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Could this work if your prices are set through a theme and not woocommerce?

How is this even possible?

Hello! Is it possible to show the original AND converted price at product page? Maybe via some hook or shortcode?

Thank you!

Ok thank you very much! We are about to achieve what we need. Could you help us with a list of available values (obtainable variables) from your plugin? For example, how could we display the total or subtotal form values via php?

We already managed to display total values with <span class="formattedTotalPrice ginput_total" /> But we need a number (integer or whatever) which we can do math with.


Since you are not very specific, I do not exactly know what you want. I already told you the options you have. All you would need is to fetch the current exchange rate out of the WordPress options. On the other hand the Cart Totals are always available in a JavaScript array which is used in the context which is also stated on the main description page: Cart Total: <span class="ppcc_cart_total" /> Cart Tax: <span class="ppcc_cart_tax" /> Shipping Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_total" /> Shipping Tax Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_tax_total" /> Order Total exclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_exc_tax" /> Order Total Tax: <span class="ppcc_tax_total" /> Order Total inclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" /> Conversion Rate: <span class="ppcc_cr" /> This code can be used in the PayPal Description. With some tweaking(of the JavaScript code) you might be able to use this elsewhere on your page.

Hello, does “PAYPAL CURRENCY CONVERTER PRO FOR WOOCOMMERCE” work with paypal express checkout? How can I be sure to try it, can I return it after I buy it?

The thing is, there are different plugins, that name them self PayPal Express. And therefore one needs different approaches. Unfortunately none of them can be used out of the box because of their coding style. This means that it always needs some tiny modifications. If you carefully search this forum, you should find the answers needed.


I did buy your plugin and Paypal express checkout is not working, when i tried to make a purchase i got this message:

PayPal Set Express Checkout Request failed with message: Currency is not supported

I would appreciate support on this.



You have three options: 1. you ask for refund 2. you give me a couple of days to find something suitable for you 3. you go with the alternative PayPal Express plugin that has proven to work with slightly modifications as stated in the link in former answer.

option 2

Look, after a fair amount of research into PayPal Set Express Checkout, I have to tell you that I am not going to give you a complete solution because I don’t have the obligation to do so and it will exceed a support case. The only solution is to change the code of the “PayPal Set Express Checkout” plugin. You may do that at your own risk. All you need to do is to find the right places where you would need to apply the conversion and set the correct target currency.

I purchased Paypal Currency Converter PRO and set it up to use ‘Yahoo Finance rate’

But the following error massage occures. “Please check your php.ini and set “allow_url_open=On” for “PayPal Currency Converter PRO for WooCommerce” to work properly!”

I’ve contacted my hosting service and ask for changing the php.ini setting. (add “allow_url_fopen = On”) They said it’s Master option that Local setting is impossible, because the PHP version is above 4.3.4

They also recommended changing to “cURL(client url)” or “fsockopen”. In fact, I don’t understand all the terms about the situation.

Is it possible to use this plug-in on this environment? What should I do.

Thank in advance.

Ok, you may simply install the latest version 2.1.8. Then this warning will disappear. And on a side note: CURL is now used to fetch the exchangerates. This should work with your ISP.

It seems the latest version which I can download from envato is 2.1.6 (It’s already installed on my site.)

where / when can I get the 2.1.8 ?

additional question: Should I delete the older version before install a newer version?

Thanks for your support :)

Unfortunately my latest update submit to envoato went lost for an unknown reason. I just uploaded Ver. 2.1.8 again but it has to be reviewed by envato first before becoming available here. If you want, send me a privat message so I can send you the latest plugin via e-mail.


does this working with open cart ? or is there any open cart version ?

please quick answer.

Thank you

No obviously not, but I have worked on a different version which is not related to WooCommerce and can be used with other systems. Get in touch with me via private message.

Sure, I’ll.

I have already purchased your WordPress plugin. it worked fine at my WP site. So I’m hopefully waiting for your open cart version. How long it will take to published ?

Thank you

Can you get in touch with me via private message?


First off, amazing plugin – I love it. Only, how do I update the plugin -must I uninstall the previous version first? Thanks

Will you please check for updates on your product on CodeCanyon. It was reviewed yesterday and should be available.

The version that I get the error message was the one from CodeCanyon. I’ve reinstalled an older version, works perfectly. Will wait for next update to try.

Actually Version 2.2.0 is published (with Bugfixes for 2.1.9)

After last update my site dont work. Error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mysql2date() (previously declared in /home/wp_zta8yy/ in /home/wp_zta8yy/ on line 42

Is this solved now?

After last update my site dont work. Error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mysql2date() (previously declared in /home/wp_zta8yy/ in /home/wp_zta8yy/ on line 42

With your plugin activated on the site of this error and it does not work. With it turned off everything is perfect. Go to:

The error occurred when I updated. I’m trying to put the old version. Could you send it to me?

I retrieved an old version and it works perfectly. The problem is with your plugin.

However, I stay with my statement. And suggest you check with the other plugin stated in the error. On the other hand you have not even purchased a support option so I have no obligation to go any further.

your update is not getting active.. getting Fatel Error at time of active..

Hi Prakash, please check your inbox.

Question about licensing.

I’ve purchased the plugin already. and I’m using it very well now.

let me explain the situation. I have 2 wordpress install on the same domain(also same hosting)

http://mydomain/2017/aaa http://mydomain/2017/bbb

Each of the sites have a shop page and products, and they use the same checkout gateway.

In this situation, Should I purchased another license, or Does 1 license cover both sites?

I’ve just install the plugin on another site anyway. If I have to purchase it again, I’ll do it.

best regards.

Hi, thanks for asking. I suggest you check and figure out if you need to have both sites licensed. (afaik the standard license is valid for one site only.)

Hello Sir

Currently we are using table rate shipping plugin and also paypal currency converter plugin with woocommere. Now we are facing one strange issue while doing payment via paypal.

Issue : Example our product price is 10 AED and shipping cost : 20 AED .. then when we place an order using paypal then it converts the 10 AED into USD properly but Shipping cost is not converting . It tooks as its is 20 USD in paypal.

SO please help me know how to fix this issue.

And also we tried by removing woocommerce files but still facing same issue

It does not help if I have access but can not look into the plugin code due to the fact that edit mode is disabled. Send me the plugin as a zip as mentinoed earlier.

alright here is the plugin WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by Mangohour

Download link

Have you ever checked these reviews?

After trying to get this runnning on a test site without success, and taking the above mentioned reviews into account, I consider it a waste of time to investigate deeper into the matter. Although the plugin seemed promising. Does it still work for you?

Im using WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout plugin for checkout, I am having issue with UAE Currency so i decided to purchased your plugin as it says it will help make things work, I had installed your plugin and choose yahoo finance for the conversion and create custom currency.. This is all i can see in the setting page “Please check your current Currency Exchange Rate setting! Maybe the actual rate has changed.”.. I have tried to do checkout now and this is what i get as an error “PayPal error (10605): An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.” Can you help me sort this thing out as I am running out of time to meet my deadline.

Thank you.

ok, ignore it for now, I will send you an update(later today)...PM me please.

thanks :) cheers..

If you send me a PM I can mail you the update immediately. Or you have to wait until you get a notification by CodeCanyon.(The update review process takes some time.)

Hi. Does it convert from USD to DOP?

It would, but why you want to convert from USD to DOP? PayPal doesn’t support that. You’ld rather convert from DOP to USD.

Does it support braintree for woocommerce?

Most probably not, but you may as well use and make the appropriate code changes in Braintree.

Can this work with Paypal Adaptive payments

Plugin #1 :

Plugin #2 :

Hope it can work on one of these and tell me how.

Same answer as above…see

Most probably not, but you may as well use and make the appropriate code changes in the desired PaymentGateway plugins

Hi there, I have just installed the plugin but the exchange rate does not seem to work when the currency is weaker than the USD (exchange rate is less than 1) as in the case with ZAR : DOLLAR. It does seem to convert if the currency is stronger than the USD. Please let me know where I may be going wrong.

Kind Regards

This is odd. Will you send me a temporary account to your WP via private message? So I can check.

i want to buy the plugin but does it support ‘WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway’? and will the order emails be sent with the currency ‘AED’ if my woocoomerce currency is ‘AED’ and the checkout will be in ‘USD’ so paypal can accept it. thank you

To be honest, I say no, but there are alternate options such as “PayPal Express by wpgateways”. It basically does the same and should work out of the box. And yes you may show the converted sum in the email as well, as shown in the screenshots.

Hi Guys, I’m just trying to find out what the timelines would be to get a response to an email sent to the developer? The question again is this: It does not seem to work when the currency is weaker than the USD. I look forward to hearing from you.

I got it, and will check.

You missed to accept the suggested exchange rate with a click on the button…and your version is outdated. I suggest you install WPCrontrol and set the stuff on auto mode as described.

I checked on your backend. You missed to accept the suggested exchange rate with clicking the button. You may as well update to 2.1.6. Furthermore I suggest you to install WPCrontrol to run auto update mode for the exchange rates (as described), or use your hosts cronjob to call the ajax url(thus no need for WPCrontrol).

Dear Support!

I have bought your paypal converter plugin, and I setted up properly but when I want to use at the end of checkout I redirect to paypal site and get this error “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” When I use USD to convert all works fine. But I my site default currency is RON (roman leu) and I would like to convert HUF (hungarian forint) because Paypal doesn’t support Roman leu. So whats wrong with plugin settings?

Thanks for help

Please read the instructions carefully. You can settle RON as a custom currency, then you even get another local currency exchange rate provider. Choose USD as you targeted currency and you should be set. If you don’t succeed, send me a PM with temporary credentials to your WP backend, so I might have a look.