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I installed your newest pro plugin but can’t find “cron events” under “tools” in my word press. Should I install something else so that this can work?


Yes, this was based on WPCron plugin or you have another service calling the ajax URL.

You need a cron job plugin like “WP Cron”, or you can call the ajax url from the server cron jobs.

Thank you for help, I setup cron event.


another problem – I can’t see PayPal fee description under PayPal payment option in checkout, also there is problem with fixed fee, it has to be entered in converted currency but in your option it says that it should be entered in shop currency. Because of that description in email is also displayed in wrong currency, but with correct numbers. It’s confusing to customers. How can I fix that? You can send me you email and I will send you screen shots.


This starts at line 148

} } public function activate() { //Initialize only if options don't already exist if(!get_ppcc_option('ppcc-options')){ update_ppcc_option($this->option_name, $this->data); global $woocommerce; $options = get_ppcc_option('ppcc-options'); //$exrdata = get_exchangerate(get_woocommerce_currency(),$options['target_currency']); $options['conversion_rate'] = '1'; $options['time_stamp']= current_time( 'timestamp' ); $options['retrieval_count'] = $options['retrieval_count'] + 1; update_ppcc_option( 'ppcc-options', $options ); } register_uninstall_hook( __FILE__, 'ppcc_uninstall' ); }

I see older version. Please send me a privat message and I get back to you with updated code for now.

I sent you message from form in your portfolio, I don’t see any other way

Hello i bought currency convert before 2year ago but it is not working know, im using wocommerce Paypal checkout Plugin

What changed?


Just we purchased plugin and it works for other then out of INDIA Paypal Account

But In our Case….

We have all the product price in INR and base location as India.

Following are the scenario, where we have the issue: -Consider we have a product with a price of Rs.700 (in INR). – If some one using our site in India the currency will be automatically converted by our plugin. Let’s say it shows $10 for the same product. – While checkout through paypal India, it shows the Error as follow

“We aren’t able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please go back to the merchant and try using a different payment method.”

I’m sorry, but this is not on my features list and most probably will not be there, because it is a very specific request that one has do solve differently. Besides I believe that you are able to fix your issue while checking in with PayPal.

It seems that you are not able to fix the problem or here in india we can’t use your plugin kindly refund the amount

1st. the problem is not on my side but yours. Please check if you have “Enable PayPal Standard” checked in your PayPal settings.

2nd. if this does not solve your issue, then it is up to you to see if your PayPal account is valid. According to the latest link, I researched for you, it states: “since April 2018 domestic payments are now allowed on PayPal in India.”

Nevertheless I’m not the one to answer all possible circumstances regarding PayPal. You are still obliged to do your part of the business.

3rd: refunds are only possible via envato’s procedure.

4th: the fact that you payed this plugin with PayPal on Envato does only prove that it must have had a substantial deposit to pay. It does not tell anything about your account being valid as a merchant.


I just purchased and downloaded the latest version of this plugin a while ago. The handling fee currently seems bug. Although it’s displaying correctly most of the time, occasionally it will show 0 handling fee, If I refresh the webpage it will show the correct amount. But if the bug appear and my customers do not refresh the page, they don’t have to pay any handling fee. This is example of the sentence displayed on the webpage :
Cart Total: 26.02 USD
Shipping Total: 2.19 USD
if bug : Handling Fee 2.3% plus 0.00 USD fixed.
if bug : Order Total: 28.22 USD
if not bug or refresh : Handling Fee 2.3% plus 0.58 USD fixed.
if not bug or refresh : Order Total: 28.80 USD
Please note that I do not set any fixed amount on handling fee(left at 0) only 2.3%

I don’t know exactly what trigger the bug, I have tried many things like deleting item in cart, re-adding different item into cart, visiting different page, changing payment method from Paypal to cash and cash back to Paypal.

From what I have gathered, I couldn’t find any pattern or things that cause the bug to trigger. Sometimes after many tried the bug doesn’t appear, but occasionally it will appear out of nowhere.

Could you please help ? If you want, I can send you the screenshot.

Thank you so much !

Hi, I can’t reproduce your issue. Have you checked your settings and made sure there is no other plugin in the way and the tresholds are not jumping in gear?


ShawnKWP Purchased

This is the only plugin that I use for checkout, all other plugin has nothing to do with checkout. What kind of thresholds we are talking about here ?

Please check the tab “Handling” on the plugin, and make sure you have everything set up as wanted. There are checkboxe regarding treshold values. I also recommend you not toi use the term “PayPal” inside the custom title…because it is against their reglements. However you do all of this at you own risk.

We are working with Woocommerce Subscriptio so we have to make the payments by PayPal Express and we need to convert our currency which is in PEN to USD to pay in PaypalExpress.

We had installed its trial version converts PEN to USD in normal payments of PayPal but at the moment of making the payments with subscriptions with PayPalExpress it does not convert, we assume that it is for the trial version.

Our question is if with the PRO version we can convert the PEN currency to USD without any problem for Paypal and PayPalExpress payments. If so, proceed to buy the plugin

Will you please search this comments section for “subscription” then you will find some answers already. What I can say so far is that this plugin will not do what you want reagrading subscrptions with the plugin you use. 1st it is only suitable for certain PayPal Express checkout plugins(search this comment section for this) and 2nd the problem I see with subscriptions is, that one needs to discuss the matter of a variable recurring amount since exchangerates do vary over time. I’m will to work out a suitable solution but to do this I need the subscription plugin and do my research.


Installed Plugin. Set up currencylayer API access code. Using Advanced Cron Manager. But we are having no luck with it pulling the exchange rate.

Could you assist further?

Hi – we worked till late last night and managed to resolve it. We’re using the freecurrencyconverter instead, it seems currencylayer’s API was the problem. All set up now and running cron and it works like a charm. Thanks for the great application. We’ll let it run for a few more days and let you know if there is any further issues.

Cool! I already thought in that direction(need to check). Regarding the frequency of polling, it’s up to your settings….I believe once per day should be sufficient.

Will you please specifiy exactly which API you tried to use causing the initial problem? I’m asking because there is no “currencylayer’s API” in my plugin.


Taz_Gym Purchased

We are going to migrate our WordPress Project to another Hosting and Domain.

Our question is your Plugin after migration will work normally in our other Hosting.

Please clarify that detail or your recommendation for our migration to another Hosting and Domain and have no problem with your Plugin.

No problem at all.

Hello guys,

Hope you´re doing well. First of all, I would like to say that i´ve been looking everywhere for the solution to integrate my shop with paypal and I´m glad I found the solution.

Secondly I would like to know if the sandbox test, when you make a purchase, does the balance amount reduce for the buyer? On my test hte balance did not change, but a receipt was created.

Lastly, I have a problem with subscriptions, I read some comments that you may have found a solution for it. I would like to know if you can integrate the payment subscriptions with this plugin ( I thing it works the same as the paid version of woocommerce subscriptions.

Looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards, Keizer Osman

alright, will be waiting for your feedback. Thank you

I’m sorry, the plugin “YITH WooCommerce Subscription” does not make use of the apply_filter() functions that would be required to intercept the transmitedt amounts. So not feasible for me.

alright. thanks

Hello guys,

I would like to know if you are able to implement a currency exchange on the plugin (

Best Regards, Keizer Osman

Not possible to download the plugin without buying it in the first place. So, no chance in code anylysis. Sorry…


ryanlynx Purchased

Looks like freecurrencyconverter now requires API key so the currency updating is failing. Any ETA when update/fix will be available for this? Thanks

Yes, thank you for the hint…will be adressed soon.

Update to 3.3.1 is available!