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I have a problem with this plugin.

When I turn it on the website show me Error 500.

Thank You !!

Just to make sure, did you recently buy this plugin in it’s latest version 2.2.0?

Will you please also get in touch with me via private message?

Yes. I gonna send you a message. Thanks!


I am sand box testing the Paypal Currency Converter Pro using European Central Bank but the rate seem very different to what I get checking with There used to be a Yahoo option for the currency source in the plug in but there is only ECB now?

Yes it is true, the Yahoo option has gone for good. I recommend you to get a free lifetime API key from OpenExchangeRates.

Thank you! That is much better.

Hi Before I buy this plugin I want to know if it will work for me.

The problem I am having is that the base currenct used is ZAR, an unsupported paypal currency. Which I think your plugin will solve. BUT, the site I am working on is multicurrency… What will your plugin do if the user chooses AUD or GBP etc and then checks out to pay with paypal? Thanks Lee

This plugin is not ment to be used with another multicurrency plugin because the main purpose is to have a non supported shop currency converted to your PayPal account currency.

I currently am completing the development of As you can see it has a currency converter on it. I understand that your solution wont work with a currency converter? Are there any that can work? How can I implement your plugin and still allow users to convert the currency on our site? Any advice or help will be valued. Thanks Lee

That’s correct. What could be done is this: Have the plugin set up for your basic shop currency and your PayPal account currency and only allow it to be active for this relation(this needs some code change in the plugin.). With other words if your customer selects a currency on the frontend that is already an allowed PayPal currency then you don’t need conversion(although PayPal will convert, but not to your advantage). If the customer currency is non of the allowed PayPal currencies and not your shop currency, then you are out of luck with PayPal. Meeaning you need to disable the PayPal payment option for that currency(with a suitable function inside your function.php).


webmdp1 Purchased


As I told you on email I want a refund because I couldn’t use the plugin, always see an error.

Thank You!

First of all, I am still willing to help you to fix this issue. But if you want your money back you need to file the refund request at code canyon.

Hi, I’m about to buy this plugin but before I’d like to know if with this plugin Paypal can accept Colombian Pesos? Thanks

This plugin converts a shop currency, which is not accepted by PayPal, into one of the possibilities PayPal offers to its customers. In your case this would most probably be from COP to USD.

I don’t know yet but will have a look at it and tell later(1-3 busines days). You can as well try yourself with the free version, but keep in mind that Yahoo option is no longer working.


I just bought this plugin but I am afraid it is not working for me :(

My default currency is USD and I am using the following plugin to display multiple currencies as a drop-down in my store:

I think the plugin is not detecting the currency selected by the user but it assumes USD and when it redirects to Paypal, the amount is not converted as per the selected currency. Example: If the payment is 25 EUR, it will show as 25 USD in Paypal, it doesn’t convert.

Is there any solution for this?

Thank you

Oh… I thought I had found the solution for my problem but it seems I didn’t :(

Would you be able to do this kind of work (for a cost obviously)? Otherwise, can I proceed and issue a refund?

Thank you

ATM I don’t have capacities to help you with your specific solution. The question I have: Why would you want to offer your customer different currencies when after all you want to be paid in USD. I can only assume that you want to give additional information to the customer. However, you can file a refund request.

Hmm, I understand, thank you.

Regarding your question… The store is not in a country where USD is the main currency. The store ships to 5 countries and each country has its own currency. It is important and useful for the user to see the prices on their own currency, not always in USD.

So, basically, yes, the multiple currencies are just for information purposes. However, PayPal shall be accepted and none of the 5 currencies used are supported by PayPal. This way, we really need to have the currency converted to USD on the background perhaps, before it redirects to PayPal. This is how it works in many open-source ecommerce platforms such as Magento and others.

I will ask for the refund. Thank you for your fast reply.

Hi there,

I purhased this plugin a while ago and I’m recently having issues with one of my sites where peopl can’t make purchases.

I’m converting Indonesian Rupiah to USD In checkout so paypal can receive money.

Do you know of any issues wthat could be in connecton with your plugin.

thanks Tea

Please check if you have used Yahoo as a currency exchange rate provider. If so, change it to OpenExchange. Yahoo is no longer providing the service in use.

Buenas tardes soporte. La necesidad de implementar la pasarela de pagos Paypal, a mi web, me hizo comprar este plugin. la pregunta es: mi moneda local es el peso colombiano, esta no es soportada por paypal. por lo cual debo realizar la conversión con la ayuda de este plugin. necesito por parte de ustedes una guía completa para poder configurar este plugin y como poder implementar este gestor.

I needed to translate your request, because I don’t speak Spanish. However, everything you need to know is stated on in section “Mandatory Settings” and following.