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I just tried installing your plugin and I get a redirect loop (using chrome) I have already tried re-installing as suggested by you on other comments. Do you have a solution yet? Otherwise this was a total waste of $10.

Well, lets see.

1. Your protect page function doesn’t work (when I select the page the page isn’t protected – nothing happens when I try to load the page.

2. directory navigating is broken, I have to put it in manually in the address bar because just clicking “directory up” doesn’t work (I think because it’s not doing ../ but ./ )

What are the permissions supposed to be set to? normal users can do everything except execute.

Well after messing around some more:

Looks like I’m a complete noob, just enabled PHP for my html page and now it’s trying to run the script, however still gives me errors. I had issues redirecting to the pp.php file, installed the entire password protect again in the root of the dir, where the index.html is also stored.

Now when I log out and go to the page, it gives me a redirect loop. http://client.amyranth.com/index.html?goto=http://client.amyranth.com/index.html?goto=http://client.amyranth.com/index.html? but then repeated a lot more, cut the code off for readability.

Sorry for being a noob, didn’t realize I had to enable PHP and everything, I thought it worked just like jquery or something.. but apparently not. (never worked with PHP before.. is it obvious?! lol )

any other suggestions?

I’m sorry that the plugin is giving you so much trouble. As far ad I can see from the error message pp.php is not even inside the password protect. Php is not able to find it

Would this plugin work for use in a theme such as the Wordpress Frame theme (purchased here on Themeforest: http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/frame_light/)? Currently the Frame theme does not protect pages with password. If you password protect the page which is a gallery, the images will still show and the page will load.

It would not. This only protects actual files. As far as I know WP origins from one file, this means that if you protect that file you will have protection on all of your pages.


nice script, it worked fine for me :) can you please help me with this

i want to show logged in user name in the page example: Name: (logged in user name will come here)

Hi, thanks for your reply,

i tried and its showing nothing!!

i have the script in folder “A” and in that folder am protecting “index.php” i want to show the name in index.php

so should i first write a code to call your script in index.php?

please advise

note: i have tried to put the code in script admin.php

still nothing showing!!

ok i did it :) thanks

Hi there! It’s not working for me. Have tried several times. On step 4 it finishes with

Catchable fatal error: Object of class DOMElement could not be converted to string in /home/icode/public_html/ap/setup.php on line 239."

The code seems to work for the admin and users and the php is added to the top of my html page, but it doesn’t protect.

Any ideas?

What version of php are you running?

PHP Version 5.2.17

updated php to 5.4, still get

Warning: DOMDocument::save(http://www.icodeforu.com/ap/nmh651kt.pp): failed to open stream: HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections in /home/icode/public_html/ap/gregory.php on line 321
type errors, if that helps

I am also getting the “Redirect Loop” error.

I need a solution to fixing this urgently please!

Check your permissions :)

That appears to be the issue as Changing things manually fixes it. Am I right in thinking there should be a pp.vars file created somewhere?

good friend, there is a way to allow the user to change their password?

unfortunately not. You’ll have to modify the php script in order to do that :)

Zip does not open after I downloaded it! Both on PC and Mac. I feel I have been robbed. Any help?

Sorry you had this problem :/ I’ve replied with an online zip extractor, it should be able to do the job. If it still doesn’t work, contact me via the contact form, and I’ll look into it :)

Kind Regards -Jazerix

Zip does not open after I downloaded it. Same issue that another user had. What is the solution?


Would I be able to protect PDF file viewing using a 4 digit code with my theme, Themeforest Avada? My website is under www.atequsa.us.

That won’t work sorry. The fill will still be unprotected :)

Can each user be redirected to protected page you specify in admin?

Hi, i just purchased it. But if i try to unpack it after downloading, it show me error – no folder (error 20).

Sorry to here that :) Would you mind trying this? :) http://b1.org/

Hello I tried http://b1.org/ but I can’t upload the file in Wordpress. Can you please help me?

Hey Arjen02, Password Protect isn’t compatible with Wordpress :/


I am getting below error when i try go to the setup.php url website. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

Warning: DOMDocument::save(pr6quvzl.pp) [domdocument.save]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in \setup.php on line 211

Warning: fopen(ppvars.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in \setup.php on line 215

Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in \setup.php on line 216

Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in \setup.php on line 217

Warning: rename(admin.php,adminpb.php) [function.rename]: Access is denied. (code: 5) in \setup.php on line 219

It was working for me perfectly fine…seems like all of a sudden this started happening because i wasnt able to add more users into the system so i started fresh and now above is error that shows up.

what version of PHP are you using? :)

Hello, just trying to install but am on a continuous loop, keeps going back to the setup after step 3, any ideas?



Can you check your apache log? :)

The download zip file seems to be broken, cant open it. can you please send me a copy.

wow never has a zip file failed to open for me unless it was broken on PC or MAC so I was sure it was the zip file. I’m using Yosemite atm and it doesn’t open the archive just gives an error, so I downloaded the unarchiver app after seeing the files are really there via the link you posted. Thanks!

I’m hitting a 404 after step 4, any idea what it could be? I cnaged permissions of the folder to 777 just to try too but no love

Never mind working now i think! Did a fresh install.

I have the loop problem, have a right answer to this issue? Which are the right permissions for the files? thanks a lot

Hey, I think your demo site is hacked. It auto forwards to a few sites and then lands on a car sales page.

I’m trying to understand what this control actually does. I have a simple HTML website. It is not WP or something like Wix etc. One of my pages contains material that I would like visitors to be able to put in a password to view. I don’t want the whole site protected just this one page. Would this control be able to do that?