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I want to know that is it “remember” the credit card details so that when users logged in again and try to buy, user have no need to add credit details again.


Hi pk16,

Thanks for your interest on my WooCommerce Extension. That feature is not included on this Payment Gateway right now. I will research this feature and will try to implement it on a future version.

Hello, I am also interested by this feature, please let me know when an update can be done on this

Hi, I just purchased the plugin but can not see in the doc hox to obtain credentials from DPS?

Hi Metaosmose2,

The PostUsername and PostPassword, as DPS refers to it, is different than your account username/password you would normally use to sign-in over here: https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxmi/logon

If you didn’t receive those by e-mail when you signed up with them, you are going to have to get in touch with them and ask for these credentials. http://www.paymentexpress.com/Contact_Us

Hey, How secure is this? Should we have ssl or does it use dps security?


Yes, the plug-in itself is very secure but you still need to have an SSL certificate in order to be compliant.

Hi iWooCommerce,

I am looking at purchasing this plugin, however I would like confirmation as to what version of WooCommerce this plugin supports.

Your plugin details state 2.0.x, is this the latest version that is supported?

Current WooCommerce is 2.1.11

Hi there,

This payment extension will work with 2.1.11. I will update the plug-in settings here on CodeCanyon to reflect that.

Thank you!

Hi iWooCommerce, Currently I’m using WordPress 3.9.1 and WooCommerce 2.1.12, will your plugin work? Also I would like to see screenshots of the plugin setting, would you please send me?


Yes, it will work with the latest version. Please get in touch with me through the contact form on my profile and I will send you the screenshots you want to see.

Will this plugin return the Authorisation Code and Transaction Numbers to WooCommerce? We require these numbers on the order notifications emails.

Hi acornale,

Here is a screenshot of the order notes created when a new order is created.


Hello, this plugin is not working!

I am using the latest version of WooCommerce and the latest version of Wordrpess.

If I try and purchase a product with a price ending in “0”, it does not work.

Here’s the website: http://pkuconnect.wp-dev.com.au/product-category/shop/

Try and purchase a purchase this product: http://pkuconnect.wp-dev.com.au/product/loprofin-flakes-apple/

You can use test card details:

4111 1111 1111 1111 expiry: 12/16 card code: 999

This purchase will work.

However, try and purchase this product: http://pkuconnect.wp-dev.com.au/product/loprofin-baking-mix-2/

It does not work!!

It comes up with an error that says “Invalid Amount Entered. Transaction has not been Approved”.

This happens with any product that has a price ending in zero.

Please fix!

I just tried it and it works correctly on my WordPress/WooCommerce installation. Do you have any other plugins active that could be interfering with mine?


I have sent you an email about this but not received any response.

There appears to be an issue with the plugin which can return a “Invalid Amount” error from DPS.

Steps to replicate: 1. Customer purchases 2 x products valued at $89.95 ($179.90) 2. Returns “Invalid Amount” error.

Looking at the DPS report on the invalid transaction, it would seem that it is receiving the amount as 179.9 – i.e. without the trailing zero. Could this be the issue?

Thanks for your earliest attention to this matter.


Is there anyway that i can add extra fields. DPS require that you have a link off to there website.

If you could either update this or let me know how that would be great.



1) should the costumers be paypal users for doing this?

2) how I receive money? to my paypal account or to my bank account?

3) What if I don’t have a ssl certificate? Will the plugin still work?

4) Any country restrictions?

5) How much does DPS paymentexpress charge?

Thank you


I bought your payment express product on themeforest and it stated it had a guide for easy installation, but after paying and downloading it, it didn’t have any of that.

I only see files and codes which i don’t undrstand.

I e-mailed and posted a message at the iwoocommerce support for your product on themeforest, but didn’t get a reply back

I even emailed ‘payment express’ to ask what the deal is, but they redirecteed me to you guys.

First question: How do i install this to my wordpress/woocommerce site?

Second: Payment Express just told me it doesn’t work for me because i’m located in The Netherands. Is this true? is fo i have no use for this product and it wasnt mentioned at themeforest and i’ll want a refund.

Kind regards,


is it possible to use in a marketplace? How does it work? The merchants should open an account with you like paypal? Thanks

hi, does this plugin supports automatic recurring payment ? we are planning to integrate it with woocommerce subscription plugin. PXPost service allows this function. Not sure about how plugin is coded