paypal that curent curency isnt supported

This is from PayPal. Not related with my plugin.


sami652 Purchased

But Iam using your mention plugin which work with your plugin

Sorry, but I can’t help you with that. Because it is not related with my plugin. You have to do your own research with this. Ask PayPal for example.

Hi, I still get this error at the checkout after installing your plugin “PayPal error (10605): An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.” I use WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway and my currency is BGN. I have EUR PayPal account and at another domain transactions in EUR are successful with the same PayPal plugin. Can you help?

HI again – it seems that the Currency exchange plugin works with “PayPal Standard redirects customers to PayPal to enter their payment information.” of the above WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway but doesn’t with PayPal Chekout – any guess? Don’t think this is PayPal issue – if I change site currency to EUR – the desired PayPal Checkout works fine?


linbxi Purchased


Is this working with Woocommerce 3.4.3 version?

Thank you, Best Regards.

Yes, it does work with WooCOmmerce 3.4.3