Passworx Password Locker

Passworx Password Locker

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Easy to get started and use, Passworx is a simple, easy to use, web-based Password Management application written in PHP/MySQLi & jQuery. These days you need to remember way to many passwords. Passworx offers a web based system with one account/password to remember to access all of your Accounts/Passwords.

You can add all of your passwords into a single user account, which is locked with a master password. So you only have to remember a single password to unlock the all of your password entries.

Passworx is designed to assist in creating a password management website where unlimited users can join and store their passwords.

Responsive Password Locker System

New Version 3

Passworx - Save, Store & Organize Your Accounts

New Front-End and New Features

User Features

Passworx Password Locker - 1 Simple Login, New Account Regestrations and Password Recovery.
Passworx Password Locker - 2 User’s Profile Manager.
Passworx Password Locker - 3 Unlimited Account Categories.
Passworx Password Locker - 4 Unlimited Password Entries
Passworx Password Locker - 5 Full Editing ability for Categories and Entries

Admin Features

Passworx Password Locker - 6 Full Administration area to manage all Users, User Accounts and other Administrators.
Passworx Password Locker - 7 Unlimited User/Admin Accounts.
Passworx Password Locker - 8 Deactivate & Activate Users as needed.
Passworx Password Locker - 9 New Account Registrations can be disabled.

App Features

Passworx Password Locker - 10 One Click Copy to Clipboard for usernames and passwords
Passworx Password Locker - 11 All Accounts, Usernames & Passwords are encrypted in the database.
Passworx Password Locker - 12 Fully Documented & Clean Code.
Passworx Password Locker - 13 No Frameworks used, Passworx is fully hand coded from the start to finish.
Passworx Password Locker - 14 Easy to use web-based installation & setup.
Passworx Password Locker - 15 Translation ready via Localization files.
Passworx Password Locker - 16 Passworx is Built using Bootstrap 3.3.5 & Fontawesome 4.4.0
Passworx Password Locker - 17 Passworx REQUIRES PHP 5.x & MySQLi Connection, and mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt.

I believe in providing the best support possible.

Change Log:

Major Update: December, 2015
- New Version 3
- Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.5
- Updated to Fontawesome 4.4.0
- New Features and improvements throughout
Minor Update - September 8, 2014

Update Details:
1. Updated index.php to set the $pageName variable correctly
2. Added the View User Page (viewUser.php) page to the translation files

If you have all ready translated any of the language files, just copy/paste the new localizations (at the bottom of the updated file to you translated file.
DO NOT over-write your file, or all translations will be lost.



Major Update: July 2014
- New Version 2
- Reworked that dashboard - moved the tabs from the top to the left.
- Updated to Bootstrap 3.2.0
- Updated to Fontawesome 4.1.0
- Minor bug fixes
May 2014
- Initial Release