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Hi, live preview for paypal addon doesn’t seem to be working! I want to buy it but i would like to see how it works first! Do you have a link that is working?


yes here it is we are still setting up all demos as 3.0 is huge update for arforms.

Hi again, I’ve installed the paypal addon and the payment side is all working fine and i get a notification for every transaction. My problem is that email notifications when clients fill in form are not working, neither for me nor for the client. Do these still work with the addon, and if so, when are they supposed to go out? before or after payment?

(Sorry for using these comments, but i forgot my password to your support helpdesk and i can’t seem to be able to reset it – I’ve tried several times but don’t get any email to reset password).

Thanks for all your help


to get access of helpdesk please message me through message box of our codecanyon profile page. At helpdesk support staff can actually look into your configuration too, here in public comment cant ask much.

though one thing you should try. make sure that on form level email option you have checked checkbox. to enable sending email. Also, try to change mail sending method to wordpress to smtp and send test email from there. still does not help then ask your hosting provider to check mail queue for you.



I have just bought this addon but I cannot leave a support ticket via your site because my original licence for ARforms is expired.

When I activate this addon, I am not seeing all the settings in the ‘PayPal Configuration’ screen and there is no save button.

The Payment Type, Payment Conditions etc (as per the documentation) are not showing

Please advise?

contact me through message box of our codecanyon profile page. will check and assist you.

Hi there I have a problem.. I noticed that Mutiple Choice is not working. Can you please explain how? Only Single option is directing to Paypal. Also email is not send to user ro admin. I did try to send Test mail and that works. Filled forms is not sending after submission.. Please advice.

not a problem.

reputeinfosystems I understand that there are people who have to wait until a Ticket is answered. I have been waiting almost two days for an answer from a message of support. This is not as it should be. I am a good customer. I must first extend my support to get help, no problem. But then you have to wait two days for an answer that if answered by an employee of support is too crazy for words. I am very disappointed as a customer. Not in the product, but in the aftercare Support.

I hope you understand, this is not an imposition but this is crazy.



i very sorry to know that you are disappointed. I have checked your ticket, the reason support staff could not reply today is you had wrote in non english language so, that could be the reason it may got delayed.

ticket is been just replied. kindly respond there.