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video not playing

Oh, sorry about that. I am pushing new update now, but if you want you can see video here :

hi will this work with the print window keyboard? i want to use on the submit form front end of this plugin can you tell me if that will work ok

Hi, yes it works with print screen key. So you can copy and paste all of your desktop screen. Also it doesn’t work on front end. But if you want or purchase plugin, i can update it for front end and make it compatible with JS Support Ticket plugin. Regards

If you update to make it work on front end will all users be able to use it or just admin?

Hello, This plugin didn’t be designed to work on front-end. Because in front-end there are too much different variations. We can’t handle on front-end. So next update doesn’t include front-end feature. It will be on only admin. Regards

I’v uploaded your plugin. I had the free version first and that worked. However, the premium version is not working at all. When I cut a photo into my clipboard using my mac [shift + ctl + cmd + 4] and paste, nothing happens. The plugin is activated, and enabled in settings. I’m using the latest version of wordpress. Please help, or provide a refund.

It seems this only works in “Text” mode, not Visual mode which is counter intuitive.

Hi jwinthers2, sorry about that. I made an update to solve this issue. It’s on Codecanyon review queue. It may take time to get this update because of Codecanyon review process. If you want, i can send you plugin files with email or install it directly to your web site. Also if you are not glad with our plugin, i am always ready to provide refund.

Thank you :)

Hi can you check the video? It did not work

” snipping tools but i’m not sure what it could be ” ==> So is it work or not? Can you check why did not work? i also used chrome

I checked it on some major browser and it works correctly. Just to make sure, do you test it on right? I mean we also have free plugin on internet and it doesn’t work properly, we didn’t update it. You should test pasteboard on Also there is no problem with PNG format. If you can give me more spesific information, i can help you. Like did you see modal window your screenshot preview after pasting process?

I went to demo user and pass you give me yesterday in this comment.
Then i go setting, choose format PNG. save
Then i go to add new page, write some text, drop pic with spinning tool, copy and past as i way i do for gmail, skype… then past. But no work on your demo admin

1) where should right place for me to test?
2) How do i allow multi format and custom format, i want available copy/past inclued photo jpg, etc.. and png (spinning tool) too. Limited ony png is not sence because we also need coppy/past photo sometime
P/S: I dont use any cloud service just wordpress web Thanks