Paybook Payroll Manager

Paybook Payroll Manager

Paybook is a payroll managing application. It is a fast, reliable payroll solution for small to medium businesses. It is not a complete HR solution, but it is one of the best applications available to manage payrolls. It reduces complexity and offers a dynamic, fluent way to manage monthly payroll.

The new version of Paybook introduces policy. Policy is a powerful feature which takes care of payroll automatically. With policy, you do not need to input additional payments manually each time you are paying employees.

Paybook also provides significant insight of your payroll expenses. Also you can download and print payroll history, payroll expense by month and by employee.

Paybook is written in PHP and is powered by Laravel framework.

New in this version:
  • Policy
  • Run payroll for all employees at once
  • Currency option
  • Record and manage payroll
  • Store employee information
  • Download reports
  • Salary graph by month
  • Salary expense by employee
  • Detail payroll history
  • Overall payroll report
  • Report Download
  • Responsive Design (mobile, table, desktop)
  • Well coded application
  • Token base forms to protect XSS attacks
  • Simple, easy to use user interface
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Very easy installation
  • Well documented
  • Free update
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Laravel 5.6
Login credentials

Password: 123456

PHP =>7.1.3 required.