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Is it possible to setup a skrill recurring payments section?

Sorry, this feature is not implemented to the project.

Recurring payments are not implemented to the project.

Can you set the prices? AFAIK the demo lets the customer put the price, not the seller.

You need a little modification in the source code. There is an easy way to fix item name and price. If you will buy our product we will send you a step-by-step tutorial to your email.

is posible creditcart opotion to pay?

The application includes payment options for PayPal and Skrill users. So anyone can pay by creditcard after one get´s redirected to either PayPal or Skrill payment interface (in both cases registration is required).



The option of giving the price in the process makes the payment more effortless, imagine the following situation: in a restaurant the waiter fills out the form for you, you only need to enter your login data to one of the implemented payment options. But the system is easy to customize, so within 5 minutes the prices can be set exactly for the products. In case you need help to set up fixed prices to the products we can provide you a tutorial via e-mail.

If you are wondering, package does not provide any kind of IPN (handler for the response from Paypal/Skrill).

This is a simple system. The responses received from PayPal and/or Skrill are not handeled – handling of IPN´s was never mentioned in the description.

Do we receive a copy of the order details content? For example product “a”, price “18 usd”, quantity “3”, would be sent by e-mail, in the same time with the notification payment.

If the transaction is successful than You and the customer will recieve confirmation from PayPal. In the mail all information will be included that you might need.

This is what I’m looking for my website. I have hosting that use PHP 5.2xx please tell me will you update this script on next PHP version ?

Do you have plan to add Neteller, EntroPay and BitCoin ? I also need PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers. If you receive custom please let me know the price.

I would like to use on my small website that accept payments from 5 options above.


You can use this script with PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x. We will include BitCoin soon.

Hi, I have a question about your script “Payment Terminal (PayPal, Skrill, MoneyBookers)”. When making payment the user must register compulsorily Skrill? You can not provide a product demonstration to be sure to buy the original? I await your response

Yes, you must to do registration.

if someone pay in how much time admin can withdraw it ?

I notice Skrill has a new API lately, is this for the old integration? Will you update for the new integration they use?

Is it possible add Okpay and PerfectMoney Payment Gateways ?

Thanks for sharing your ideas, we will check Okpay and other opportunities.

need to order your item, but may I ask you to install it into my php website, if so, I will purchase it once accept that.