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maybe this is a really dumb question i have paypal payments advance am looking for a way for customers to stay on my site and purchase products and or services. However i do not have a woo commerce anything… is this all i need to buy or do i need another plugin as well.

It’s designed to work with WooCommerce plugin so unless you have that , it wont work.


Quick question. I already have “Stripe” credit card payment on my site and all I need is Paypal and Paypal Bill Me Later. Can I just have that? and not the Credit/Debit Card payment that goes with this plugin?

Any way I could get some support for this? I have the PayPal Advanced and Manager accounts set up and entered in the plugin settings but no credit card fields are showing during checkout.

I purchased this plugin and like it’s showing on the screenshots… it doesn’t give my customer the option to pay by credit card on my site without directing them to Paypal… I was under the impression that that’s how it would work. I’ve emailed the author for support and they never reply back to me. Terrible support!!

Hi browsepress, I need help setting up the plugin. I tried to read through all the comments before. And I figure out I have to login to and fill out the setup & layout there. I chose layout C. And I tried my best to fill in the setup section.

Right now, I have a test server on local environment using WAMP. I connect that to the paypal server to test making sample orders using the paypal advanced plugin. The payment looks like it goes through. But I find some problems: 1) the shopping doesn’t clear when i think i completed the order. (maybe it did not fully complete?) 2) so when i try to place a 2nd test order, it uses the same order number as the 1st test order. you know what i mean? like if i go to my wordpress dashboard > woocommerce > order, i get a list of orders, and each one have their own order/post number? 3) when the test order comes in, the order status is stuck at ‘pending’. i check the paypal account, and i was able to confirm that the payment transaction went through. i get email from paypal saying i received money. usually when payment is successful, woocommerce will mark the order status as ‘processing’, and it would send out order confirmation emails to both the merchant & the shopper. but this did not happen, no emails went out. is this because i do not have correct setting in

Thanks so much for your help & time! Looking forward to hear back from you~

Hi guys, You may found this video helpful

Alternative for detail documentation here in WooCommerce, hope it might help


khemerakh’s post was supremely helpful. This youtube did the trick: Alternative for detail documentation here in WooCommerce, hope it might help

Hi guys,

I’m having issues with my Paypal Advance plugin. We have selected Layout C Save and published on PayPal Manager. Its still only showing layout A and layout B. I spent a few hrs already today on this. Contacted Paypal and they say its on the developer side not there.

Any information I would hightly appreciate it.

Thank you

Has anyone had luck with email support on this product. If so, how long did it take? I’m still in my initial support period. I can’t get a reply even though this page does advertise buying extended support.

@BOAKINGSINC – My layouts give three options – General, A and B. There’s no C, leaving me to assume General must be the same? Not sure!

when are you planning on updating your code?

Does not work with WC 2.7.0

NOPE not working wasted $29

Can this plugin be used with Automatic Recurring Payments?

Well I see there is no support and this app which I have purchased multiple times just stopped working all together without support. So I guess I need all my clients on this system to buy a new app to support Paypal advanced. BEWARE NO SUPPORT on this product and it just BROKE recently.

This Plugin has been broke since WooCommerse 3.0.0 or newer. I confirmed it with the Paypal tech support. There seems to be nobody home and nobody to take emails and make contact. Automated purchase is still live. It’s time to get off your hoots and fix it. The negative comments are stacking up. Don’t waste money with tech support it’s nontechnical people using database Q/A teleprompters.

HI does it work with payflow API? I have payflow pro account at I am using a free plugin to accept credit card, and also using express checkout using another free plugin. Express checkout is using NVP api, but now paypal is forcing us to use payflow API for express checkout. Is this plugin setup to do this? using payflow api for express checkout?

Hi, yes, it works with payflow API, but I don’t sure this plugin matching with your require, please contact via my email:, i can send you a trial version for you. Thanks!

sent several emails to all failed and bounced back

Hey I’ve already bought paypal adwanced but I do not know how I can connect the paypal plugin with paypal together can help please

If i understood right, you need to help: how to created paypal manage account and setup it, so you can read more help from article: How do I create a secondary user in PayPal Manager, and setup hosted checkout pages
You can contact to me via email: