PathD! - One Page Few Page jQuery Plugin

PathD! - One Page Few Page jQuery Plugin

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The One Page Few Page plugin allows you to create grid based one page layouts or you can use for other things if you need a unique style display. Animations are really smooth even with lot’s of contents (not necessarily on mobile). Using this plugin is simple but may be a bit complicated for absolute beginners as it requires to rewrite some HTML elements. You can adjust the plugin with parameters and it has custom methods and callbacks too. The plugin is fully documented.

Help with setup

The price includes free help with the basic setup of the plugin over TeamViewer. (Doesn’t contain this for already created sites as it may require many adjustments if site is not created from scratch.)


  • Suitable for responsive designs
  • One Page Layouts
  • Multiple Animation Types
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Highly Customizeable
  • Multiple Callbacks
  • Multiple Built-in Methods
  • Mobile Swipe Support
  • +20 Bonus Navigation Styles
  • Lifetime Support
  • Free Help in Basic Setup

Documentation and more information

Version 2.5.0. (02/10/2012)

  • Added widthOffset parameter.
  • Added heightOffset parameter.
  • Added watchResize parameter.
  • New demo created.
  • New documentation created.

Version 2.0.0. (25/06/2012)

  • Added Mobile Swipe support.
  • Added loop enable/disable option.
  • Added new callbacks, most of them because of swipe.
  • Updated to newest jQuery version (1.7.2)
  • Added Mobile Swipe support.

Version 1.0.1. (04/05/2012)

  • Some bugfixes.

Version 1.0.0. (04/04/2012)

  • First stable verision released.