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I’m putting this comment here because our ARForms main product support expired, but I only JUST purchased the paypal plugin and that is what isn’t working:

But now that I have a form linked to paypal, the paypal transaction is not saving properly and neither is the form. I have only seven form entries, but thirty-ish paypal payments—and none of them match up. It seems like the form only saves when it doesn’t shunt to paypal correctly. This is really, really bad because it’s for T-shirts and none of the comments I need (such as shirt sizes) are getting saved anywhere.

Is there any way to fix this?

Nevermind. Not sure what I did, but I redid the form and everything and it’s working now.

Hi there, even when I uncheck “collect shipping info” in the settings, when they go to paypal terminal it’s still asking for it. When i called paypal they said that your processor is requesting that information, that’s why. Can you help?

Oh sorry, I will do that right away.

Sent! Thanks again!

Hello, People are being sent a donation confirmation email before their payment has been made on Paypal and it is causing a lot of confusion. Can you make the confirmation email send only once payment has been received on Paypal? Thanks


seems you already opened ticket too 3-4 hours ago. be assured that technical support team will reply asap. putting it here again will not speed up the process.


Hi, These were 2 different issues. I can open another ticket for this issue if that helps?

yes, for any after sales technical support we have proper ticket system for our customers only. you need to use it. also, please make sure that to get equal chance to all customer you should open one ticket at a time.

so, you can append your additional thing to the same ticket which you recently opened.

So I cant register my product because the product key doesnt work. I post the product key here and the author tells me not to, but instead to message him. If the only way to message this guy is through a ticket, and I cant open a ticket because my product key doesn-t work….how the heck am I supposed to get my issue fixed? Was I just f*cked or robbed? I cant figure out which….

Anyway….if someone on this thread has figured out how to type in an actual DOLLAR AMOUNT in the PayPal add-on, please share. I saw another post here of someone facing the same issue: the only thing the Plugin lets you do is select a Form Field for the PayPal amount. There is no documentation stating how to do otherwise.


please choose words carefully. and reason why i told not to put purchase code here is for your own safety. so, someday some other person would not misuse it

i had also told that if for any reason you can not open support ticket then you can contact us using our profile page message box. and let me know your purchase code and will certainly help you.

also, if you are not able to open support ticket on our site using any particular purchase code then possible reason could be that support is expired. system takes only main product’s product key to open support tickets.

regarding seting fixed price you do not need to put fixed value there. you just need to create one hidden field on form and put your amount there. And then select that field in dropdown.

BTW, this is not board, this is comment area mostly used for pre-sale questions and for some difficulties like you could not open support ticket and you dont have support period expired. :)

suppose, using math logic of arforms, I have created a custom form where total get calculated according to the user choosed options etc, then will this plugin calculate the total from arform and go to paypal with that total amount for payment?

Yes. no problem in that. you can pass total value field as paypal amount.



Im wondering is there any “MasterCard Secure Code” and “Verified by Visa”, or any 3-D Secure sytem in your PayPal Plugin? I want to put the “MasterCard Secure Code” and “Verified by Visa” seal/banner on my homepage.

Kindly need your advise


I am confused with this question. When you hit submit button on form it will take you to the paypal site. And upon completion it will take back to your site so, all those things are handled by paypal. So, not sure what exactly you have in mind by mastercard secure.

please explain.

Simple question. I have AR Forms already. I’m guessing this is an add-on?

I have created a 3 step type form already and when the person has filled in all their information, I’d like them to pay by using paypal. Will this do the job?

Can I add additional items with prices, so when they fill in the form and sign up for my service, can I up-sell other services and then have them checkout with paypal?

This is a solution for checking out with paypal and not with woocommerce? I think that is true.

Can I add tax to my products, similar to Woocommerce, conditions at best?


1. Yes this exactly will do the same.

2. No, thats not possible with paypal addon.

3. No, you can not add anything other then amount.

but good suggestion. we may add such facility in future

Hello how can i configure a static price product?. Thanks! is there a video example or something? Thanks


its very easy. Just create form in Arforms and then in pdf addon configuration you can map amount field and setup other details.

btw, you need to have ARForms if you havent got already.

please open support ticket at our helpdesk and our technical support staff will assist you.


Where is your documentation on how to set an amount for a product/service that will be sent to paypal for the customer to make a payment???

I’ve tried adding a hidden field, I’ve tried adding the amount to the “saved value” field and nothing seems to work. When I get redirected to paypal after filling out the form, it doesn’t show the amount I specified for the product. Instead it has a feild for the customer to type in the amount that says “PRICE PER ITEM” and “quantity”.

I Purchased this plugin a while back and never ended up using it and now that I need to use it I realize your documentation doesn’t even include the basic steps on how to set it up with the arforms plugin. You guys really need to improve your documentation. I shouldn’t have to open up a support ticket just to set up the basics.

well, mostly people find enough information in bundled documentation comes with plugin. But, if some more help needed then we provide 6 months free technical support. If you could not use product till that time or you need some additional help then don’t you think when we charge this small fees for product and give this much period of free support so, you should get support extension after that period.

I have three dropdowns where they choose what they want. As such, depending on what they choose, the total price will change. How do I submit this total to PayPal based on the choices they made?

Its very easy to achieve with arforms. Kindly open support ticket so, our technical support staff will assist on how to achieve it.


Dear Sir, I have not see Indian currency in the list :


i think paypal does not support indian currency.


hey there I just bought the paypal addon and its not showing up on my form.also when i try to sign up for support it wont let me insert the purchase code please help


kindly contact me using message box of our profile page here at codecanyon. so, i can check and assist you.


Hello, I am putting this comment here as I have been unable to get a response from support.

We contacted the AR Forms support team after purchasing and integrating the AR Forms Paypal plugin to let the developer know that the plugin was sending out confirmation emails prior to getting validation of a payment through Paypal. We were told almost 2 months ago that AR Forms was working on a new release that would correct this bug and it would be released in 3 – 4 weeks time. That was on February 10, 2017. It is now April, we have contacted support on 3 more occasions in the last 6 weeks and have yet to receive a response.

I would like an update on when this bug will be fixed and released as we still have 4 months of support and this product is not being supported properly when the support team doesn’t reply to any inquiries or open tickets.


sorry for the difficulty you had to face while using arforms.

regarding support staff is not responding, that i think should not happen unless something is wrong. i checked and found that you had replied one of your closed ticket 8 days ago. but as ticket was closed so, we may not have noticed. so, please keep this habit that if you contact us back after too many days then open fresh ticket.

Now, regarding update of arforms, we still working really really hard to bring it up but as its almost complete remake of plugin so, its taking more time then we had estimated. we will try our best to bring it up asap.


Hello there, I’m sorry for posting here but I just purchased this addon and there is no way to get support via ticket, once my previous support has been expired 2 months ago.

So I just setup everything but I can’t understand how I can setup the import for the payment.

I have a field with 2 options and once the user select one of these should go to pay 127€. How can I setup this?

This is the page where you can take a look to the form:



kindly contact me using message box of our profile page here at codecanyon. i will check and assist you further.


hello I would like information It works on 4.7.3 thank you

Yes it aorks fine with wp 4.7.3

Hi there,

I recently bought ARMember and ARMember Paypal Pro Add-On.

I want to buy ARForms and this ARForms Paypal Add-On. Does this support Paypal Pro which allows credit cards to be entered directly on the website.

Thank you! :)

No its not builtin i never said thst. But in arforms u have both addins abd if u need payment to be processed on ur site then but this addon

Oh, that makes sense. Sorry for the confusion. :) Thanks for quick replies.

u welcome

Is it possible to choose when they have to start paying for their subscription? for example, I want them to be able to have a 3-month free trial and so the subscripiton amount would be $0 for the 1st 3 months then $5 for the next 9 months? is that possible?


Yes in paypal addon with arforms i think you should be able to achieve it. For further assistance kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


not sure what you are trying to ask. kindly explain.


amount not send to paypal. you check add on upgrade please

should be some configuration related issue. kindly check properly.


Where is the documentation on how to connect to PayPal with your forms? Thank you.

It comes along with paypal addon plugin bundle. unzip the plugin zip and then you will see it.