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What does this app do?

This is an iPhone application written natively in Xcode. It allows user to store login credentials such as website name, username and password securely. User no longer needs to remember them. It uses Touch ID to validate the device owner or user may choose passcode to login alternatively.

Where does the saved data stored?

All data are stored within app’s documents folder locally and encrypted. So that the contents of the data is unable to be seen.

Why iOS8 and Xcode 6 are the minimum requirements for this project?

This app is using “LocalAuthendication.framework” to validate the Touch ID with system and this framework is available only from iOS8 onwards. And we need Xcode 6 to import LocalAuthentication.framework

How does the login feature both Touch ID and Passcode work?

When the user opens the app, login view will be presented with both Touch ID and Passcode options. User may choose one of them to login. Only if the validation is successful, the user can go into the password list view. The user has option to logout from password list view.

Where does the passcode is stored and why?

The passcode is stored in system keychain as storing them in nsuserdefaults are not a good option as the contents of stored value can be seen easily. Information stored in Keychain are far safer than nsuserdefaults.

Can add more logos to the list?

Yes. Its pretty easy and the steps are explained in documentation.

How to change the color of the App?

You can simply change the color of the app with following line of code.

self.window.tintColor = [UIColor iOS7RedColor];

Change the iOS7RedColor to the color you like.

Does this app requires export compliance certificate as encryption is being used?

Yes as this app is using AES encryption algorithms in addition to iOS security features. You need following:

1. US Encryption Registration (ERN) – For distributing in US. You can register in the following link which is pretty fast: https://snapr.bis.doc.gov/snapr/

2. French Import Declaration approval – For Distribution in France. You can contact them at communication@ssi.gouv.fr. They will send you a form for you to fill up and return to them. Upon successful submission, you will get approval in subsequent weeks. If you choose not to sell in France, you may leave France unchecked in pricing page when submitting your app for review and this approval is not required.

Checking whether the app has encryption and whether you need export compliance certificate is government’s concern and not Apple’s. As far as government concerns, you need the export certs.

If you choose NO, you will get your app approved but that doesn’t mean you don’t require those approvals.

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Feature suggestions are welcome.

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