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Very handy and easy to use piece of code! Thank you :)

Glad you like it ;) New features and options will come soon.

Preview is not working at all in Chrome on Mac OS X

It wasn’t working on all browsers :) Accidently moved the JS file. Now it’s fixed, thanks for the report ;)

It seems not working on IE7 and IE8 to me.

In IE8 it’s fine to me, there was a broken CSS link i9n the demo, which is fixed, maybe that caused you the problem. In IE7 it’s broken indeed, i’ve took down from compatible list until i fix it. Thank you for the report!

Documentation is not enough i think. when i download it, it take my 1-2 hours to understand everything.. still working on it

Suggets me some improvments and i’ll include it. The hardest to understand is the markup as it can’t be intagrated into an already created page, needs a total fresh one.

Hi I like this item, but was wondering how i could make this onepage search engine friendly? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, cheers!

This is always up to the markup you use. Use proper semantic HTML tags in your sections.

Hi, I believe the demo page and the documentation on your website isn’t working for some reason? Looks good though.

Thanks for fixing that so quickly, that’s really useful. Just a quick question – are diagonal transitions supported?

sorry I wasn’t clear – I meant diagonal swipe transitions. I understand it’s possible to code in a click-navigation to target specific panels.

You can combine the goTo(3) method with onSwipe/Left/Right events.

preview is not working

Sorry, i was updating my systems core files.

Hi There!

I have one quick question. I will email you a PM if you don’t mind.