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I purchased the premium version of the plugin and it autocompletes after the currency conversion warning but the links to the files to download does not appear.

How can I remedy this? Without this functionality my site simply will not work.

They do not appear in the confirmation email.

Are you sure, that you did not mix the order with non virtual products?

Another plugin was blocking it. Thanks a lot for your fast reply!


I want to use your plugin with PayPal Express but i receive the following error:

“Payment error: An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.”

Plese help me to solve this problem.

Thank you

Which settings would you need to see? PAYPAL CURRENCY CONVERTER PRO FOR WOOCOMMERCE setting? .... WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway plugin seting? ... any other woocomerce settings? .... if you give me and email address i can create you an account in our website

Will you please send me a pricate message via CodeCanyon? Thanks

I looked into the code of the PayPal Express plugin (I assume you use this Plugin: PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce, Developed by Official PayPal Partner., Version 1.1.8 | By wpgateways )

Inside this file: ./wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gateway-paypal-express/includes/api/class-wc-paypal-express-api-request.php It does not apply a filter to the payment arguments which is a pity. So you have to alter this plugins code to use currency conversion with it.

Have a look at that comment: It will give you an Idea on how to use the settings of PayPAlCurrency converter and make use of those in the code of the file mentioned above. You can read out the parameter needed to alter the payment request accordingly.

So… Use $options = get_option(‘ppcc-options‘); this gives you the possibility to read out $options[‘conversion_rate‘] and $options[‘target_currency‘] In the file class-wc-paypal-express-api-request.php beginning with line 159 you will see this code: // set order-level totals // - Do not send the TAXAMT due to rounding errors $this->add_payment_parameters( array( 'AMT' => WC()->cart->total, 'CURRENCYCODE' => get_woocommerce_currency(), 'ITEMAMT' => WC()->cart->cart_contents_total + WC()->cart->fee_total - $cart_discount + WC()->cart->tax_total, 'SHIPPINGAMT' => WC()->cart->shipping_total + WC()->cart->shipping_tax_total , 'PAYMENTACTION' => ( $args['payment_action'] == self::AUTH_ONLY ) ? self::AUTH_ONLY : self::AUTH_CAPTURE, ) ); You may change it to something like: // set order-level totals // - Do not send the TAXAMT due to rounding errors $options = get_option('ppcc-options‘); $this->add_payment_parameters( array( 'AMT' => WC()->cart->total * $options['conversion_rate‘], 'CURRENCYCODE' => $options['target_currency‘], 'ITEMAMT' => (WC()->cart->cart_contents_total + WC()->cart->fee_total - $cart_discount + WC()->cart->tax_total) * $options['conversion_rate‘], 'SHIPPINGAMT' => (WC()->cart->shipping_total + WC()->cart->shipping_tax_total) * $options['conversion_rate‘], 'PAYMENTACTION' => ( $args['payment_action'] == self::AUTH_ONLY ) ? self::AUTH_ONLY : self::AUTH_CAPTURE, ) );

But eventually you need to do some rounding as well, above is roughly something that might work. I suggest you to test with sandbox mode.

On a side note: The assumption that my plugin will support all custom PayPal payment gateways is basically wrong.

Hi, im using your plugin, to convert from colombian pesos to dollar, but when i go to the checkout section the price is 0.00.

im using Yahoo Finance as Data Provider, and the relation is fine

1COP=0,0003144 dollar

what can i do?

what do you need? i have a code you gave me when i purchased this plugin

why don’t you use the account you used to buy the plugin, so I would know you have purchased it.

ok, ill do it

Hi, im using your plugin, to convert from colombian pesos to dollar, but when i go to the checkout section the price is 0.00.

im using Yahoo Finance as Data Provider, and the relation is fine

1COP=0,0003144 dollar

what can i do? please watch this image, this is how looks the setUp, i am not using other currency conversion tool

You have to set the “Shop Conversion Rate” while pressing the button “Guarda cambio” or set your desired exchangerate manually if needed. Then save your settings. It is still not understood on my side why I see USD on the website, despite the fact that your shop currency is COP. Explain please.

yep, it is working now, it was just that “ Shop Conversion Rate while pressing the button ” thing , thank you so much

tried to update to latest version but getting fatal error:

Cannot redeclare is_woocommerce_active() (previously declared in /home3/chirink/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-conditional-shipping-and-payments/woo-includes/woo-functions.php:13) in /home3/chirink/public_html/wp-content/plugins/paypalcurrencyconverterpro/functions.php on line 234

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and delayed response. This was already answered a time ago but not fixed yet. You can work around with encapsulating the function as described here:


matei29 Purchased

Hi, I have installed the plugin but I cannot activate it. No error message received but it doesn’t “want” to activate.

Debug mode is described here: Please also have a look at the discussion above ( This could be the cause of your problem as well, but not necessarily so. If you fail to solve it, send me a privat message via CodeCanyon and I will get in touch with you via email.


matei29 Purchased

I don’t know how to send you a private message via CodeCanyon, please explain how.

Please refer to CodeCanyon help pages


I’m very interested in you plugin but I have a question for you, right now I have a webshop with woocommerce plugin. And I’m using my country currency “Colones” from Costa Rica. I recently installed WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway, but when I go and buy a product, in the checkout it gives me this error “An error (10605) occurred while processing your PayPal payment” I understand this happens because my store is using Costa Rican currency and Pay Pal only works with dollars.

So here is my question: Can this plugin let me have woocommerce with my currency Colones and when the customer goes to the check out it will make the conversion to dollars? Or maybe to use woocommerce with dollars, but in the frontend display prices in Colones?


Why wouldn’t you read the Items details page? Almost Everything is answered there.

Yeah but I have read some comments with issues with PayPal Express, just wanted to be sure this is compatible

It depends on which PayPal Express plugin you will use. Usually it needs some code change in the PayPal Express plugin because the apply_filter() function isn’t given unlike in PayPal standard gateway.

I´m interested in your plugin for my store based in dominican republic, my currency is DOP and paypal doesn´t accept it. I want to buy your plugin but I downloaded the trial version and you don´t have my currency in the “target currency” list. Please help.

Hi Maria, buy the PRO version, it supports custom currencies.

Hi, I am using free version of the plugin for testing purposes using PKR that is unsupported by paypal to USD convesrion but getting paypal error 10605, how can i proceed to purchase the plugin if it is not working?

The PRO version offers custom currency settings. So it will work for PKR as well.

Thanks Dear, I am using paypal express checkout, as I read earlier in the same thread this plugin also has some issues? one more question to ask there was some pishing error and spam detection from google once I tried to visit the page, what was that?

Which page are you talking about?


I’m looking forward to buy this plugin, before I purchase it I’d like to know the following:

My main currency is USD My store is located in Costa Rica, so the currency to display should CRC’s. I’m using PayPal (Express) as my payment gateway.

I need the customer to be able to see the prices in Colones (CRC) but when being redirected to PayPal’s website, to pass the amount in USD not CRC.

Is your plugin capable of doing so?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, this plugin is exactly built for this scenario. Your shop currency CRC is not accepted by PayPal thus it will need to be converted to USD (or any other allowed currency of your choice). The cart totals can be displayed in the section of the payment selection(PaymentGateway’s description)

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.x.?

Hi there,

I purchased this plug in two months ago and I have really been struggling to get it to work.

Purchase codes: 1b935e00-06e7-4aec-ab3b-ddfe588347b8 – 12 Nov 2016

My store currency is South Africa Rands and I want to change the currency to USD.

I have done the setup but when I test at Checkout, the currency doesn’t change, it remains in Rands.

Please can you let me know what I am doing wrong. I remember seeing at article about deactivating PayFast but I do need that plugin as well for local payments.

Many thanks,


It appears to me, that you may have an expectation that this plugin does not do in the first place. If you carefully read the details on page you may notice, that the cart totals will be converted in the description of the payment gateway (when set as described) furthermore the converted totals will be transmitted to PayPal. That’s basically it. You seem to look for a conversion on the totals on the checkout…the thing is that in a multi paymentgateway enviroenment it is not determined in advance if a conversion shall take place. Only when a cusomer chooses to pay with PayPal.

Thank you for getting back to me.

I understand what you mean. At the moment as soon as you checkout via PayPal it converts for example R560 to $560 so it isn’t converting properly. I have linked an openexchangerate account.

On another note, is there a plugin that works hand in hand with this plug in to show the currency in dollars (i.e. WooCommerce+Price+Based+on+Country?)?

On the checkout screen I also don’t want PayFast to appear as a payment option, only PayPal, how do I remove it from only international orders?

I would really appreciate your guidance and assistance.

You must have missed some crucial setting! Most probably You have not settled the exchangerate as needed, and you have no automatic update on schedule. If you send me a PM via codecanyon with account details for your wordpress, I can check. In WooCommerce you activate or deactivate payment gateways according to your needs. I do not recommend a conversion to every visitors currency depending on country of visit. I recommend pointing out, that payments made by PayPal are converted to USD.

When I am trying to access /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=ppcc&ppcc_function=cexr_update i get a 500 Internal Server Error. I us WP 4.7.1 and WooCommerce 2.6.12. Allow_url_fopen is On. What could cause this error and how can i fix it?

This is a good question. But the error is too unspecific. Please try activating the debug mode of Wordpress in wp-config.php to get more information, hopefully.

Hello, I am sorry i did a mistake and purchased your product again. I already have a license before. Could you please refund me?

I will appreciate it for you.


Can you prove it? I can’t…there is no way for me to tell who bought how many licence.

I can send you a screen shot with my two Purchase codes. send me your email

Get in touch via private message through CodeCanyon and place a request for refund of one of your purchases.


jmwaniki Purchased

Hi Support,

Purchase Code 55e7bb04-c45b-41ea-85d3-b138415a42fc – 25 Jan 2017

I purchased from this from code canyon, but is not working for woo commerce subscription products. Could you please help.



jmwaniki Purchased

Shop Currency is Kenya Shilling, I want to charge using Paypal in USD. if Price is KSh 100, paypal should charge 1, assuming 1:100 exchange rate. It woks for none subscription products, but not for subscription products.

Yes this is correct, this plugin does not support subscriptions yet. I might check again if there is a solution for that. If you want me to see what I can do for you, I need the Subscription plugin. Send it via private message.

Hi, I am having problems getting this to work. The converted amount on Paypal is exactly the same figure as the currency on the checkout page.

Please can you tell me what is going wrong? I have followed the instructions in the text file.

username: temp password: #vxiG6MbnBDr%7tglsuMDkmp

Hi, please never post any credentials in this forum! For this you can send private messages.

Please make sure you have at least accepted the suggested exchange rate once. And then have it scheduled… I guess you have missed this step

I thought it was a private message. Please can you send me a private message link so I can contact you.

Go to my profile page…, there you find the form to send private messages.

Hello. plugin support Russian Rubles? and where i can check how it work, i understand next: on my web i have Dollar price for product, when Russian guys checkout from cart in dollars go to paypal they see invoice in russian Rubles??

Yes, RUB are supported as well.(BTW.: this does not depend on my plugin, but the currency exchange rate provider of your choice.)

Actually your setup should be: RUB as shop currency and USD as targeted currency for PayPal…not the other way around!

There is a free version for testing purpose available on

Hi there,

I am trying your basic version as a test before buying.

Although I understand that the basic version has a lot less features it isn’t really working for me.

I am trying to convert South African ZAR to USD.

But I keep getting the error “Could not retrieve any data from Yahoo"

Only if I click the button accept Shop Conversion Rate does the error message go away. However the conversion comes up as 1 USD/ZAR.

So at check out my price is R675 (ZAR) but the amount converts 1 to 1 on Paypal so the price becomes $675 (USB).

No conversion is happening?

Thanks. I checked with my host and they set it up. It now does seem to be retrieving data from Yahoo. Their is a conversion given, which I accepted and saved. However on the front end the correct ZAR shows, but there is still no conversion on the paypal page :( Nevertheless, I am hoping the Premium version will sort out the issue.

Well, I assure you that it does work with the PRO version. And please understand that I am not willing to give support for the free version.