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CodePaul does not currently provide support for this item.

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May I ask why you are not supporting this script?

Hi, I am busy with 2 years old daughter no time to do any support.

Thank you.

Login details ?

Sorry, can’t provide for public

you vans send to my email ID dialround@gmail.com

I have made a test and you have some errors in controller.

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column ‘pickup_area’ in ‘field list’

INSERT INTO `cms_payment` (`member_id`, `customer`, `customer_email`, `item`, `cost`, `tax`, `total`, `currency`, `payment_type`, `pickup_area`, `payment_entered`, `payment_status`) VALUES (‘24’, ‘{\firstname\\”:\”\”}’, ‘tiguw@fulvie.com’, ‘[{\id\ Island Tour – Full Day \”,\checkin\\”}]’, ‘1155.00’, ‘105.00’, ‘1155.00’, ‘THB’, ‘Bank Transfer’, ‘dsdsd’, ‘2016-12-20 03:45:17’, ‘Pending’)

Filename: models/Payment.php

Line Number: 178

send me your email thank you.


you can do something like a this? http://btctoeuro.osiztechnologies.com/ i want buy

Multiple demo errors, site is in russian.

Multiple demo errors, site is in russian.

Hi What about RTL ?

Clean and professional, GLWS :)

Thank you… :;


sonhavnn Purchased

I will buy them but i need to see backend please, my email : hason61vn@gmail.com

Thank for support codepaul

you should add backend demo details to website as well. I am interested. Please send me backend demo detail at s.habib@kamyana.com

can you please update me. I need to see backend demo of the script


hello i wanna buy it but i have problem i need slide in tours can u make it !!

i mean gallery for each tour

Yes csn make

so you have gallery for each tour can i see this please !

please send me backend demo info alicancetin@gmail.com


sonhavnn Purchased

I can not show image in real server, can you help me ? Thank you !

Try chmod 777 on application/cache



sonhavnn Purchased

Thank you CodePaul(Y)