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maybe this is a really dumb question i have paypal payments advance am looking for a way for customers to stay on my site and purchase products and or services. However i do not have a woo commerce anything… is this all i need to buy or do i need another plugin as well.

It’s designed to work with WooCommerce plugin so unless you have that , it wont work.


Quick question. I already have “Stripe” credit card payment on my site and all I need is Paypal and Paypal Bill Me Later. Can I just have that? and not the Credit/Debit Card payment that goes with this plugin?

Any way I could get some support for this? I have the PayPal Advanced and Manager accounts set up and entered in the plugin settings but no credit card fields are showing during checkout.

I purchased this plugin and like it’s showing on the screenshots… it doesn’t give my customer the option to pay by credit card on my site without directing them to Paypal… I was under the impression that that’s how it would work. I’ve emailed the author for support and they never reply back to me. Terrible support!!

Hi browsepress, I need help setting up the plugin. I tried to read through all the comments before. And I figure out I have to login to and fill out the setup & layout there. I chose layout C. And I tried my best to fill in the setup section.

Right now, I have a test server on local environment using WAMP. I connect that to the paypal server to test making sample orders using the paypal advanced plugin. The payment looks like it goes through. But I find some problems: 1) the shopping doesn’t clear when i think i completed the order. (maybe it did not fully complete?) 2) so when i try to place a 2nd test order, it uses the same order number as the 1st test order. you know what i mean? like if i go to my wordpress dashboard > woocommerce > order, i get a list of orders, and each one have their own order/post number? 3) when the test order comes in, the order status is stuck at ‘pending’. i check the paypal account, and i was able to confirm that the payment transaction went through. i get email from paypal saying i received money. usually when payment is successful, woocommerce will mark the order status as ‘processing’, and it would send out order confirmation emails to both the merchant & the shopper. but this did not happen, no emails went out. is this because i do not have correct setting in

Thanks so much for your help & time! Looking forward to hear back from you~

Hi guys, You may found this video helpful

Alternative for detail documentation here in WooCommerce, hope it might help


khemerakh’s post was supremely helpful. This youtube did the trick: Alternative for detail documentation here in WooCommerce, hope it might help

Hi guys,

I’m having issues with my Paypal Advance plugin. We have selected Layout C Save and published on PayPal Manager. Its still only showing layout A and layout B. I spent a few hrs already today on this. Contacted Paypal and they say its on the developer side not there.

Any information I would hightly appreciate it.

Thank you

Has anyone had luck with email support on this product. If so, how long did it take? I’m still in my initial support period. I can’t get a reply even though this page does advertise buying extended support.

@BOAKINGSINC – My layouts give three options – General, A and B. There’s no C, leaving me to assume General must be the same? Not sure!

when are you planning on updating your code?

Does not work with WC 2.7.0