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I always use Yahoo finance as the source for my conversion rate but somehow it resets to custom exchange rate. Why does this happen? Is this a bug?

I hope not! Did you save your settings for sure?

Maybe it was a random thing. It hasnt occurred in 5 days now. Can you please tell me what would be the COMMAND i need to add to the cron jobs in my cpanel for the conversion rate to update automatically

Hi there

I have the following scenario: I use a plugin to display prices in USD based on geo ip. Our back end uses South African Rands though, and upon checkout we have to display rands. Which is a problem for our paypal gateway as the ZAR is not a supported currency.

So your plugin will solve this, BUT – we do not want to convert. We want it to use the USD rate we displayed when the customer was purchasing. It would have displayed USD25 – which is what we want to be on the paypal payment exactly. Is this possible?

Kind regards Theo

Hi – the issue is that the USD price we display is not worked out with an exchange rate, but are rates manually set by us based on market conditions. In other words, it needs to just take that rate, and not convert at all.

It depends, if the other plugin that you use to make the pricing based on GEO IP and your USD price settings, and only use my plugin on prices in ZAR, then you need to find a way to disable the conversion for this particular setting. However, this needs custom coding as far as I can tell. If you know what you are doing you are free to buy the plugin and customize it according to your needs.

Hi – no I wouldn’t have a clue what to do so customizing it is out of the question for me. I have actually already purchased it and will use it without the functionality I am looking for in the interim as I need a paypal solution sort of immediately. Once things have been bedded down I may review it and ask for customization to be done possibly.


Installed this and working great. 2 things though

1. the order confirmation that goes out to the customer by email has the conversion rate at the bottom. However, the pricing shown on it is our local currency, but prefixed with $. The amount is correct (in local currency) but it should have ZAR there, not $.

2. The order processing doesn’t proceed automatically – reason given: Validation error: PayPal currencies do not match (code USD). Order status changed from Pending Payment to On Hold.

Any ideas?

I guess you visit my profile, and there you should have the option.

I did visit your profile, there is an “email author” form, but I cannot attach anything there or forward the mail as an example, so i really am not sure how to get it to you?

Just send me a request and I will answer with my email, OK?

I bought this but its not quite what i need. I really need the currency to be selectable by the customer or for it to choose it off there delivery address or location. I have an Austrian company so the locals want to pay in AUD most of the other customers are from united states and would like the price to be in usd mostly because they can only use paypal credit when the price is in usd. Im still happy with it as its very good for the price but i would be happy to pay 4 times the price for it if it ould offer even 2 currency options for payment as discused above.or is there a work around i could use to do this ?

Are there any legal restrictions in your country for looking up users IP address? If so you are basically out of luck with the suggested approach.

Yes its legal here

Is this still on your “want to have” list? I haven’t followed up recently due to vaccation time and other stuff. Besides I still think this is somewhat exotic feature and am not too enthusiastic about it.

This plugin just for WooCommerce or can use it with any plugin or special themes accept payments?

I’m using this theme and have payment system using PayPal and my currency SAR

It is meant to be used with WooCommerce. There should be no collision with any theme. However there are some plugins that do not match well.

I’m using AED currency, the plugin not converting the shipping amount

Have you set everything up as needed? I doubt it.

yes, do you have documentation ?

You may refer to and also hover over the ?-Icons in the Backend to have more information about a specific setting. In your Case, please check that you have selected a valid exchange rate provider and accepted the suggested conversion rate.

Hello, Before buying, I noticed that the documentation are not reachable? The domain name has expired?

It’s true the site has expired. Nevertheless the documentation given on the Item Details page ( and the tooltips on every element off the plugin should be more than enough. Besides, you are free to search the forum or ask anything.

Hi! I want to purchase this plugin, but first I need to know if this PAYPAL CURRENCY CONVERTER PRO FOR WOOCOMMERCE plugin converts the shipping costs from dominican pesos to dollars.

Thxs in adv.

This plugin is supposed to convert the shopping total including everything.

Will it work with PayPal Express checkout (by Woocommerce) plugin ?

No, but there are alterantive express checkout plugins that’ll do. See Item Details page:

After successful payment, the order status was put on hold. Error is Validation error: PayPal currencies do not match (code SGD). Order status changed from Pending Payment to On Hold. Please advice. Thank you

Will you please check your settings regarding the Order status handling. This is a known fact, that PayPal Payment plugin puts the order on hold if order currency and payment currency do not match (which actually is true). So with the proper setting it will changed back to “pending” (or “completed” for virtual products).

What is the proper setting? Can you guide me along? Thank you

Read the section: ORDER AUTO COMPLETION on the items detail page

This section you will find in the plugin settings page as well. Hover over the ”?” signs to reveal more information.

Hello, I have a site with multiple currencies, I understand that for this case, you recommend to use multisite, but it is too tedious to have to create a new site for each type of currency … even more when this site should be potentially available in more countries (With multisite would have to import all the configuration, the products, reload the cost of each product …).

Do not you think it better to be able to enter several types of currency that will be converted into dollars for PayPal? Please, I need a happier solution, Thank you!

Hi, I am sorry but this is something that is out of scope and I would have to spent an enormous amount of time into development which wouldn’t pay of for several reasons. 1st: ther is only you that seem to need this functionality. 2nd: I doubt that this will be a simple setup as well. Think about it…you would theoretically need to fetch all existing currency exchange rates. 3rd: there are more reasons, but I’m running out of time for now.


I created a website in French (Main Language) and Korean, of course the currency is different from one to another. However, since the PayPap doesn’t accept the Korean Won for the payment. I would like to show my Korean customer the total currency in Euro and make them pay in Euro. Unfortunately, since my main language is French and main currency is Euro I could not customize my Korean currency to Euro even though I put Custom currency code, symbol and rate.

Even though I have tried multiple times to pay with PayPal they said: Le système ne fonctionne pas pour le moment. Réessayez plus tard. (Meaning, the system is not working for the moment. Please try later) Will you help me on this?

Thank you, Best, Hyo Jeong HAN

Put this in the Payment Gateway’s description text: Cart Total: <span class="ppcc_cart_total" /> Cart Tax: <span class="ppcc_cart_tax" /> Shipping Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_total" /> Shipping Tax Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_tax_total" /> Order Total exclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_exc_tax" /> Order Total Tax: <span class="ppcc_tax_total" /> Order Total inclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" /> Conversion Rate: <span class="ppcc_cr" />

I have put in the PayPal Express payment description, it is not working. Is there anything I can do to solve the problem? By the way, when it works on the Korean page with KRW, it is not working with French page. I think they revert euro to euro…For exemple the amount should be 19 euros but it is shown 0,01 euro.

What are you talking about, when refering to Korean/French page? Do you have another plugin that does something with currency conversion? Get in touch via privat message and a link to your site.

I need help with two issues facing when using this plugin:

1) I am using 2 currencies on my store, A(base) and B. If I change to B on the frontend, and then go to the setting WooCommerce -> Exchange Rates, it then shows the Source Currency as B (when A is actually correct) and you can’t change value without going to frontend and changing store to show prices in currency A.

2) On checkout page it is not changing the displayed Order Total when I select a different shipping rate. It will show correctly though when directed to PayPal. So looks like the result is cached or not refreshing (using Claue theme Here is text using as description:
Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account. <div class="paypal-exchange-rates"><strong>Order Total <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" /></strong> (Currency conversion rate = <span class="ppcc_cr" />)</div>

Fair enough, however you use the plugin on your own risk when trying to do something with it that was not supposed, like having two alternate shop currencies. And that’s where I have to say it won’t work out of the box. The other thing with updating the payment description is a valid issue that can be dealt with.

[Update] Was able to fix why wasn’t having rate on the checkout page (my fault as had mistyped the shortcode when editing to use custom msg), and also problem had that it would not show the info in email description (fault was that I was using same shortcode as for checkout instead of %s). [New issue] Now have text for email showing, but noticed on admin settings (and in the emails) that it is showing the wrong currency symbol. Here is screenshot showing this: . Thanks for help with checking into this.

Here you have a solutione to fix the update on checkout preview…however there is no perfect solution for this problem since WooCommerce handles the preview with html through wp-ajax and there is only a subset of values given. Furthermore WooCommerce does not provide a filter to fetch the current values elsewhere. Here is the code replacement for ppcc_script.js (including some comments):
Place this, or a subset of it, inside PayPal Payment description:

Cart Total: <span class="ppcc_cart_total" />
Shipping Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_total" />
Order Total Tax: <span class="ppcc_tax_total" />
Order Total inclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" />
Conversion Rate: <span class="ppcc_cr" />


jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete(function(){  

    var myRegexp = /\ (\D\D\D)\//g;
    var match = myRegexp.exec(;

    // This Values come initially by the session

    // This three values are not given on the checkout page, so can't be recalculated.
    // jQuery('.ppcc_cart_tax').html(php_data.cart_tax);
    // jQuery('.ppcc_shipping_tax_total').html(php_data.shipping_tax_total);
    // jQuery('.ppcc_total_order_exc_tax').html(php_data.total_order_exc_tax);

    // The following code retrieves and recalculates the changes made in the checkout preview:

    var ppcc_shipping_total = jQuery("tr.shipping td span").text().replace(/\,00+/g, "").replace(/\D+/g, "") *\ \D\D\D\/\D\D\D+/g, "");
    jQuery('.ppcc_shipping_total').html(ppcc_shipping_total.toFixed(2) + ' ' + match[1]);

    var tax_rate = jQuery(" td span").text().replace(/\,00+/g, "").replace(/\D+/g, "") *\ \D\D\D\/\D\D\D+/g, "");
    jQuery('.ppcc_tax_total').html(tax_rate.toFixed(2) + ' ' + match[1]);

    var order_total = jQuery("tr.order-total td span").text().replace(/\,00+/g, "").replace(/\D+/g, "") *\ \D\D\D\/\D\D\D+/g, "");
    jQuery('.ppcc_total_order_inc_tax').html(order_total.toFixed(2) + ' ' + match[1]);

    // unfortunately WooCommerc does not provide a filter to retrieve the preview values only. It uses its own wc-ajax mode to fetch the complete html code for the checkout preview.

To address the other finding: I can not replicate, it is showing correct in my test environement: Make sure you have this or soemthing similar in the textbox(beware of the order of %s)
This order is payed with PayPal, converted with the currency exchange rate <em>%s%s/%s</em>.<br />Billed Total: <strong>%s</strong>
Since the plugin uses wc_price function at the spot you highlighted in your snapshot, it might be, that you have set some currency symbol for USD somewhere else…please check. BTW the 100 is static code, just to have a number there for example rendering.

Great product, we really purchase to try it but it have everything that we wanted. Thank you :)

Good to know, and If you are happy, would you mind to give a review?

Hi I need, the currency is not converting. My Subscription is in R10 (SA Rand) and when I make payment it goes to PayPal but then it does not convert, it shows $10 instead of the conversion amount.

Please assist urgently

Thanks in Advanced

I’m terribly sorry…but subscriptions are a different animal and I have never felt the need of digging into it. Maybe I will evaluate the situation again.

Do I get a refund or what do you suggest?

You may file a refund request.

Here is my purchase code. Thank you 2dd234e1-f84e-42dd-a84d-34813e022d23

Thank you, however I see on my view if a member has purchased the plugin with or without support.

Hello I bought your plugin few months ago and I have one question. My WebShop is in Croatia (Europe) and the currency is Kn (Kuna or HRK). When I edit the plugin I cannot see HRK on the list of currencies. On my WebShop all the pices are reppresented in Kn (Croatian Kunas). When I’m going to CheckOut page everything is still ok but when I’m closing shopping and when I go to PayPal after that I can see that the price is in USD. What am I doing wrong. What is the right way to put Kuna (HRK) to be default currency in PayPal. Is it possible. Thank you for your time. Slaven

You shop currency is set to HRK…this is the source currency as stated on my plugin admin page. In the select box you choose the currency of your PayPal account out of the given possibilities. Save this setting and accept the suggested exchange rate and save this again. Then you should be done.

Hi. I have a big problem. My plugin does not convert the shipping. The client only pay for the product, but the shipping is missing. I have currency from RON to EUR. It converts fine the products, but i say it again, the shipping tax is missing. How to fix that?. Thank you

This is odd. Please send me a link to one product to see the behavior on the website. If you want by private message.

Yes. It’s odd. I’ve changed from Euto to Dollar and is working wright. When turn back to euro the shipping is missing again. You can take a look here : Is a clone site that i made now to make some test.

Oh…I’m sorry, I’m not able to navigate your shop in your language. But if it works with conversion to USD it should also work with EUR. Are you sure your shippment tax settings are valid?


I am receiving this error on order page” Validation error: PayPal currencies do not match (code USD). Order status changed from Pending payment to On hold.”

Thank you

This question pops up frequently. Please understand, that this notification is from PayPal Payment Gateway and tells you exactly what’s going on. Since your shop currency is different than the currency paid with PayPal. Thus you have the options in the plugin section”Order processing”. Please check this out.


I have a problem with this plugin.

When I turn it on the website show me Error 500.

Thank You !!

Just to make sure, did you recently buy this plugin in it’s latest version 2.2.0?

Will you please also get in touch with me via private message?

Yes. I gonna send you a message. Thanks!