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Could this work if your prices are set through a theme and not woocommerce?

How is this even possible?

Hello! Is it possible to show the original AND converted price at product page? Maybe via some hook or shortcode?

Thank you!

Ok thank you very much! We are about to achieve what we need. Could you help us with a list of available values (obtainable variables) from your plugin? For example, how could we display the total or subtotal form values via php?

We already managed to display total values with <span class="formattedTotalPrice ginput_total" /> But we need a number (integer or whatever) which we can do math with.


Since you are not very specific, I do not exactly know what you want. I already told you the options you have. All you would need is to fetch the current exchange rate out of the WordPress options. On the other hand the Cart Totals are always available in a JavaScript array which is used in the context which is also stated on the main description page: Cart Total: <span class="ppcc_cart_total" /> Cart Tax: <span class="ppcc_cart_tax" /> Shipping Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_total" /> Shipping Tax Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_tax_total" /> Order Total exclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_exc_tax" /> Order Total Tax: <span class="ppcc_tax_total" /> Order Total inclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" /> Conversion Rate: <span class="ppcc_cr" /> This code can be used in the PayPal Description. With some tweaking(of the JavaScript code) you might be able to use this elsewhere on your page.

Hello, does “PAYPAL CURRENCY CONVERTER PRO FOR WOOCOMMERCE” work with paypal express checkout? How can I be sure to try it, can I return it after I buy it?

The thing is, there are different plugins, that name them self PayPal Express. And therefore one needs different approaches. Unfortunately none of them can be used out of the box because of their coding style. This means that it always needs some tiny modifications. If you carefully search this forum, you should find the answers needed.