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Hello Typps,

I just purchased this plug-in, and have a few questions:

  • Is it possible to have inner circle and outer-ring colors?
  • will you add support for font icons (e.g. FontAwesome)?
  • I noticed when selecting an image for an icon, it does not seem to populate the WordPress media properly; I also noticed when the shortcode is placed within a theme’s fulldwidth shortcode that your shortcode does not populate the menu?

The following is a feature request:

  • Possibility to have arrow navigation to rotate icons left or right? The reasoning behind this is that I may consider having half the menu hidden, and having a rotation-style would still give the user access to the full menu.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for making a purchase!

1: Not possible in the current version 2. We do not plan to add support for FontAwesome. 3. This must be specific to your theme in use.First test in any of the built-in WordPress themes. It should be fine. I’ve not heard of your issue before but it is possible that there maybe conflict either with your theme or a plugin you have in use. You may need to disable one plugin at a time to see if the problem goes away.

I have taken into consideration your feature request but I don’t have a time frame yet. Will keep you updated. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Hi, can we change the icons with images? also the size of them? also that “X” icon we can change, right? I need for a furniture site. So, maybe will change the icons with furniture related images. Thanks.

Hi. the pagination when we want to change the images from image gallery doesn’t work. I cannot get the images i want. when i click twice on the page number, it brings me to create new page

Hi, regression bug indeed. Releasing an update in an hour or so.

Please keep in mind that the only support offered is email based so contact through profile for further assistance. This is the only way to provide proper value to paying customers, thanks :)

Submitted new version. It’s still in review queue. Wait a couple of hours and download.

Is it possible to change the main icon and sub icons to my custom content icons?

Yup, all icons are customizable from the plugins admin pages.

Best Typps,

I got a quick question. I’ve got your plugin to make a honeycomb menu. Now the alignment of the elements are not getting together. I Would like to get the top Image to lose to the center image and that the rest closes around the top image.

For your image here is the website: www.codemeesters.nl

So ad the end all the elements need to stick together.

I hope you can help

Hi, The positioning is based on the element size and amount of space available, taking into account the number of elements. Not much you can do to change that I’m afraid :)


Can you send me your e-mail address. I would like to get in contact with you about some custom work on the plugin.

I would like to make a honeycomb with your plugin and I want to know if you can make that for us.


This is a plugin for wordpress ?

I have a title menu with the name “Animals”, then clicking on animals, I want to appear sub-titles “animal 1” Animal 2 ”, Animal 3” ...

When you click any of these sub-titles will be redirected to the page where is the article.

This your plugin makes?

Hi, Thanks for taking an interest in our Path Style Menu for WordPress.

Indeed this is for WordPress as the title suggests. What you want to do is very much possible :)

Is it possible to make the images bigger? like 100×100 for example

regards, boot

Hi, thanks for taking an interest in Booki.

The images can be of any size.

Hi I love your plugin. :) I have an issue with the menu. I am unable to select for all pages. Also when trying to change the menu icon, when I click to change the media library loads far left of the screen and i’m unable to view or select media.


Ah, the horizontal menu. This is an inline menu and cannot be regulated. Simply minimize your menu items if you have too many.

The menu can adjust to existing space available and hence regulate itself but if you have too many items and these take up all the existing space, there is no where for it to go.

Ok .. maybe i’ll just have two menus thanks! Maybe in an update allow arc menu bottom center?

Will surely consider it! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Nice menu. Do it support the new WP 4.1? Thanks in advance.

hi, sure, wp 4.1 is supported.

Hi AZ, nice plug-in! Have a few q’s before purchasing… Mark

1) Can menu be expanded using mouseover? Then collapsed by a second mouseover?

2) Examples of websites using this with their own custom icons? (curious to see it working with image-based icons)

3) Are you planning an updated version soon? (has been over six months since last release)

hi, click or touch for expand/collapse. You can customize the icons. There is nothing to update, fixed all issues related to the item :)

Regarding question 1, my desire is to use OnMouseOver instead of OnMouseClick. After I purchase, can you tell me the php filename, and code modification required, to do this? Thank you


Just wondering how long you plan to maintain support and updates for this plugin? Is it still active?

Thanks, Best wishes, Rob

Hi, it’s a perfectly working item. Only providing fixes or updates when issues arise of which we’ve not had any so far :)

Hi. Is it possible to make the plugin retina compatible?

Hi, you will have to do this manually by perhaps using retina display media query in css. Basically you will be overriding the rules that set the icons to your higher resolution set of icons.

That said, there is no functionality for this out of the box if that is what you are asking.

How can I change the color and make the links bold? Right now I am using this css to make the background black:


background: black; } #pathmenu4_menuitem1.captionlabel{ background: black;} #pathmenu4_menuitem2.captionlabel{ background: black;} #pathmenu4_menuitem3.captionlabel{ background: black;} #pathmenu4_menuitem4.captionlabel{ background: black;}


hi, simply add font-weight: bold; color: yourcolor eg: the following would make the background green, color white and the font bold.

.path .captionlabel {
  background: green;
  color: white;
  font-weight: bold;

It didn’t work, I even cleared my cache :(

Contact through items support page and provide a direct link to a public page where the menu is setup. will be happy to take a look.

Help! Just purchased and Every field and tickbox after ” Arc style menu properties” is greyed out! Sent you a ticket too. Please get back to me asap, it’s URGENT

Hi, responded to your email.

Is the plugin able to be opened when user enters the site ? or is it click to open only?

You can have the menu in an expanded state on page loads.

Hello, You have to make an update, cause sorry bro, its very hard to choose an image to remplace an add into the icons, we cannot enter in the gallery in normal mode, a search bar for the elements it’s missing, I’m trying to upload again new images so I can see them in the first position in the scroll detector, some times it doesn’t goes in the first position, so I have to change page list one by one, knowing that we only can find 5 images elements per page with the poor media selector you have done. In facts , to change 6 icons, 2 hours of work, thumbs down, I just see that someone has the same problem, one year before, and you said that you are doing an update, i’m very feddup

and sorry for the comment, cause I really loved your menu, but I’m getting stressed by the edit mode

Hi, so sorry to hear you are having trouble with the image gallery. This is fixed now and we now use the built-in media gallery in WordPress.

We will update codecanyon soon. If you are in a hurry, contact through our items support page. Will be happy to send you the new version with the image gallery fixed.

Many thanks for the feedback!

What is likely to be updated to be used in the backend(wp admin)? If you purchase a plugin, perhaps this regard Can you help me?

Hi, this is a WordPress plugin with an admin back-end. Let me know if I have misunderstood your intentions.

The questions seem to be wrong. I was saying it wants to use the menu function in the admin area.

Please refer to the attached image below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-Km98Hbyz_OUhZYjc5V2t1d2s/view?usp=sharing

hi, we are exclusively for use in the front-end.

PPQ: I am not sure if this is what i need: I need a sidebar-widget based menu/ category navigation. I bought the one from Gdragon or what they are called, but they only show like current menu + sub-menu points. What i need is to have the FULL menu displayed, and then the active menu/ category to be extracted/ unfolded aka folded out.

Can your plug-in do this?

Hi, not sure what you mean by full menu but what you see in the demo is what you get. If you meant you want each menu item to have sub items, that is possible as well.

Hope that helps.

Is your WP menu compatible with woo commerce in a WP multisite environment? Thanks.

Hi, it should work just fine though we have not specifically tested within a multisite setup, so not offering any guarantees.

Hope that helps.

This plugin looks great but can it be used for social sharing of pages as this would be perfect for our site?

Hi, you can change the icons and link to external resources. If there is something specific you want to do, then it needs to be done in javascript where custom code can be inserted from the plugins back-end. More details in the documentation.

Hope that helps.


amiseo Purchased

Hi.. i am not able to check this http://prntscr.com/ehqyku .... I want to show that on all pages.. but it is not possible to click that.. no matter what menu i choose.. thx :)

Hi, to enable that option, you need to select one of the 4 Arc style menu’s. These menus float on the page aren’t required to be inserted inline with content, hence why we have this option.

Hope that helps.