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Looks like a good item. Good luck with sales

Thank you :)

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks :)

is cool! this script are friendly url for sharing

Yhank you :)

Hello,   I can make the link public for anyone to add code?   Good job!

Actually it is not possible, but I could add this option in futur, I will see if it is really intersting :)

Could you make link clickable ? and add option to turn off list sort (1,2,3..)

I suppose you talk about link in code ? Yes it is possible, I will add it in an update or sooner if someone buy the code and ask me that.
You can turn off list sort in the config.php files of the project, it is in documentation.

sr for the late reply..i like your script,but i want ask more before buy it..can you add some text editor when paste script ? (eg: bold,italic,change text color ?, make link clickable,and add some ads position.. ?

No it’s not possible actually, sorry

can u add mod-`rewrite ? i trying yesterday – and cannot :( also trouble with charset… ??? ??????? – ?? ?????????? <meta charset=”utf-8”> – solved it, after <head>

Yes i forgot charset in head, adding it will solve the problem. I don’t understand your ask about mod rewrite…

yes of course it is will be great to do parser of derictory


there a bug

if lines more than 999 there will be like that: 998. .... 999. .... 000. .... 001. ....

there no visible 1st digit

This bug is caused from GeSHI, please refer to GeSHI documentation

Purchased it.

Very nice progeram and working great.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Can’t share with public?

yes of course you can, i don’t understand your question

This looks great, good luck